Paraclete High School Cheerleading Tryout Information

Thank you for your interest in trying out for Spirit Cheer. Included in this information sheet, you will find the following: cheer clinic/tryout information. If you should have any questions, please email the cheer advisor, Atzimba Villalobos at Thank you.

The following MUST be present and filled out completely by the first day of clinics before you may participate in clinics or tryouts: school physical forms, information sheet and rules and regulation. All forms will be available in the Paraclete’s front office.

Cheerleading clinic/tryout Dates:

• Cheer clinic will consist of material that the cheerleader will learn to perform at the tryout.
• Cheer clinic will begin Monday, April 30th and will go until Wednesday, May 2nd, 4:00 – 5:30 pm.
• Cheer tryouts will be held on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 time and location to be announced.

Selection of a cheerleader to join the squad will be based on the following
(these will all be taught to you):

• A cheer and dance
• Jumps (A toe touch, a side herkie, and a front hurdler)
• Overall Spirit – which includes commitment, attitude, leadership, teamwork, work ethic, enthusiasm, and coachability (these will all be observed during tryouts)

What do you wear to clinic/tryouts?

• Please wear comfortable, length appropriate shorts and a t-shirt (no midriff showing). Dress as if you would dress for participation in a sport practice. No denim or jewelry. Your hair should also be off your shoulders and in a ponytail. You should wear comfortable tennis shoes – cheerleading shoes if you have them.
• On official tryout day, you will need to wear red, yellow or black shorts and a solid red, yellow or any t-shirt that shows school spirit. Your hair must be out of your eyes and no jewelry.



cheer info sheet ( 45.0 KB )

cheerleading rules regulations ( 49.0 KB )