Multi-Cultural Club

Field Day Schedule

For tomorrow, October 21st, Rachel, Sam, Hailey, Julia, and Paul will be setting up our table for field day. From 9:30-10:00, we have Bradley, Hailey, and Julia. From 10:00-10:30, we have Rachel, Sam, and Grace. From 10:30-11:00, we have Destiny, Evan, and, Ben. From 11:00-11:35, we have Emilyn, Mathew, and Julia. Mathew, Rachel, and Katherine have volunteered to lend their coolers for field day and will try to get ice as well. Just in case, if you can bring ice, please do so. Katherine and Hailey are bringing water bottles, Rachel and Justin are bringing bottles of Gatorade, and Destiny and Mathew are bringing soda.

Current Events

The Multi-Cultural club will not be meeting on Thursday the 22nd. We will be meeting on Tuesday, November the 3rd for the next potluck. Come and enjoy Mexican cuisine for only 2 dollars.

General Information

The Multicultural club meets on Thursdays in Room 17 at lunch. Currently, the club is studying Mexico.