Coach Andy’s Wisdom

2015 Season Day 1 Counsel to Entire Team


BE AWARE (run facing cars; beware texting drivers; watch for snakes on trails; no headphones)

STAY TOGETHER (at least 2, preferably 3)

EFFORT (Cross Country is preparation for life; may not always be “best performance” but needs to be “best effort”; remember Michael Jordan’s 26)

Watch Where You Run – And What Pace

BLACKTOP/ASPHALT (for half/half “bounce back energy”/absorbing vs grass – no “bounce back energy”; concrete – no give)
CONVERSATION (set running pace comfortable with…)

Health Hint # 1

STRETCH (after run – “hurdle”, “butt”, “quads”)
SLEEP (get plenty)
SLEEP (7 hours straight minimum – not 3 hrs at night and PM nap; ideal is 7-9 hours per night)

Just For Fun
SUMMER FUN RUNS (Optional; Pelona Vista Park, Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM; See flyer in “Community Running Events” link in left-hand column of XC pages)

Watch Where You Run (Reprise)
CURBS (“bunny hop” [both feet at same time] off curbs to avoid breaks and sprains from “rolled” ankles)

Distance Runners When It Rains
IF IT RAINS (always show up for practice – Coach Andy will stop workout or move indoors if thunder/lightning)

LIGHTNING/THUNDER (if you are already on a run and see or hear, return to school immediately)

How to Stay Healthy – (One More Time!)
SLEEP (7 hours straight minimum – not 3 at night and PM nap; ideal is 7-9 hours per night)
PACE (Conversational…if you can’t talk comfortably, slow down)
ICE (freeze water in paper cup…tear off bottom of cup to use)

Spirit Workout (Stay Flexible – Avoid the Weight Room) 

1)       Double touch sit-ups (1 minute)

2)       Standard pushups (1 min)

3)       Twists (1 min)

4)       Incline Pushups (1 min)

5)       Row boat (1 min)

6)       Dips (1 min)

7)       Chair/wall sit (2 min)

8)       Burpees (1 min)

9)       Plank (1 min)

10)     R-side plank (1 min)

11)     L-side plank (1 min)

TRAINERS – 1/2 size larger than your regular shoe size

RACING FLATS – (for XC) personal preference or 1/2 size smaller than your regular shoe size

TRACK SPIKES – 1/2 size smaller, especially for 1600m or less

How to Stay Healthy – (You Think He Was Kidding)

Three Important Things for a Healthy Distance Runner

SLEEP – 7 to 8 hours (straight)

FOOD – Eat Breakfast and Lunch


Cross Country Scoring
Lowest Team Score Wins (Score 1st 5 places; 6 and 7 are tie breakers)
1st Place Runner – 1 point
2nd Place Runner – 2 points