Veritas Retreat


VERITAS is a weekend retreat.

VERITAS promotes integrity in one’s relationships with important others: parents, family and friends. It challenges the participants to be true to their vocation.


“VERITAS” is the Latin word for “Truth”.

The VERITAS Retreat explores the truth about oneself, from God’s perspective.


  • VERITAS is a Catholic retreat. It proclaims the truth from the perspective of the Catholic Church.
  • For Catholics and non-Catholics alike, VERITAS generates a desire for personal integrity and truth in one’s faith.
  • VERITAS is designed for all high school students, from freshmen to seniors.
  • A minimum of personal maturity and openness to God is required for the success of the retreat.


  • VERITAS is a youth retreat. It is led by teenagers, it is celebrated by teenagers.
  • Adults are present as chaperons, and take a secondary role in the retreat.
  • VERITAS is scheduled twice a year: once in the fall season and once in springtime.
  • VERITAS begins on a Friday evening, and concludes on a Sunday afternoon.
  • VERITAS in celebrated at Saint Elizabeth Mission in Lake Hughes, CA


Spiritual events at a VERITAS retreat include the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the Sacrament of Penance, procession and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, a “walking rosary”, talks on various aspects of the faith, and times for personal reflection and group sharing.

Activities of various types stimulate the discussions and times of personal reflection. Among them are the “My Life with God Project”, the “Whispers of God” activity, the “Images of Jesus” individual reflection, the “True Love” sharing session and the “Family Time” healing process.

Crazy games infuse excitement to the VERITAS retreat, along with a night hike. Fun is a basic element of the retreat.

VERITAS participants delight in 5 meals: two breakfasts, two lunches and one dinner.

Snacks and drinks are available at various breaks throughout the retreat.

SCHEDULE 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 VERITAS Retreat schedule:

September 23-24-25, 2016
March 3-4-5, 2017