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The National English Honor Society (NEHS), founded and sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta, is the only national organization exclusively for high school students and faculty who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments. The NEHS motto, “gelast sceal mid are,” is Old English for: “duty goes with honor.” The motto represents one of the earliest forms of our languague–it affirms and celebrates an obligation to use one’s gifts in service to others. Service to peers, school, and community are part and parcel of the NEHS mission–and, indeed, in the grammatical structure of the Old English phrase, “duty” actually precedes “honor.”


NEHS has the following primary goals:

  • to recognize on the national level those who, on the basis of academic grades and performance, merit special note for past and current accomplishments;
  • to nurture members to further develop their abilities in the various fields of English; and
  • to encourage members to use their talents in the service of others.

In order to apply for membership:

  • Candidates must have completed the equivalent of three semesters of English prior to induction as members.
  • Candidates must have achieved a minimum overall grade point average of a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) prior to applying

Candidates must be in at least 10th grade ad have A’s and B’s in English classes


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