June 29, 2018

How Paraclete Made the Difference for Graduates in 2018

Written by John Anson

What Defines a Spirit?

We are thinkers, believers and dreamers, looking to make a difference in the world, and it’s a big world beyond our high school.

It starts with our mission. As a Catholic school, each student learns about the importance of the Catholic tradition, and contributing to our local community. We welcome families from diverse religious backgrounds, as this rich blend of perspectives and beliefs is a cherished part of our identity. Each student is required to fulfill hours of service over the course of their career with us here at Paraclete, as we know that serving others creates a compassionate, caring, and aware individual.

Take Madison, a member of the recently graduated Class of 2018. While she was at Paraclete, Madison loved helping with the Special Spirits Dance for the special needs community in the Antelope Valley. Now, she aspires to be a 3rd grade teacher, and plans to major in education and minor in sign language at college in the fall to continue on with her passion to teach and share the spirit of knowledge. 

When a compassionate and bright individual is introduced to an rigorous academic environment, amazing results are within reach. Vita is such a result. Vita transferred to Paraclete from Bishop Alemany during her freshman year.  When asked to describe her experience here at Paraclete, Vita said the school and its community is, “inclusive, friendly, uplifting, and inspirational.” Now, as part of the recent Class of 2018, Vita will major in biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame, with the intention to help establish food safety in countries of the developing world. 

Vita and Madison are both inspirational in their aspirations after their careers at Paraclete High School, and they embody the success that we strive to help each one of our students achieve. 

Spirit as Knowledge

Each of our most recent graduates from the Class of 2018 are an example of the success possible for students at Paraclete.

It’s more than just going through the motions, it’s about each student finding their passion and talents. From Tommy, who is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Auburn University, to Nolan, who will attend South Dakota State to major in Aviation Science, the spirit of success and pursuit of knowledge follows each graduate after they leave our campus.

This ambition is born in our students, and cultivated through the teaching of the friendly and supportive staff here at Paraclete. Before graduation each year, we ask our seniors what made the biggest impact during their years with us, and more often than not, students recognize their teachers for the wonderful resources they provide. 

“I feel more than well-prepared for my future in the medical field because of the amazing teachers and support at Paraclete High School,” Vita’s classmate Atira said. This strong system of support and learning enables our students to be ambitious, and prepared to seek new challenges after graduation. Atira is going on to a seven year undergrad/medical school program at California Northstate University, and we couldn’t be more proud.

What Defines Success for the Spirits?

There are many ways to find success. Each Paraclete graduate is a critical thinker and effective communicator, and our scholar athletes are no exception. Maddie, one of our scholar athletes, signed her letter of intent in April of 2018 to play softball in the Big West Conference for the Northridge Matadors. She, like many stellar Paraclete Spirits, received a scholarship. We are so proud of her consistent work ethic in the classroom and on the field.

At Paraclete High School, our curriculum is more than just math, science, and language classes. Our expectations of our students as productive and caring individuals are high. The result is a student body brimming with ambition, and the desire to use the lessons from classes and experiences from Paraclete High School out into the larger world beyond our campus.

Stephanie from the Class of 2018 might have put it best when asked to describe the best aspect of our high school, “They make it feel more like a family other than just school.” It’s true. When a new student joins, we welcome them into the Paraclete Family. We  emphasize the unique value of every person here, as it strengthens our community from its very foundation.

As we celebrate our recent graduates and wish them well on their adventures after leaving Paraclete, we know there are more bright students waiting for a school to nourish their intellect, feed their ambition and prepare them to be the best versions of themselves. To those students looking for such a place to learn, we say, welcome home.