Parent-Teacher Conferences

On Wed, October 27th, from 5pm-8pm, we will hold in-person parent-teacher conferences on campus. Please report to the St Joseph’s building and bring your son or daughter’s class list so you may decide which teachers to visit (accessing Renweb will provide this information also). Some will be in the classrooms and some will be in the SJ Building (MPR).

While all parents are welcome, parent conferences are mostly for the parents of our struggling students. Due to covid, we are asking for one parent per child to attend and that no students or other family members come with them.  Per LA County Department of Public Health guidelines, masks must be worn at all times while on campus.

If you are unable to attend or would prefer not to come on campus, you can email your child’s teachers and they would be happy to email you back or call you to ensure your student receives the help and guidance they need.

Remember that tutoring is available every Monday-Thursday in the school library after school until 4 pm. Other tutoring can be arranged, if you contact your student’s counselor.

Report cards for Quarter 1 were mailed Friday, and you may also view current grades online at Renweb.

Thank you for your continued support and God Bless.