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HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF FAMILIES just like yours send their children to a Catholic school each day. Can you think of other families in your neighborhood that might make the same choice for their children if you shared with them the good news of the advantages of a Catholic education?

A Catholic school is more than a place to gain academic knowledge. While a strong educational program is essential, Catholic schools are special because they are communities of faith as well as knowledge. The Catholic school operates in an environment that fosters the development of the whole person. This is generally understood to be the “Catholic school advantage” — all of the elements supporting your child’s education that are not available in public schools.

Catholic School Advantages:

Spiritual and Character Formation

In a Catholic school a joyful and Gospel-centered environment enriches the minds, hearts and souls of students and prepares them to grow in their faith and responsibility to live justly. All curriculum and instruction in the Catholic school is permeated with religious and moral values promoted in the Gospels. Students explore their faith through classes, participation in spiritual activities and in Christian service programs. While not all students are Catholic, all are invited to share their experiences and grow in their own moral development. The Catholic school climate and mission cultivate the religious, spiritual and moral knowledge to prepare students to succeed in this world and the next by serving God in others.

Proven Record of Academic Achievement Catholic education is challenging! High expectations of all students, fully qualified and dedicated faculty, high standards and academic rigor, personalized attention and strong motivation result in high academic outcomes and successful transitions to high school and college. With small class sizes, teachers are able to address the students’ needs and encourage them to discover their own gifts and talents and share them with others. Catholic school students score significantly above the national average on standardized tests and have a 99 percent graduation rate with more than 90 percent attending college. Catholic schools have a proven track record of success in educating minority students.

Supportive Community A Catholic school recognizes parents and families as a child’s primary educators and joins with them to form a community of shared values in which each person in unique and valuable. In a safe and disciplined environment, students and teachers create a special bond of caring for one another. As a community rooted in the values of the Gospel, students are encouraged to live their faith in communion with one another. The Catholic school is a community where each child is accepted, respected and taught to practice self-discipline, generosity, inclusion and cooperation with others. Activities to promote social and civic engagement help students understand their roles in the church and society and their responsibility to contribute to the common good of all.

Well-rounded Student Development

Catholic schools are committed to the development of the whole person. Challenging academic subjects are balanced with additional instruction and activities that are integral parts of the total educational experience. The arts, music, sports and community service projects reflect the diversity of student interests. All students are encouraged to participate in appropriate social and cultural activities.Through these opportunities, they develop skills including healthy competition, spirited friendship, cooperation and strong leadership.

Smart Investment

A Catholic school education is a commitment to a child’s future that is well worth the investment a family makes. In addition to a strong academic program, Catholic schools provide students with the advantage of religious, moral and spiritual development that will inform the choices they make throughout life. Research shows that Catholic school attendance leads to higher economic earnings. Catholic school graduates are self-disciplined, self-motivated, responsible and creative citizens who will be tomorrow’s leaders in church and society. In most schools and dioceses, financial aid is available to help families afford the tuition so their children may take advantage of the benefits of a Catholic education.

What other advantages have your children experienced in their Catholic school education? Think about why you chose a Catholic school for your children and talk about your family’s experiences with someone else whose children deserve the same opportunity to benefit from a Catholic education. Share the good news about Catholic education with your friends and neighbors! ✜

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