Remote Learning

Paraclete Family,

Below are the details about our remote learning program for 2020-2021.

At this time we still provide ZOOM to all teachers and students, but are not currently teaching online. Thank you!


About Paraclete High School’s Remote Learning Program

The tech team began preparing for home e-learning on Mon, Mar 2, when it started to look like we would need to transition in an effort to reduce the COVID-19 cases in our community. By the end of the week, Ms Stevens had selected Zoom as a communication tool. This online video tool allows for teachers and students to work together in a live setting, from home. Zoom features many cool educational tools as well, like breakout rooms and built in whiteboards. Once this was selected, students were given instruction, including 2 videos (below). Teachers had been given access to work on their own from early March, then had formal training before our first day of remote learning, Wed, Mar 18th.

We are fortunate that our teachers and students have been using a 1:1 iPad program for over 6 years. Our content being digital already, made for a smooth transition. Introducing Zoom to our community really allowed us to expand our collaborative digital learning. Using either Google Classroom or iTunes U, teachers and students can share and instruct as if they are in the same room.

The tech team, Ms Stevens and Mr Wegner, have worked and will continue to work tirelessly to keep all the staff and students problem free so that they may focus on content, not technology. Our helpdesk for teachers and students is open 24/7 and our goal is to solve issues as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, you may email Ms Stevens, Technology Director. Thank you!


Please visit our calendar to view school events. 


Student Support Options

Teachers and Staff Support Options

  • For instructional, curricular, and technical support, please submit a request at TEACHER HELPDESK 


Paraclete High School iPad Program

  • All students have an iPad at home to use for school work. Many hotspots have been given out to those who lack sufficient internet at home. See below for some options to upgrade your home Internet access.

Free or Reduced Cost Home Internet Service

AT&T – Reduced Cost!/

Charter / Spectrum – Free for 60 Days

Xfinity WiFi Free for Everyone – Free Hotspot Locations


Zoom portal

Student Training Videos/Presentations

Access the Slideshow for Students 


Fall 2020









Go to our website to access Britannica Online, JSTOR, Destiny Learning, etc. You will need to ask us or a teacher for the page password.

Visit this form to request LIBRARY Resources!

You may request books or access to online resources. Also remember that the you may obtain free digital books from public libraries!