March 1, 2018

STEM Defines the Modern American Workforce and Educational System

Written by Debbie Stevens

We live in a world with technology all around us, and constantly present in our everyday functions. Behind every smartphone, every app and every program is a bright mind that was cultivated to question limitations, and imagine new possibilities.

The importance of STEM in High School

STEM classes are now so much more than just calculus.

Science, technology, engineering and math are the foundations of the STEM program. The strength from these foundational topics lies in the interdisciplinary application, that brings knowledge from one classroom into the next.

STEM aptitude continues to be a huge focus for colleges and employers. As the job market turns to tech and software companies, more positions for engineers, mathematicians, scientists and technicians continue to grow. These positions are critical to the fast-pace of the modern world, and contribute to the innovative technology we interact with every day.

This is especially true right here in the Antelope Valley. Also known as the “aerospace valley,” our region of the California desert has led to incredible aeronautical advancements. From Edwards AFB to the recent arrival of Northrup Grumman in the area, we’re positioned to continue to lead the nation and world in STEM companies.

In fact, jobs in the STEM industries increased by over 10% between 2009 and 2015, compared to 5% growth in non-STEM industries. This makes STEM education all the more important, especially in our high schools.

High school is an important phase of development for young adults, and STEM courses are a key component to developing minds. At Paraclete, we’ve been incorporating an interdisciplinary approach into our STEM classes since before the acronym was used on a national scale.

We take traditional logical and critical thinking, and intertwine familiar classes like math or science with robotics, physics, and programming applications that bring the theory to life.

Our advantage at Paraclete High School stems from our position in the Aerospace Valley. With over 10 years of an interdisciplinary STEM approach, we have also incorporated technology into the classroom and our lesson plans. Our 1 to 1 technology approach seamlessly connects to modern workplace skills, like analytical thinking, problem solving, and self-directed learning.

STEM Courses Offered at Paraclete High School

We continuously evaluate what courses will best prepare our students for college success, as well as for foundational application in the workplace.

Currently Offered Courses: 

Science Courses

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Honors Biology and Chemistry, as well and AP courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Technology Courses

Computer Science 1, Programming Python, Programming Java, and AP Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A (upcoming)

Engineering Courses

Computer Science 1, and Robotics (FTC)

Mathematics Courses

Honors Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2, as well as Precalculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, and AP courses in Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and Statistics.


Our selection of courses is intended to provide breadth and depth to these scholastic areas. This mix allows students to select courses that will challenge them as they progress through their high school careers, and prepare them for the college level STEM courses later on.

Prepare your child for their future, and consider an education here at Paraclete High School. Learn more about our application process here.