SAT/ACT Prep Classes


SAT/ACT Prep Class – Due to covid-19 all classes on campus are cancelled until further notice

Paraclete students are encouraged to attend a test-preparation seminar to help them achieve their best-possible scores on the SAT or ACT exam. 

Khan Academy is the official SAT practice.  Each Paraclete student that has taken the PSAT will have the scores linked to Khan Academy for free, personalized test prep.

ZAPS Prep Classes that are usually offered at Paraclete are offered by the Doorway to College Foundation.  They are currently offering Live Online or Recorded SAT and ACT prep classes for a fee.  See their website for more information.

Tried and True Tutoring is another company that has offered SAT/ACT Prep class at Paraclete.  Call for more information on their current services:  Call: (818) 530-4442


See Mrs. Pierson for more information.


Paraclete HS summer 2019 flyer (Paraclete HS)

Paraclete ACT Boot Camp Flyer Summer 2019

Tried and True SAT Prep Class Spring 2020

Innovations Education SAT Prep Info

AVC/Innovations Education SAT Prep Spring 2020