September 9, 2021

5 Ways to Teach Students to Think Outside the Box

Written by Paraclete High School

A good high school aims to help students meet their personal and professional goals. A great high school utilizes a holistic education to equip their students with the ability to think critically.

At Paraclete High School we aim to be more than good; we strive to provide our students not only the skills to succeed in the classroom but the critical thinking skills needed to make informed decisions.

The Importance of Teaching Students to Think Critically

Paraclete High School prepares students to think outside the box by making sure they have an education that develops their critical thinking skills. The elevated academic environment challenges students to process how they think, speak, and reflect on all kinds of problems and studies.

The rapid changes in culture and technology have accentuated educators’ increasingly necessary job of teaching students how to be independent, creative, and critical thinkers. Here are the top five ways our experienced educators instill outside the box thinking to our students.

Exposure to Different Schools of Thought

In order to support critical thinking, we equip students with the ability to synthesize multiple fields of education. Students in most high schools will study reading, writing, science, and math. Paraclete students also study the Catholic faith and teachings for four years. In these religious classes, students couple the practical lessons from the common curriculum with faith-based morals and principles to think critically through traditional and modern schools of thought.

Because of this, students of any faith can benefit from the rich Catholic tradition. Paraclete students grow both spiritually and intellectually thanks to our ability to bring together various schools of teachings.

Encourage Critical Communication

It’s crucial to teach students how to write and speak with conscious reflection. The smaller class sizes at Paraclete are a great place for students to dive deeper into subjects with teachers who care. The college prep curriculum focuses on allowing students to discuss ideas in class with their peers and instructors. It is not enough for students to simply repeat what is taught to them – they must think critically to fully engage with their studies. Students develop these skills further in written assignments and projects, applying their thought process to tangible presentations and solutions.

Develop Ideas Together

At Paraclete, we require students to take two years of laboratory science. In these courses, which include biology, chemistry, and physics, students learn in a hands-on way how to form and test a hypothesis. These collaborative skills, however, do not just apply to science class. These classes teach students to be curious, formulate questions, and look for answers in the world around them, helping them to make informed decisions.

Provide More Opportunities to Learn

The AP Capstone program encourages ambitious students to take critical thinking to a new level. While not required, the AP Capstone is a great opportunity for students. It allows them to further develop their critical thinking, research, and communications skills in a project that spans more than one year.

Students on this track will take an AP Seminar class, an AP Research class, and four other AP courses. The Seminar course gives students the chance to work alone and on a team to develop arguments and think critically. The Research course gives students the chance to defend a large body of their own work. The analytical thinking and research skills developed in the program will benefit students in college and beyond.

Freedom to Think Critically

Students at Paraclete are invited to form their own views about all subjects. They are not in school to simply regurgitate facts. The unique, faith-based approach to study gives students the freedom to develop their own belief system about topics not usually taught in public schools. The nurturing environment of our campus provides a safe space for students to holistically explore themselves on a physical, spiritual, academic, and social level. Paraclete High school prides itself on providing students the freedom and confidence to think critically in a place where they feel accepted.

Expand Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills at Paraclete

We all want to give our children the best possible start in life. Sending your child to a private high school that emphasizes creative and critical thinking will ensure they have the ability to navigate complex problems and find innovative solutions. Teaching students how to think outside the box provides them with the invaluable opportunity to master these skills so they can be readily available in their future academic, personal, and professional pursuits.

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