Christian Values

Living and learning the faith

Paraclete High School welcomes students and families of all religious backgrounds, but centers our mission on upholding Catholic traditions both in and out of the classroom. Out of respect for the diversity of our student body, our religious studies courses present the Catholic perspective, but teach critical thinking. We allow students to explore and take ownership of their own beliefs in a moral and value-based environment.

Paraclete Core Values

Spirit in Christ

Spirit in Christ

Spirit as Family

Spirit in Family

Spirit of Knowledge

Spirit in Knowledge

Spirit for Success

Spirit in Success

Inspired to Serve

Inspired to Serve

Serving Others

Christian service is an essential component of life at Paraclete. As a community, we strive every day to demonstrate compassion, social justice, and love. To meet school requirements, students must complete service hours throughout their semesters.

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Christian Values In and Out of the Classroom

Our students and their families embrace our mission to seek God and serve others, and this spirit is weaved into every aspect of life at Paraclete. It is reflected in the character our students develop and how they carry themselves inside and outside of school. Our religious studies courses serve as a foundation for allowing students to explore and grow closer to their faith—and themselves.

Course Catalog

Religious Studies Courses

The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture

The Mystery of Jesus Christ

The Paschal Mystery

The Church Our Story: Ecclesiology

Morality/Social Justice

Sacraments: Privileged Encounters with Christ

World Religion

Christian Life

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