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Never miss a step in the applications process

How to Apply

The following steps are required to be considered for freshman admission to Paraclete High School:

1. Create a Profile on the Paraclete Parent Portal
Your profile will give you access to submit required documents for the application process. 

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2. Upload Copies of the Applicant’s 7th and 8th Grade Report Cards
Please scan and upload copies of your students report cards. 

3. Complete the Student Application – once completed you will be notified by a member of the Admissions Team.

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All incoming freshmen take an entrance exam for assessment, details and questions about testing will be provided by the Freshmen Academic Advisor Paula Schoorl at 661-943-3255 112 or email 

Transfer Application Process

Finding the right high school can take a few tries. Here at Paraclete, we are always looking to welcome bright students to our school.

First step please request an unofficial transcript and contact Mrs. Nadine Seidel at (661) 943-3255 x117 and email Mrs. Seidel at about the transfer process. 

All applicants are reviewed by the admissions committee.

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How to Apply

All transfer students are required to submit their unofficial transcript to Mrs. Nadine Seidel for initial review.

Bring your unofficial transcript to the front office today and ask for Mrs. Nadine Seidel.

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