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Never miss a step in the applications process

Freshman Application Process

We understand that choosing a high school is an important step in guiding young adults to successful futures.

Paraclete has a 57 year Catholic tradition of excellence in preparing the Antelope Valley’s most talented young men and women to realize and stretch their potential.

Only completed application packages will be considered for admission.

Acceptance notices will be sent out on Friday, March 5, 2021.

How to Apply

The following steps are required to be considered for freshman admission to Paraclete High School:

1. Create a Paraclete Parent Portal; this allows you to access your child’s exam results.

2. Submit email address(es) of teacher(s) completing the Character Reference Form(s). Only (1) is required.

3. Upload copies of  applicant’s  7th & 8th Report Cards.

4. Complete Student Application information within Portal.

5. Register for Entrance Exam within Portal.



Entrance Exam Information 

At Paraclete High School, all freshmen applicants take an entrance test to assess their learning. Currently, we are offering an online test for 8th grade students to take remotely. Testers will need a device and scratch paper to take the exam.

Parents can look up information about our regular placement exam (HSPT) online at the HSPT Parent Page.

Register for the ENTRANCE EXAM.

USE ACCESS CODE Y8 and click on the link below.



Register for the EXAM WORKSHOP.

We have a FREE Entrance Exam Workshop, Saturday, January 23rd at 8:30AM.

Please click on the SIGN-UP link below to attend the FREE EXAM WORKSHOP.


Transfer Application Process

Finding the right high school can take a few tries. Here at Paraclete, we are always looking to welcome bright students to our school.

First step please request an unofficial transcript and contact Mrs. Kathleen Troisi at (661) 943-3255 x104 and email Mrs. Troisi at about the transfer process. 

All applicants are reviewed by the admissions committee.

Get Started

How to Apply

All transfer students are required to submit their unofficial transcript to Mrs. Kathleen Troisi for initial review.

Bring your unofficial transcript to the front office today and ask for Mrs. Kathleen Troisi.  

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