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Naviance is a Counseling and Guidance website for students.  Each student has an account and has been assigned tasks to do.  Parents, encourage your student to show you their Naviance account

2020-21 PSAT – Testing date TBD


California Scholarship Federation

  • What is CSF? — CSF is an honor society that shows you have performed strong academically. It is recognized by colleges and scholarships committees.
  • Why does it matter to me? — CSF is an honor that you will be able to list on your college applications. You can also EARN the CSF gold cords that can be worn at Baccalaureate and Graduation.  *see below.     


    CSF is currently available for ALL 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who earned high marks on their report card last semester.  The applications are available now in Counseling Google Classrooms and at the end of this announcement.  Students should READ the application carefully before filling it out.  If you can’t remember your exact grades from last year look at your report card.

    The due date to email it is Tuesday, September 29th.  All forms must be emailed to Dues of $5.00 will be required after acceptance.

    *In order to earn cords for graduation, you MUST be a member at least 4 semesters, and 1 MUST be during your senior year.

  • Fall 2020 CSF Application

Fall Considerations for Seniors:

Keys to Navigating College Applications — Do your research–don’t depend on anyone else to inform you.  Be flexible.  Everything is changing all the time.  Figure it out on your own before asking.  Procrastination is your enemy.

The importance of Naviance— All documents will be sent through Naviance eDocs:  letters of recommendation, counselor evaluations, transcripts.  If you don’t list your colleges, we can’t help you!!  Include Community Colleges.  Use College and Career Matching.

Do NOT hesitate to apply to a university because you are taking the SAT or ACT in November or December.  They will get your scores before they review your application.

SAT/ACT registration is open.  Check their websites for open testing locations from now until December 2020.  Don’t wait–seats are filling up fast and are limited.

–Know your college application vocabulary— Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling Admissions, On-site Admissions, Regular Admissions.

UC Applications opened August 1st.  Submissions are accepted after November 1st, but don’t submit until Mr. Landa says to do so.  CSU applications are open from October 1st through November 30th.  Private universities have their own deadlines.  Seniors MUST use the Common Application if that is an option.

More information to come…stay tuned to Mr. Landa’s class presentations

If you have any questions, counselors are ready and waiting to help!
Mr. Landa: or 661-943-3255, ext 113 and Mrs. Pierson:, ext 119


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