Application Info

Thank you for your interest in Paraclete High School

 Application Process for the Incoming Freshman Class of 2028    

  1.  Campus visits and tours are available with Evelyn Reyes 661-943-3255 x123.
  2.  INQUIRY Submit an inquiry. This step will help us learn more about you and your student and to reach out to you directly about the fun and exciting opportunities on our campus.  
  3.  Watch our Virtual Campus Tour.
  4.  APPLY: Create a Paraclete online application, and complete all the steps.
  5.  Families will have a personalized admissions portal that will include reminders, deadlines and more. 
  6.  Within the online application, please provide the following:
    1.   Teacher email address for the letter of recommendation.
    2.   Most recent standardized test results, if available. 
    3.   7th & 8th grade transcript/report cards.
    4.   Sign up for the High School Placement Exam.
    5.   This exam is ONLY for incoming freshmen students.
    6.   If you cannot attend the offered exam dates please call 661-943-3255.
    7.  If needed (after you take the Entrance Exam) complete the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) financial aid application with required documentation and bring completed application into the school front office. For questions: call Monika Findlay 661-943-3255 x105 or email