1996 Regina “I am currently an assistant principal at Fallbrook Union High School, a suburban comprehensive high school in northeast San Diego County. Prior to this, I was a science teacher for eleven years. I taught Chemistry (UC), AP Chemistry, and Forensic Science (UC). My doctoral work focused primarily on school reform and systems reorganization. Paraclete HS prepared me in ways I did not understand until later in life after becoming an educator myself. PHS gave me a strong foundation in writing, grammar, and critical thinking. My teachers were content experts, worked tirelessly for us, their students, and were passionate about our education. I received high quality instruction with high academic rigor. The school ensured my parents were involved in school and in my learning experience. I was able to participate in many extracurricular activities and helped me understand the importance of giving back to the community and to others through service.”

1988 John “I attended Paraclete High School during the 1986 – 1987 school year. That was my junior year. The next year, I transferred to an Episcopal school in Los Angeles, Harvard-Westlake. I graduated from Harvard-Westlake in 1988. Next, I attended the University of California at Berkeley. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1994 with a BA degree in Economics. Afterward, I worked in the financial services field in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I am currently studying for the GRE Exam. I plan to attend graduate school in Education next year. I want to be an educator.

I had a good experience at Paraclete High School. I liked the teachers, staff, and students. I enjoyed the classes. I appreciated the happy, positive atmosphere at the school. I respect the holistic educational philosophy of Paraclete. Paraclete develops the whole person. The Paraclete educational philosophy realizes that every person has a body, mind, heart, and soul. This is the key to the success of Paraclete.

The lessons I learned at Paraclete will help me throughout my life. A Catholic Education is an advantage for life.”

2012 Alexandra is currently in her sophomore year as a member of Brown University Class of 2016, Alexandra shared this testimonial: “I am still very grateful for the foundation that Paraclete has provided for me as I continue to grow at Brown. The academic support and advice from teachers at Paraclete during my high school career has still resonated in how I enjoy my college experience.”

1989 Dennis “Academic and Athletic prowess is of little value without wisdom that is obtained through spiritual growth. Paraclete instills values and sets standards by which we’re given strength and vision pure.”

2014 Cody “My most pleasant Paraclete experience was every single day I was at Paraclete. There are way too many to count. Each day I was truly happy to go to school. I know that may sound weird coming from a teenager. But each day I got to make memories that I will forever cherish. The faculty, staff, and students are the best to be around and the opportunities and events Paraclete gives you are just awesome. I will forever remember my four years at Paraclete High School.”