Caryl Hier Legacy Award for Christian Service

Caryl Hier enjoyed her years of work (a labor of love!) at Paraclete High School from 1977 through 1999. She donned many titles while becoming a second mom to MANY Spirits and is a firm believer that a Catholic education IS an advantage for life. Caryl keeps Paraclete near and dear to her heart and is thrilled to have an award named in her honor. The Paraclete Administration is pleased to carry on the legacy of Caryl Hier and all the loving and positive attributes she represents.

Caryl’s four children are successful Paraclete graduates, as are four of her grandchildren. She loves all the Spirits she helped, guided, and loved along the way.


The Caryl Hier Legacy Award for Christian Service is presented to the student who embodies the philanthropic spirit for our Paraclete. We acknowledge the student who works hard to improve the campus both spiritually and physically by various means including working selflessly for the betterment of current and future Spirits. The student should exemplify leadership skills on campus and within the community, demonstrating his Christian faith daily. The student should appreciate being a member of the Paraclete Family, just as retired staff member Caryl Hier does. Caryl treasures her time among the Spirits.


2022 John Mark Calandri