Important Dates & Events


Homecoming 2022 is scheduled for Friday, October 14. Questions? Contact Janet (Godde) Bower ’74 at or (661) 943-3255 ext. 111.

HOMECOMING 2021 – a very SPIRITED event!

We cheered on the SPIRITS to a 42 – 7 victory over the Castaic High School Coyotes! Homecoming was celebrated on Friday, September 24, 2021 at 7 PM. We look forward to Homecoming 2022 – date to be announced in June 2022.


Who’s house? CLETEHOUSE!



Annually usually in the spring, our campus priest, Father G, hosts Vocation Day and welcomes alumni to speak throughout the day to our students. Paraclete graduates share their life career journey, and the inspiring talks greatly benefit the Paraclete student body. Please consider being a voice bringing motivational messages to your fellow Spirits.

The purpose of the day is to share how you see your career as a vocation. Your day will be spent inspiring the future leaders of tomorrow with your faith-filled wisdom.  Each year we hope for a panel of caring Paraclete professionals. Lunch is provided.

If you would like to participate email Janet Bower at or Father G at


Reunion News

Share your reunion plans with Janet Bower and the details will be shared on this page and the Paraclete Facebook page. Contact Janet at or (661) 943-3255 ext. 111. 

Reunions 2022

The Class of 1982 has Annette Adams Lynch and Yvonne Photias Ochoa organizing a reunion! Early planning includes dinner on Saturday, October 22 at Fresco II in Palmdale by the A.V. Mall. Questions? Contact Annette at or (661) 860-0357 or Yvonne at or (760) 464-5454.

The Class of 1987 will be celebrating their 35th Anniversary of their graduation with a get-together in Las Vegas! All Spirits are welcome. For more information contact David Suppe at

Reunions 2023

The Class of 2003’s very own Caylin Oriel Keber has begun the reunion planning for the class’s 20th reunion for 2023. You may reach out to Caylin at or (407) 755-9293.

Reunions 2021

The Class of 1970 held a reunion over Homecoming weekend and welcomed classmates from nearby years. Bishop Sylvester Ryan attended the reunion Saturday evening and celebrated Mass at Paraclete in the chapel on Sunday morning. Bishop Ryan worked at Paraclete from at least 1965 through June 1971, serving as principal in the latter years. 50 years later he once again celebrated Mass in the chapel! Thank you to Mary Kay (Orlando) Stuckey for making the reunion happen!


The Class of 2011 gathered at Lucky Luke’s in Palmdale in October. They had a blast connecting, catching up, playing Clete trivia, and eating some great food! Here’s a recap from classmate Haley Kelly: “We chatted and drank beers and blue flavored seltzers and the party kept going way after the stars came out – as promised. Even spilled out to Schooners for the real AV experience. There was no drama, no politics – just chatter of aliens, adventures, dreams of the future, the exodus from the AV, and reminiscing the delinquent shenanigans of the ol’ Paraclete days. It’s been a decade and we’ve all grown so much. Some people wrote ‘Don’t change’ in yearbooks, but I say ‘Grow! Evolve! Change and rebuild yourself as many times as you want!” It’s been a DECADE and it sometimes feels like we’ve lived a hundred lives since and the old life at PHS almost seems foreign.

“For those who couldn’t make it, I hope your journey is going well and you’re making great strides towards your dreams. We missed you. I missed you. I hope you stay in touch with at least someone from our class…I hope all of you make it to the next one (reunion).

“So, here’s to our class! If I could write in all of your yearbooks again, I would tell you ‘You’re doing great and I’m proud of where you are.’ See you sometime, somewhere, and good luck in the world wherever you go.”

Thank you to Spirit of the Year Haley and her friends for a great party!


Recap from 2012…

Our 50th Anniversary Homecoming Football Game / Alumni Gathering
Oh what a night! We called for the Alumni to gather to celebrate Paraclete High School’s 50th Anniversary, and what a great turn out we experienced! At the Homecoming football game, Friday October 26, 2012, we welcomed back ASB Presidents and Spirits of the Year spanning 50 Spirit-filled years to be honored. The pure joy and elation felt by our honorees as they gathered on the track at A. V. College for the halftime festivities was noticed by all. Smiles, laughter and rapid reminiscing embraced the group of 60 ASB Presidents and Spirits of the Year. After the game, Alumni gathered in the St. Joseph Building to continue the recollection of good times. Our thanks go out to the many that traveled from out of state (Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada to name a few), and those that drove in from hours away. The night was too short, but enjoyed by all!