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Homecoming News for 2018

We looked forward to our 51st Homecoming! We do not have a date set yet, but stay tuned!

We welcome back all alumni, especially the Class of 1968 – their 50th reunion year! 

We will host an alumni gathering after the Homecoming Game at Paraclete for the classes of 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970 – the first students to all be on campus together at the same time.

Cheer on the SPIRITS!

If you like it, say “Go Big Red!”


Who’s house? CLETEHOUSE!




Class of 1998 Reunion

The Class of ’98 will hold their 20th reunion on August 18, 2018 in San Diego at a place to be determined. Details will be posted when available. Cheers to the Class of ’98!

Class of 1972 Reunion

The Class of ’72 held their 45th Reunion on September 23, 2017 at the home of Tina Kesselring (Noreika) in Simi Valley, CA.

Class of 1987 Reunion

The Class of 1987 enjoyed their 30th reunion at Fresco II in Palmdale on June 24, 2017.



Class of 1997 Reunion

We celebrated the good times on Saturday, July 22nd at the Forge Event Center, 742 West Lancaster Boulevard, Lancaster, California


Class of 2007 Reunion

We had a great time Saturday, October 14, 2017 at Bravery Brewery! Looking forward to the next reunion!



Spirits 06 Cheers 10 Years


Written by Rebecca Resnick

– That’s the one question everyone asks when they hear that it’s time to start planning your high school reunion. When Rebecca Resnick, 2006 Class Treasurer, received a letter in the mail that she was able to host the reunion she was ecstatic and quickly went to her Facebook Reunion group to recruit a couple classmates to help. The number of classmates that responded to her request showed just how many alumni were interested in making this event happen! Rebecca recruited the first 3 people to respond – Jaclyn Quiton (Prom Queen), Tristan Newman (Drama Class Enthusiast), and Jessica Boardman (Opera Singer Extraordinaire).

The foursome quickly began throwing around ideas of what they wanted the reunion to be like, when it would be held, and ideas of where to hold the Antelope Valley’s best high school reunion EVER. The first decision that was made was the theme; senior year our hallway was decorated as “Our Seniors are Shining” – Hollywood Stars theme. “Hollywood” would be the same theme used for the reunion! The next hardest decision was when to have the reunion. Seven classmates were getting married in 2016 (that we knew of) and the hostesses wanted to ensure that the reunion was not conflicting with any known weddings and at the same time, give enough notice to everyone in order to schedule flights home.

November 26, 2016 – Thanksgiving weekend – was the date selected for the reunion, hoping that alumni would be in town visiting family and after all seven weddings had taken place. (Note to future reunion planners, select a date 6 months in advance. Any sooner and anyone who happens to get pregnant during that time that wanted to attend will no longer be able to – OOPS! Three classmates ended up having due dates in November!) Next on their checklist? A location! Ideas floated around on the Facebook Group but one thing was certain – they wanted the reunion to be an event worth flying in for since classmates were located all over the WORLD (including Spain and Norway). The team split up each taking on a task to call local bars, restaurants and hotels to gather pricing brochures. A meeting was scheduled in Valencia February 2016 between the girls to discuss the venues they each researched.

This was the first time the girls had seen each other since high school and a lot more “catching up” was done rather than discussing reunion details – but WOW that was fun! Looking back, it’s possible that the only thing decided this day was the reunion hashtag, #spirits06cheers10years. Eventually the decision was made to book Embassy Suites Palmdale for the reunion venue. The hotel included room discount accommodations, a banquet room, Italian buffet, ability to have a cash or open bar as well as set-up/ clean-up for the tables – all for the incredible price of $35 per person. An electronic “Save the Date” was posted to the Facebook Group and the girls began soliciting “early ticket” purchases in order to pay for the down-payment of the venue. Not only did several classmates pay for their tickets early, but a couple gave larger donations to ensure the deposit would be reached (shout out to Ashley Tice (Bayer), Heather Mnoian (Zmyewski) and Ray Silvia). Everything wasn’t rainbows and butterflies though – a handful of classmates expressed dissatisfaction with the date selected, location selected and city that the reunion was being held. This only fueled the foursome’s inspiration to make this reunion the best one yet and they stuck to their guns – trying to help classmates understand how hard a reunion is to plan and that at the end of the day, you can’t please everyone.

Fast forward a few months and it was time to actually start PLANNING. Jessica graciously volunteered to create the slideshow that would be projected in the banquet room all night. She sent out notifications to have alumni submit their pictures, including a threat that if they didn’t submit any photos, the only picture on the loop would be of her making a funny face in Religion class. Keep in mind that during our high school years, cell phone cameras weren’t a “thing” yet. This meant most of the pictures Jessica received were by snail mail or of classmates taking a picture of their printed pictures. The slideshow came out nostalgically amazing and several classmates were overheard saying that there were photos of themselves that even they had never seen before!

Rebecca took on the task of creating the invitations that would be mailed to each classmate and coordinating the receipt of ticket purchases through PayPal. This included requesting updated addresses of anyone that perhaps didn’t update their address with Paraclete and has since moved. Rebecca wanted to ensure that receiving an invitation in the mail set the tone for how much hard work was going into the reunion. 163 invitations were sent out to a graduating class of 180 students.

Tristan took on the task of setting up a group email that alumni and vendors could use to email the hostesses as well as monitoring the email, keeping everything on track to be completed in time and hand-making the “in loving memory” sign used during the reunion. By the way, during this time Tristan also JUST gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and still managed to help out tremendously!

Jaclyn championed the decorations, hiring the DJ and photo booth and keeping the group inspired. Every brilliant idea Jacyln had for the table decorations, signs, balloons and set up were sent to the group for approval – even though they had 100% confidence in Jaclyn’s vision. Jaclyn also wanted to give out favors to the alumni that attended the reunion as keepsakes that would be forever cherished.

The Class of 2006 alumni had to purchase their tickets 30 days prior to the event and the girls had to have at least 50 attendees purchase tickets to pay off the venue. Determined to exceed the 50 guests they estimated they could lock in, the girls posted constant reminders on Facebook, Instagram, text messages, and direct messages. Payments came in through PayPal, checks in the mail and Venmo – majority being received the last week the tickets were on sale. The overall guest count was 85; 54 of which were Paraclete alumni. Statistically speaking, high school reunions should expect 20-30% of their graduating class to attend (with other factors being taken into consideration and realizing that the 10 and 50 year reunions are shown to be the highest attended reunions). The foursome sealed in 34% of their graduating class that had an active mailing address or active social media awareness!

November 26, 2016 – the night of the reunion
Tristan recruited her husband, Jaclyn recruited her boyfriend and Rebecca recruited her father and brother to come help set up. The team had a little less than 6 hours to decorate. The hallway consisted of the photo booth, ‘In Loving Memory’ table, check-in, and the memoir table. The name tags were handmade by Rebecca and created from each classmate’s senior photo. The memoir table included a cap and gown, two Senior T-Shirts, all four yearbooks, letterman jackets, a football jersey, cheer uniform, and miscellaneous other treasures from throughout the years. The ‘In Loving Memory’ table included black and white photos of the three faculty members that passed away since 2006’s graduation: Ms. Martin, Mr. Martinez and Mr. Leonard. The table also included three color photos of the one classmate that passed away since our graduation, Margaret Dluzak. White roses surrounded the photos and they were complimented with Tristan’s handmade “In Loving Memory” sign. The centerpieces were contributions from Jessica’s mom and Rebecca’s upcoming wedding as well as spray-painted gold wine bottles. The name tags rested on custom shot glasses donated by Jaclyn as souvenirs for our 85 guests.

Jaclyn’s vision of a balloon ceiling – that after the group researched how to accomplish such a feat – was one of our favorite decorations! It consisted of ivory, clear, gold and black balloons and took the majority of the 6 hour preparation time – with a huge thank you to the men that came to help because without them, this dream would not have come true.

The balloon ceiling was over the dance floor and behind it, on the back wall, was giant 2-0-0-6 gold balloons – this was the backdrop for most of the photos taken that night.

The party was scheduled to start at 6:30pm; when the girls finished getting ready (with less than an hour to beautify themselves!) they headed downstairs to the banquet room where alumni and their dates were already arriving. Friends that lost touch after graduation were reuniting, past enemies were now laughing together at “why were we even enemies to begin with?” and past high school sweethearts were meeting each other’s now significant others. Classmates were grabbing each other and piling into the photo booth, old friends were taking pictures together to make sure they documented every detail of the night, and significant others enjoyed watching the slideshow that had pictures they’d never seen before of their spouse.

Towards the end of the night, Rebecca announced some of the survey results that the alumni answered a few weeks prior to the event. The questions consisted of who has the most kids?, who has been married the longest?, who has the most animals?, who was your favorite teacher?, and who would be 2016’s Prom King and Queen?

Overall, it was a fun-filled night that will surely go down in history as one of the best reunions the Antelope Valley has seen in years (or dare I say, EVER?)

Recap from 2012…

Our 50th Anniversary Homecoming Football Game / Alumni Gathering
Oh what a night! We called for the Alumni to gather to celebrate Paraclete High School’s 50th Anniversary, and what a great turn out we experienced! At the Homecoming football game, Friday October 26, 2012, we welcomed back ASB Presidents and Spirits of the Year spanning 50 Spirit-filled years to be honored. The pure joy and elation felt by our honorees as they gathered on the track at A. V. College for the halftime festivities was noticed by all. Smiles, laughter and rapid reminiscing embraced the group of 60 ASB Presidents and Spirits of the Year. After the game, Alumni gathered in the St. Joseph Building to continue the recollection of good times. Our thanks go out to the many that traveled from out of state (Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada to name a few), and those that drove in from hours away. The night was too short, but enjoyed by all!


Paraclete Class of 2004 Reunion in 2017( 705.2 KB )