Reunion Information

Lost Spirits – For possible reunions in 2018, below are the alumni for whom we do not have contact information. If you see your name on the list, or are in contact with someone on the list, please contact Janet Bower at or 661-943-3255 ext. 111.

Lost Spirits


Pamela Adams

Christine Armenta

Richard (Tony) Cappel

Edward Farmer

Michael Fernald

Mark Fromeyer

Bernadette Gilbert

Linda Harter McCarthy

Pamela Hays

Giovanna Hennessy

Frank Horton

Susan Humm

Jean Keller

Edward Kosar Farmer

William Lawrence

Rick Martinez

Gregory McElroy

Thomas Musial

Christopher Paterson

Joseph Ritz

Thomas Roslanski

Stephen Stajcar

Patrick Stoner

Glenn Thomason

Donald Waldron

Anne Walker

Robert Woodruff



Bob Atkins

James Bender

Chris Boyd

Kelly Ann Carroll

Annette Cenkner Givens

Diane Gollner

Teri Kellar

Shelly Martinez

Joseph Medicis

Shawn Mobley

Teresa Neilson Hungate

Jane Roy

Colleen Rushing Margis

Shelly Sclafani

James Stark

Theresa Stevens Leroy

Howard Tidwell Hungate

Rene Turner

Carrie Vogel Warner



Matthew Alexander

Phillip Barbuscia

Carl Barrio

Monika Baylis Sirotta

Cham Benvenutti

Dorice Berry Millar

Shannon Birst

Richard Bittel

Richard Blaha

Ginger Brown

Michael Brunet

Yvonne Brunet

Ann Buchanan

Mark Butera

Kevin Christini

Laura Connell

Michele Feeley

Stephanie Fletcher

Richard Fulford

Michael Geary

Mario Gomez

Francisco Gutierrez

Ryan Gutzwiller

Yadira Hernandez

John Joyce

Jodi Lamb Ta

Michael Lathrop

Keith Lodge

John Lonas

Jeffrey Mahr

Brad Martineau

Jill McCaughey Merkel

Debbie McKinney

Anna McMurtry

Alexandria Montes

Christina Myers

Keren O’Dell

Michael Orwat

Sheila Paquin

Michael Parish

Katharine Rhoten

John Rios

Owen Robinson

Tracy Sain

Anna Sanchez

Tim Smith

Shinya Suzuki

Barbara Tillman

Maya Villagrana Robinson

Sarah Warren Yaroslaski



Brian Antolin

Michelle Arguelles

Julio Argumedo

Emiko Bare

Jonathan Brazeau

Jeremy Brown

Jacqueline Cerda Spear

Kari Davis

Jaswinder Dhinsa

Allen Dickerson

Megan Evans

Marci Felter Stearns

Megan Fish

Sean Fraser

Westley Gebauer

Chirstopher Grignon

Laura Groce

Jennifer Hanly

Leah Henry

Luke Hessler

Michael Hockett

Sara Howard

Michael Hudson

Abdolaziz Jarrahzadeh

Brian Jenkins

Annalisa Joyce

Tanya Kessler

Joseph Lepisto

Chantel Leurs Beeson

Alexis Lind

Aaron Long

Rebecca Lummus

Desiree Magana Chapleau

Mark Maida

Daniel Martin

Alvin Marzan

Michael Nargi

Amanda Nelson

Kristen Ontiveros

Kelly Orr

Micaela Palacio

Michael Perez

Sandra Pursley

Tracy Rainwaters

Bobbie Reyes

Erin Schaap

Danielle Schaefer

Roger Sheckells

Paul Skura

Kathryn Smith

Vanessa Soto

Saul Spykerman

Herbert Sy

Scott Ulwelling

Jonathon Vangor

Elena Villareal

Hollie Ward

Stephanie Warren

Dominic Washington

Lane Wilkins

Nickolas Williams

Jeniece Woody Wiessner

Gregory Wurst

Brian Zark

Jennifer Zark Peffley

Lauren Zenovka



Kenneth Barcelona

Neil Calzado

Andrew Corsaro

Samantha Dubin

Erika Duran

Ryan Finch

Sabrina Fisher

Nadia Frances

Jerry Kelly

Lauren Martini

Britney Merriott

Kristina Migasi

Stephen Moss

Michael O’Connor

Robert Pinzon

Arturo Renteria

Christopher Rhoden

Brooklyn Rodriguez

Jacquelynn Rodriguez

Ashley Shirk

Taylor Shirk

Nicole Siddle

Chelsey Smith

Mickenna Thomson

Brandon Valerius

Kurt Vallejos

Valerie Vallejos

Amanda Wong

Patricia Wood








Celebrated Reunions:


The Class of 1991 celebrated and reminisced at their 25th reunion in July 2016. Forty people attended (several came from out of state) the spirited party in “The Spare Room” at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. the planning committee included Derek McMurtry (1991 Class President), Yanir Ram (ASB President), and Lena Lewandowski Smyth (ASB Publicity Chair). Those enjoying the reunion included: Andrew Barbuscia, Albert Barbuscia, Laura Staats, Tara Monaghan, Diana Monaghan (92), Holly Ludwig, Yanir Ram, Danielle Carbajal, Bill Hebert, Tom Perazzo, Devin Houlihan, Heather Berg, Brighton Bacchus (89), Chris Cherioli, Amy Ulberg, Chad Eberhardt, Joey Curtis, Tamar Davis, Lena Lewandowski, Alesha Kneisel (92), Derek McMurtry, Veronica Aguilar, Ted Wade, Davide Dragotto, and John Harris – who sported a Paraclete polo showing his Spirit pride!


Twenty years? No way!!!

Thank you to all who attended!

Here’s a recap of the event:

In October 2016, the Class of 1995 celebrated an exciting 20 year reunion weekend with a kick-off at the Paraclete Homecoming Football Game on Friday night followed by drinks and good cheer at Schooners Patio Grille. the two-night event culminated in another event at BeX on Saturday night. Classmates showed up with a few items from the 90’s including: letterman and cheer jackets that have been collecting dust since that time and an unwavering, familiar, and exorbitant amount of class spirit. It was a time for reminiscing, sharing memories, and large amounts of laughter. It was about reconnecting beyond an occasional post on social media. It was the opportunity to build or re-build bridges and get to know someone a little better in the NOW.

As we closed our reunion, there was a palpable sense of connection with the class and a desire to participate in Paraclete’s vibrant community more in the future! To keep up with the Class of 1995: or via the Class Facebook Group at

A world of gratitude to the PHS Class of ’95 Reunion Committee!


For photos check out this link: Click Here

On the hottest day of June 2013, Athletic Director Margaret Neill and 22 of her classmates, with 10 of their spouses, gathered in the desert oasis of David Adams’ backyard in Rosamond, CA. Incredible effort went into the searching for contact information and eventual invitations to long-lost friends by Susan (Turkal) McDonough, Janet Waldron-Chapman, and Susan (Titter) McDougal. These selfless women also planned the entire event, stocked our supplies, shopped for and prepared all the delicious food and beverages, and cleaned up after the day’s festivities. A big thank you also goes out to Don McDonough who greatly helped his wife’s former classmates enjoy their evening.

We talked about what we love – our families & homes, jobs & retirement, and adventures current, and back at Paraclete. Stories were swapped of our children, nephews, nieces, and cousins who were also blessed with opportunities there. Mike Owens and Ed Bolen treated us to live music. We lovingly recalled our deceased parents, and classmates Patty Humm Steineckert, Mike London, Scott Murtaugh, Phil Strack, and Steve Folzman. A few peers who could not attend were surprised by telephone calls from Mike Serchia that evening. Facebook friends commented on our photos as soon as they were posted.

Improbable as it may seem, a mini reunion of 4 of the “Five Susans” (who each attended all 8 years of Sacred Heart School), and 6 of the “Eight PHS ’73 Susans” occurred. Susan Marie (Turkal) McDonough, Susan Marie (Olson) Wallis, Susan Marie (Sherlock) Randleman, and Susan Kathleen (Reilly) Wilson missed seeing Susan Kay Zeitz. They were joined by Susan Marie (Maldonado) Harter and Susan Ann (Titter) McDougal, and missed Susan (McCalman) Clipperton. “Special Susans” were Susie Spirits Janet Waldron-Chapman and Martha (Bertier ’79) Adams. Dan Prestera’s wife Susan was included, and Bill Crawford’s wife Susan was missed. And it all happened on Sue Ave!

Steve and Leni Strack left early to attend her reunion that same evening. Others left the next day for homes as far away as Ohio, Georgia, Maryland, and New Jersey. Interested Spirits toured our Alma Mater with Margaret Neil. We saw our classrooms, labs, the Chapel and gym, as well as the new Spirit Store, Alumni Office, Drama Department, and Multi-Purpose Room with new classrooms. All were amazed with the additions, improvements, new equipment, and beautiful sports fields & landscaping. We loved the abundance of lunch tables! We were also pleased with the opportunity for financial aid, which was not available to us as students.

Janet Waldron-Chapman will culminate a year’s worth of reunion tasks by sharing some of the 100+ photos her future son-in-law snapped, and by delivery of a check from the class of ’73 to continue the good works of PHS.


…held on Saturday October 25, 2014 as a multi-year reunion for the classes of ’74 through ’78 at Medrano’s Restaurant in Lancaster
Those who attended the multi-year reunion had a great time reminiscing and, in the case of Joe Dragan of the class of ’77, a little confessing. Monsignor Doug Saunders who was the vice-principal in the 1973 school year, then principal from the 1974 to 1980, attended the reunion also. Joe fessed up a little misbehavior on his part to the Monsignor. Well the rest of us kept our mouths shut as far as I know. Classmates hailed from Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Maryland and all over California. The 73-74 cheer squad gathered for a photo, but missed our Suzie Spirit (Mary Jane (Jansa) Freire). Someone hoped for an actual cheer from the foursome (ha ha!!), but glasses were simply raised and we said “Cheers!” instead. Back in the day when Paraclete boasted an enrollment of 300+ all classmates knew each other, crossing the lines of graduation years. We even had a few party crashers from the classes of ’79 and ‘82…they just had to party with those upper classmen! The evening flew by, just like the forty years since the ’74 graduation. My thanks to all who attended…I appreciate those that want to revisit their Paraclete roots. I look forward to another reunion…maybe for the Class of ’75? Sounds like spirited fun!

Janet (Godde) Bower

Your Alumni Coordinator


The class of 1984 held their 30th Reunion at Julianni’s Italian Restaurant in Lancaster, CA on 10/25/2014 with a morning brunch that followed at Medranos Mexican Food Restaurant.

This was a special time that included classmates, teachers, and guests. It was a wonderful gathering where we shared information about our lives and got an opportunity to get re-acquainted. There was a slide show from present family events and past memories, we all shared. We also took time to remember those who could not attend and especially remembered those who left us too soon. A great time was had by all who attended. Looking forward to see you at our 40th Reunion!