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Paraclete has two robotics teams formerly called ElectroMedics Red and ElectroMedics Gold. This year the team names were changed to Statistics Magicians and Techno-Wizards respectively. Our teams compete in the First Tech Challenge (FTC) where we are given a new game each year and we design, build, and program robots to complete tasks in the game.

Normal Class meeting times 2019/2020 (Room 13)

Mondays: 3-5:30 pm

Wednesdays: 4 – 7 pm

Fridays: 1:30 – 5 pm

Upcoming Events:


Past Events:

Meet 0: Meet 0 went really well for the ElectroMedics Red and Gold teams. The Red team placed 1st overall and the Gold team placed 7th. Congratulations to both teams!

Meet 1: ElectroMedics Red and ElctroMedics Gold started off the 2018-2019 season strong. ElectroMedics Gold got 1st place. ElectroMedics Red placed 2nd. Go Spirits!

Meet 2: ElectroMedics Red and Gold played their best in meet 2. The Gold team crushed the competition and placed 1st overall. The Red team faced some technical difficulties with their robot, but they played their best and placed 13th. Both teams are looking forward to the next meet.

Meet 3: The ElectroMedics Red and ElectroMedics Gold teams finished the last meet before the Inter-League Tournament strong. ElectroMedics Red won four out of the five matches they played and placed 2nd. ElectroMedics Gold won three out of their five matches and placed 6th. Good luck to both teams at Inter Leagues!

Inter Leagues: ElectroMedics Red and ElectroMedics Gold had a great time at the Inter-League Tournament! Both teams advanced into the finals, with Red Team placing 2nd and Gold Team placing 4th. Both teams also won awards. ElectroMedics Red won the Control Award for their programs and also won the Inspire Award 3rd place for their overall performance this season. ElectroMedics Gold won the Inspire Award 2nd place. Both teams earned their spots out of seven teams to go to Regionals. Good luck to both teams!

Regionals: Both teams had a great season this year. ElectroMedics Red and ElectroMedics Gold played their best, but unfortunately did not move on to worlds. Red team did, however, earn the Control Award again for their programs. Good job to both teams and good luck next season!


2018 – 2019

 Techno-Wizards (Team 9836)  and Statistic Magicians (Team 5380) 

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