The Paraclete Robotics team was started in September 2011. We are a FIRST Tech Challenge Team which means that each year we will design, build, and program a robot to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge. The game changes each year with the kick-off in early September.

During the 2011-2012 season, the team concentrated on getting organized. We participated in a scrimmage in November and in April. During the 2012-2013 season, we participated in several scrimmages and the LA Regional competition. We were in the final rounds at all the scrimmages and won a design award for innovative industrial design and the think award for our engineering notebook.

Our 2013-2014 Team: Rosie Alvarado, Nathan Andrew, Matt Barnhart, Aaron Erickson, Chris Fedors, Eric Fedors, Josh Ludicke, Kristen Monson, and Alex Petrik.

During the 2013-2014 season, we participated in two scrimmages (in Claremont on December 14) and in Victorville on February 8). At the Claremont competition, our robotics team made it to the semi-finals and took 3rd place overall. As well as that, we received the “Motivate” Award for our outreach efforts which included the S.T.E.M. Day program at Paraclete and the visit we made to the local Convalescent Hospital. At the Victorville competition, we were chosen to alliance with the teams “Stuffed Dragons” and “Phi Omega”. With these two teams, we were able to rise to the challenge and win 1st place moving us on the the regional championships! At the regional championships at Monrovia (February 22) we started out strong in our first round but as the competition progressed, connection issues prevented our robot from participating and reaching its full potential. We did not get chosen to alliance with any of the top four teams, therefore, ending our journey to the State Championship rounds.

We are extremely proud of our team and all of the efforts put forth in this FTC Block Party Competition.

Our 2014-2015 Team: Amber Alden, Nathan Andrew, Michael Baughman, Edrick Sabalburo, John Ciufo, Aaron Erickson, Alex Perdikis, Jack Ringelberg, Christian Sabile, and Sumeet Upadhya

During the 2014-2015 season we participated in 2 qualifiers and the LA regional event. At the Monrovia qualifier, we did very well and placed 4th in our qualifiers. We then won our semifinal and eventually lost in the Final. As a result of our efforts throughout the year we received two major awards including the Think award and the Third Place inspire award. These awards are extremely prestigious and we believe we have qualified for a regional just from our inspire awards. At the Palmdale we did poorly and were in 14th place in our qualifying matches. This capitulation was due to a lack of a functioning autonomous program and a rotation of drivers to see if we could have any other people as drivers. However it is not a huge issue because we have already qualified for regionals which is why we were rotating drivers. We hope to have a working autonomous program and have our tried and true drivers driving. We did extremely well at Regionals this year with our team going all the way to the Final matches. After placing 6th in our qualifying rankings after only losing a single game we were selected by the 2nd place team. Unfortunately, in the final matches against the 3rd seeded team we were beaten.

Our 2015-2016 season has come to a close with great improvements from our previous years. We started this year with two teams, Electro Medics Red and Electro Medics Gold. At our first qualifier we had 1st and 2nd place Alliance Captain Awards. During our second qualifier we chose to team up and got 1st place as a single alliance. After these events both teams were featured in the newspaper for our progress, but we then had to compete at a single tournament in Monrovia. Electro Medics Red won the 1st place Alliance Captain Award which qualified us to go to Oakland for the West Super Regionals,this is the first time that a Paraclete team has gotten past Regionals. After a long trip we were ready to compete for a 3 day competition. Pushing through and staying strong is important to doing well which payed off. On the last day every team gathered for the award ceremony where we heard the teams advancing to the World Championship in St. Louis Missouri. We were excited to hear that we qualified for this event. once we got back everyone was working on finding ways to fund us for this week long trip. In the end we barely made our goal and were able to go. This was a astounding trip that changed the course of some of our lives. The final event of the year was the introduction to the new members while saying goodbye to our good friends who were heading to college.

Our 2015/2016 teams: ElectroMedicsRed: Nathan Andrew, Michael Baughman, John Ciufo, Aaron Erickson, Alex Perdikis, Jack Ringelberg, Edrick Sabalburo, Christian Sabile, Sumeet Upadhya.  ElectroMedicsGold: Sheena Eustice, Nathan Davis, Jesus Davila, Paul Gilman, Austin Harlow, Emannuel Loh, Victor Reyes, Annikka Rodriguez, Tyler Schatz


Throughout the 2016-2017 season, both ElectroMedics Red and ElectroMedics Gold worked tirelessly to meet the challenges presented by the season’s game, Velocity Vortex. Both teams entered league play for the first time, and did well against fellow robotics teams from the Antelope Valley. Both teams were well-prepared for upcoming competitons with a fully-functioning robot and several working autonomous programs. ElectroMedics Red came out of our league in second place after a couple of competition wins, while ElectroMedics gold emerged in the top five as well, qualifying for Interleague Competition. At the Interleague Tournament, Red and Gold team faced each other in semifinals, Red team coming out on top and proceeding to finals. Results:  ElectroMedics Red- Finalist Alliance, First Pick / Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, ElectroMedics Gold- PTC Design Award Both teams qualified for Regional competition. At Regionals, ElectroMedics Gold worked hard despite mechanical problems, and ElectroMedics Red advanced to semifinals, losing by a narrow margin. Overall, we had a great season in which we overcame numerous challenges and did well in both building and programming, despite tough competition. Next year, we strive to make it to the World Championship once more.

Link to News Article regarding Inter League Championship: click here

Our 2016/2017 teams: ElectroMedics Red: Euan Andrew, John Ciufo, Sheena Eustice, Jack Ringelberg, Edrick Sabalburo, Christian Sabile, Luke Schatz, Sumeet Upadhya, Lucas Vasquez, Aaron Vigilante. ElectroMedics Gold:  Michael Buckley, Nathan Davis, Ryan Hambro, Alec Justice, Emannuel Bruce Loh, Kristine Mendoza, Annikka Rodriguez, Cole Turner, Colin Williams


Our 2017/2018 season went very well with both teams earning numerous awards. At the Interleague Tournament, ElectroMedics Red earned the Think award, 3rd place Design Award, & 1st place winning alliance captain. ElectroMedics Gold earned the 3rd place Inspire award, Rockwell Collins Innovate award, & 2nd place winning alliance captain. Both teams qualified for the Regional Competition where ElectroMedics Red earned Green division winning alliance captain & Finalist Alliance Captain, and ElectroMedics Gold earned 5th place standing after match play in Orange Division. ElectroMedics Red then managed to qualify for the Super Regional Championships in Spokane, Washington. We hope that next season is even more successful for both our teams.

Our 2017/2018 teams: ElectroMedics Red: Euan Andrew, Sheena Eustice, Jonathan Justice, Daniel Ruelas, Luke Schatz, Lucas Vasquez, Aaron Vigilante, Christopher Worrell. ElectroMedics Gold: Daniel Campbell, Oscar Chinchilla, Nathan Davis, Leonardo Garcia, Ryan Hambro, Alec Justice, Emmanuel Bruce Loh, Annikka Rodriguez, Madison Serna.


Both the ElectroMedics Red team and the ElectroMedics Gold team played their hardest this 2018/2019 season. Both teams worked through numerous challenges in the Rover Ruckus Game and earned awards for their performance this season. At Inter League, Electro Medics Red earned the Control Award, the Inspire Award 3rd place, and were the Finalist Alliance Captain. Electro Medics Gold got the Inspire Award 2nd place. At Regionals, both teams advanced into the semi-finals before being defeated. Electro Medics Red team earned the Control Award a second time for their programs. We hope that we have a successful season next year.

Our 2018/2019 teams: ElectroMedics Red: Euan Andrew, Jonathan Justice, Luke Schatz, Christopher Worrell, Faith Semeatu, Amber Hartenstine, Ryan Guerrero, Benjamin Estaville. ElectroMedics Gold: Leonardo Garcia, Ryan Hambro, Alec Justice, Marc Haddad, Kayla Washington, Aiden Miller, Rachel Guzzetti.