Hybrid/League Play

What is League Play?

The idea is that teams will compete locally within 30-45 minutes of their home city — more frequently than just the two QTs that we have been offering — with cumulative competition points that add up over the League Meets. Think of a regular high school sports team that has games/matches every other week — that’s the gist. Teams will compete in sets of 10-16 teams each and will only play teams within their League at first.

All teams from two or three Leagues then compete together in late January or early February in a single 20-35-team InterLeague Tournament (“ILT”)(similar in style and size to a QT). Alliance Captains will be selected at the ILT based on that day’s 5 match results added their best 10 cumulative match scores (QP and RP) from their League Meets. The top teams from each ILT will advance to the 48-team SoCal/LA Regional Championships, based on the number of teams at each ILT.

For teams that are not within 30-45 minutes drive of other teams for a League, they will be able to go to one QT, which also feed into the SoCal/LA Regional Championships. The combination of the two models is known as Hybrid Play (League + limited QTs).