School Chapel


The Chapel is the spiritual center of Paraclete Catholic High School.

The Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the chapel’s tabernacle.

The Campus Ministry Office is located in the chapel’s sacristy.

Mass is celebrated daily, normally at 7:20 AM, when Paraclete is in session.

Students come to the Chapel to celebrate individually the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Students also visit the chapel for spiritual direction from the chaplain, as well as for encouragement and support in times of personal difficulty or struggle.

Some teens use the chapel for individual prayer and reflection.


An “Intentions Booklet” is available at one entrance to the chapel. Students are free to write their personal prayer intentions in this booklet. The intentions are remembered at daily mass.

A “Reflection Notebook” can be used at the other entrance to the chapel. Students are free to write their personal reflections, hopes, and experiences in their journey of faith.

One contains inspirational quotes from the bible, the pope, and the saints.

One contains 51 questions that Jesus asked in the Gospels.

The third, called “Laughing with Jesus,” contains a number of jokes that can be told or read in a chapel…

Please check the files below to view the Inspirational Quotes, the 51 Questions of Jesus and the “Holy Jokes.”