PRINT directly from any app on your iPad to the Student Library or Mac Lab printers.


Just open the print app that we installed on your home screen. 


Enter your last name and student ID number for your username. Then, enter your first name and student ID for the password. The username and password are all lower case and should not have any spaces.

For example:

Username: smith19000

Password: john19000

Once you login, you will see that we credited $1.00 to your account to get you started. The charge is $0.25 per copy. Every time you print wirelessly, your account will automatically be charged so you do not need to pay cash for each copy. If you need to add credit to your account, you can pay in the Library or Mac Lab. We will accept increments of $5.00 only.

Make sure you leave the Print App running in the background after you login (Just tap the home button to minimize the app). Open the app you would like to print from, such as Pages or Notability. In Pages, open the document you want to print, select the wrench in the top right corner and then print. Then choose the printer you would like to print to. Make sure double sided print is disabled if you have the option.

Now Print:

Each app is a little different, some may require you to select the share widget , then select the appropriate printer, number of copies, etc – PRINT