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Apple ID Info






Students will create “school Apple IDs” with the help of the tech team when they first receive a device. Serious consequences will be incurred if students switch to a different Apple ID or share Apple IDs. They will incur the cost of any textbooks that become invalid (they are only assigned once to the school-created Apple ID). Also, the iPad could be “locked out” by Apple as a result of compromising the device ‘s security.


Sharing an Apple ID among family members can have benefits. One of these is having access to your family’s purchased apps, books, music and movies. The disadvantages with sharing an Apple ID include running out of iCloud storage space and having your family’s documents mixed up with your own, making it difficult to keep organized. Apple issues 5GB of iCloud storage space per account which can be consumed very quickly, especially if several family members share that account and back up their devices to iCloud.

A popular option is to use one Apple ID for the iTunes and App Store (maybe continue using the shared Apple ID), and create a new Apple ID just for iCloud. This option allows you to access all of the purchased apps on the family account in the App Store, but your documents and other data will sync to the new account giving you a full 5GB of storage space and a clean start for all of your documents. The disadvantage is that you will no longer have access to any books, music or movies previously purchased with the shared Apple ID unless Family Sharing is set up.

Family sharing allows one family member (the Organizer) to link other Apple IDs to their own. Any purchases made on any of the linked Apple IDs may be access by any other member set up in Family Sharing. This allows students to have their own Apple ID, yet still have access to everything purchased through their family members accounts. Please read more on Family Sharing if you are interested in having a parent set this up.

To create a new Apple ID, open a web browser and go to on any computer and click the “Create an Apple ID” button. Enter your information and be sure to use an email address that you have access to in order to verify the account after it is created. Your Apple ID will be the email address that you enter for the Apple ID account. You must use an email account that has not already been used to create an Apple ID. Once your account is created, check your email for a message from Apple. You will need to open that email and select the “Verify Now” link. You will then be directed to the Apple ID website where you will be required to verify your Apple ID account (sign in)

Once your account has been verified, you can use this new Apple ID on your iPad. To use this Apple ID, open “Settings” on your iPad and select “iTunes and App Store.” Enter your ID and Password and sign in. Next, go back to “Settings” and select “iCloud” and sign in with your Apple ID.