iPads - Policies

At Paraclete High School, we continually strive to provide our students with the best learning environment. Our digital program – online tools, iPads, and Content management system – has certainly been a big part of this environment. Over the past six years we have made improvements to the entire program from our WiFi to our content to our device management.

The iPads are configured to only hold educational content.

The “Self Service” app on the iPad contains all the school sanctioned apps.

Each year, Paraclete High School will evaluate and modify policy regarding Technology Use, and iPad use specifically.

“Paraclete High School reserves the right to remove or request removal of any apps as seen necessary. This may occur if an App is known to be a risk to the students’ safety or the safety of the school system.”


We will notify students through whatever means we can so they know what additions have been made to our policies . We specifically email the students several times and make announcements at school before restrictions are pushed or disciplinary action is taken.

iPad Acceptable Use Policies