Paraclete Spring Camps

March 25th – 28th

We are welcoming 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students of the Antelope Valley to join us for academic or sports day camps in March!

Camp sessions are held from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. Students can sign up for one camp per day, and attend up to all four days. Students may only sign up for one academic camp (Game Programming, Robotics) due to limited space. Students may sign up for multiple sports camps.

Each camp’s registration costs $5 and includes a camp t-shirt and lunch. 

Monday, March 25th

Game Programming or Band
Boys and Girls Basketball


On Monday, students can choose to join in basketball camp, featuring drills and games on teams, participate in band with their selected instrument, or opt for an educational day of game programming. Please note that game programming is one of two (2) academic camps with specific capacity limitations.

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Tuesday, March 26th



On Tuesday, students can sign up to play football or participate in drama! The football camp will feature activities and drills for kids looking to move around and be active. Drama is a fun camp with both game-type activites as well as creative tasks to get kids thinking and expressing themselves.

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Wednesday, March 27th

Robotics or Dance
Boys and Girls Soccer
Boys and Girls Volleyball


Wednesday is a busy day with multiple options! Selections include a dance camp, where students will learn part of a new routine while moving around! Soccer and volleyball camps will be a mix of drills and game-style activities. Students interested in robotics will learn some fundamentals in a more academicly-focused camp. Please note that robotics is one of two (2) camps with specific capacity limitations.

Thursday, March 28th

Baseball or Softball


On Thursday, baseball and softball camps will take place outside and include some drills and skill-honing practice activities. Students who are interested in attended the cheer camp will participate in a few drills, and learn a new routine together!

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Looking to learn more about Paraclete High School?

We’re here to answer any questions you might have, about the Day Camps above, or about life at Paraclete in general. Simply ask us!

If you enjoy your camp, consider joining us as part of the Paraclete family! You can learn more about the Admissions process here. It can seem like a lot of information, which is why we made it easy with our printable Admissions Calendar, so you won’t miss a beat.