Finance and Service


Finance Department

Mrs. Rita Enos
Finance Office
(661) 943-3255 ext. 108

To access your FACTS account you will need to login to your PARENTSWEB ACCOUNT!

District Code is phs-ca

Visit this PAGE to access FACTS/RENWEB and get started.

Mrs. Enos, in the Finance Office, is our on-campus administrator for FACTS, our tuition management company. FACTS and RENWEB  are now one system! FACTS is an easy way to manage your family’s tuition and other payments conveniently. No more worrying about getting that payment to the office on time – you can make the payment online right from your own home. Plans can be flexible and we are always happy to work with you on any necessary changes to your account – and we even do it with a smile!!!


2023-2024 Tuition Rates