Financial Policy



The financial structure of the school is based on full payment of tuition on the part of every family. Students whose parents are delinquent in tuition will not be permitted to take exams, nor be permitted to reregister for the following school year, to graduate, to participate in extracurricular activities, or to hold offices within the class or the student body.


Tuition may be paid either in whole at the beginning of the school year; or in half at the start of each semester (August/January); or over a twelve, eleven or ten month period beginning with the month of July. Parents or guardians are required to sign an agreement covering the payment of tuition. All parents are required to register for a FACTS account. Parents assume the responsibility to abide by all policies and procedures included in the agreement.

If an account is not brought current after two consecutive months, students will not be allowed to attend classes until the account is brought up to date.

All fees are included in the registration fee except for Senior Class Retreats, Advanced Placement Test, ASB, and athletic fees. Earthquake fees are for first-year students only. The Registration fee is non-refundable. The registration fee is considered earned when the application is accepted and is non-refundable.


Tuition and registration fees cover about two-thirds of the cost of educating a student at Paraclete High School. For this reason, we must seek other sources of income as well, and we must expect the cooperation of parents and students in maintaining our facilities and raising the additional income needed for the operation of the school. The monies raised by any Paraclete-sponsored organization, be it Development Office, Paraclete Parents’ Organization, Booster Club, ASB, or any class or club on campus, are property of the total school and must be processed through the financial records of the school. Subsequent expenditures cannot be made without the approval of the Principal, as set down in the regulations of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.


Parents or guardians are required to work 30 service hours per family of which a minimum of 8 are to be served working bingo. Hours not completed will be charged at $20 per hour to be added to the student’s FACTS account. Parents need to contact the event’s chairperson as listed in the monthly parent newsletter to schedule service participation. Some opportunities for service are working at weekly BINGO, Booster Club and Paraclete Parents’ Organization sponsored events, and other school functions. Signed coupons not sign-up sheets, must be submitted to the financial office within 30 days of the event. It is the responsibility of the family to turn in the signed coupons.


Students who have not met their financial obligations will not be permitted to take exams. These obligations include fees, tuition, library fines, return of school materials loaned to them, and return of athletic equipment and uniforms loaned to them. At the end of the second semester, fees will include participation in the Parent Participation Program, payment of any damages for which they are responsible, including a check of student lockers. Students are not permitted to take exams unless all financial obligations have been met. Students who are not current by the day preceding exams are not to report to school for the first day of exams. Students whose parents meet financial responsibilities on the same day(s) as the exam will need to take that exam on the designated makeup day. Credit for all courses will be withheld until all financial obligations are met.

Any financial obligation for uncompleted parent service hours that have not been scheduled for bingo will be added to the students FACTS account as of June 1st. Any financial obligation for uncompleted parent service hours for senior students will be added to their FACTS account on May 1st.


Education Code 48904 allows a school to decline to give the pupil his or her diploma or report card or to refuse to send transcripts to a college or employer until the pupil’s financial obligations are met.