Christian Service

Paraclete High School
Christian Service Guidelines

What is Christian Service?
A very essential component of our life as Christians is to live out our faith. If we claim to be Christian, but never act on it, our faith will become stale and eventually die. Jesus spent his life in the service of others; healing the sick and reaching out to those most ignored by society. These are outward expressions of unconditional love for our neighbors, and one of the central teachings of Christianity. The Paraclete High School Christian Service program is based on the teachings of Jesus as found in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25—practicing charity in the world around us as an act of social justice, compassion, and Christian love.

Why are we required to do service hours at Paraclete High School?
Paraclete, as a Catholic community, should be a witness to the larger community, the Antelope Valley, of the love of Christ. When we actively reach out to the world this way, we are representatives of Paraclete and the entire Christian church.

How do I find Christian Service opportunities?
Your parish or church is the best place to start. Most churches have their own outreaches to the poor, homeless, elderly, and children. This way you represent your church and your school at the same time. If you are not affiliated to a particular church, hospitals, convalescent homes, and other service agencies often need volunteers.

Then what?
In your religion classroom there is a binder with an individual sheet for each student. Fill it out completely for each project/group of hours and leave it in the binder. It will be checked each semester and you will be given credit on your report card.

How much service is required?
Two projects or 10 hours per semester are required for Freshmen and Sophomores. Three projects or 15 hours per semester are required for Juniors and Seniors. If you fulfill your hours you will receive a “Pass” on your semester report card. Failure to turn in any hours at the end of a semester will result in an “F” that will remain on your permanent transcript.

What qualifies as Christian service?
1. You may not be paid or reimbursed in any way for your time.
2. Service that can be considered a “family responsibility”, such as babysitting for a relative
is not acceptable. Service that can be considered a “friendly favor” such as house or pet-sitting
for a neighbor is also not acceptable. As a guide, ask yourself the following questions:
Could the recipients of your service have afforded to pay you or someone else if they wanted to?
Was the service so easy that it didn’t require any real sacrifice on your part?
Were you helping someone in real need or were you just making things more convenient for someone perfectly able, but not willing to help themselves?
If you have any questions see your religion teacher or the Christian Service Moderator.

“Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for these least children of mine, you did it for me.” (Mt. 25:45)