All college Entrance Exams (SAT, ACT) require a high school code. Paraclete’s Code Number is 051-356. You will need it often so you may wish to memorize it!!!

17 and 18 year-old males:

You must register with the Selective Service within 30 days of turning 18, or as early as 17 years, 3 months. It’s Federal Law! Go to to register online.

College Visits

You get 2 College Visit days away from school. Get the form from the Resources at the bottom of this page and have your teachers and counselor sign it at least a week in advance. When completed, turn the form into the attendance office (Ms. Thompson)

College Representatives

When college reps are announced, please sign up in Naviance before the day the Representative arrives.


You will be receiving one “unofficial” transcript during the 1st quarter. After your first “unofficial” transcript has been given, you will be charged $1 for any additional “unofficial” transcripts.

“Official” transcripts (sealed) must be requested from Ms. Columna. Do not send transcripts until they are requested. The first 3 are free. Additional copies are $5.


If you are a Division I or II candidate, make sure you are taking the right courses and are certifies by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Get started by registering at Request that we send transcripts, and make sure that you send your SAT or ACT scores to them. (Code 9999) We will have a meeting soon to go over these requirements again–or see Ms. Vargas right away.


Get an account with Fastweb at and start researching scholarships online. They keep track of over 600,000 scholarships for you. Local scholarships will trickle in as the year progresses and you will be informed of them as they arrive.  Check Naviance for a complete list.

Any questions please contact us:

Ms. Vargas ext. 119


College visit form