Deans Corner

Special Dress codes and Dance Information

Halloween Dress up

You may wear a costume to school on Friday Oct. 29, 2021. You must follow these guidelines or be in school uniform.

  • No weapons or items that can be used as weapons
  • No see through or immodest clothing
  • No bathing suits
  • No short shorts or short skirts- length must be knee length with leggings (not tights) underneath
  • No low cut shirts or tank tops
  • No baggy pants
  • No rollerblades, skates, tennis shoe skates, or skateboards
  • No gang attire
  • No cross dressing
  • You must be able to sit down while wearing your costume.
  • You must wear shoes.
  • You must be able to see while wearing your costume.

No devils, clowns, grim reapers, playboy bunnies, gang members, and nothing too grotesque or outlandish.  

Check with the deans before the dress up day to avoid disciplinary action.

Student Parking Permit Application

Student Parking Permits are now available. Permits for current drivers can be purchased online. Registration and decal pick-up will be available in the Deans Office after school beginning 8/16/2021. If you will begin driving during the year you do not have to purchase the permit now but can wait until you obtain your license and begin driving to school. Please follow these steps to obtain your permit:

  1. Go online to Haydee’s Place Spirit Store  to pay for your parking permit.
  2. Bring the receipt to the Deans Office after school to finish registration and obtain your decal 
  3. Attach your permit to the lower, passenger side of your front windshield