Attendance Policy


Tardiness is defined as being late for the beginning of the school day or for a particular class period. The student is tardy if he/she is not in the assigned seat or at the assigned station when the second bell rings. Students are reminded that attendance and tardiness are part of the permanent record of each student, and are used by prospective colleges and employers who often question the reason for frequent tardiness and absence.

Students who are tardy for the beginning of the school day (Block A only), the following procedures apply:

  1. Students tardy to Block A for any reason must report to the Attendance Clerk for a tardy slip.
  2. All tardies will be unexcused except for:​
    • Medical, dental, or optometrist appointment with doctor’s note.
    • Legal or court appointment
    • Attendance at funeral service
    • Approved school-sponsored activities.
    •  Students will not be allowed in class when arriving on campus late without a tardy admit slip from the office.
  1. Disciplinary action steps for unexcused tardies to school each month (tardies reset each month):

3 unexcused tardies = 1 hour Dean’s Detention

5 unexcused tardies = 2 hour Dean’s Detention

6 or more unexcused tardies = Tardy Probation Contract

Continued tardies will result in further disciplinary action (i.e. Dean’s Detention(s), suspension, and/or Disciplinary Probation)

    1. Students who are tardy to a class other than Block A, the following procedures apply:
    2. Students are to report directly to class when tardy
    3. All tardies will be unexcused unless the student arrives late for class with a hall pass written by an administrator/ counselor authorized to do so.
    4. A student who is tardy to class is subject to the teacher’s disciplinary action
    5. The fourth and each subsequent tardy will result in a Dean’s referral.​


A student on a tardy probation contract must attend two (2) Deans’ Detentions before the end of the month (refer to the Deans’ Calendar on the Paraclete web site). Any tardy while on a tardy probation contract will be considered a violation of terms and the student could face further disciplinary action up to and including detention, suspension, and/or disciplinary probation. If all terms and conditions are met, a tardy probation contract will expire after one (1) month.