Dress Code Policy

The following are the common elements of the dress code for a​ll students: 


Students must wear a red, white, black or gray uniform polo shirt with the PHS logo. The uniform shirt must ​be purchased at the Spirit Store. Flannel or hooded shirts are not permitted. Turtlenecks and short or long sleeved T-shirts (red, black, white, or gray) may be worn under the uniform shirt, and must be tucked in. Visible thermals are not permitted. 


Students may only wear cotton or corduroy pants that accommodate use of a belt ( no drawstring waists or shoelaces permitted), in black and khaki (tan). Only black or white colored Levis style jeans are permitted. White tab jeans may be worn. Students may not wear stretch pants, leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants. Pants must be worn fitted to the waist and tailored to the correct length, just touching the top of the shoe and may not bag around the ankle or have torn or ragged edges. Students may not wear oversized or baggy pants, excessively tight jeans or skinny jeans.


S​tudents may only wear walking shorts in black, white or khaki colors that accommodate use of a belt.  The length of shorts must be to the knees. Cargo or jean shorts are not permitted. Students may not wear oversized or baggy shorts.


Students may only wear Paraclete sweatshirts or sweaters purchased in the Spirit Store, or through an athletic team if approved by the school administration. Sweatshirts may not be worn under polos. A uniform polo must be worn underneath. Students may not wear non-Paraclete hooded, zippered sweatshirts, sweaters, or flannels over their PHS polo shirt. 

After the first quarter when permission has been granted seniors only may wear college sweatshirt only. No college tee-shirts.


Students may wear college or pro team jackets except for the Kings, Raiders, Bulls, White Sox, and Hoyas. Students may not wear sweatshirt style jackets; fleece, denim or blue jean jackets. All jackets should be void of any advertisements.


Students may only wear dress or athletic shoes . Students may not wear  crocs, sandals, flip-flops, slippers, platforms, high heeled, steel toed Doc Martin’s and shower slides.


This applies to both boys and girls: All jewelry and accessories related to the Goth subculture or any other group deemed antithetical to Christianity or its values are forbidden, i.e. pentagrams, excessive bracelets, bandannas, etc. Students may wear only Paraclete baseball-style caps, worn brim forward, on campus or at school related activities. Visors, bandanas, head bands, or “do-rags” are not permitted. No body piercings of any type are permitted on campus or at any school sponsored event. (Exception: Girls may wear earrings on their ears). No visible tattoos are permitted. Any accessories considered dangerous such as wallet chains, extremely large (oversized) jewelry, studded bracelets or belts, etc. are not permitted on campus or at school related activities.


Hair/Facial Hair: 

Hair must be properly groomed, clean, neat in appearance and be a natural color. Exaggerated or extreme hairstyles, hair that hangs in the face or that emulates gang or criminal affiliations distract from the educational experience and are not permitted. School administration shall determine if a student’s hairstyle violates this policy.  

​Boys- Facial hair for 9th, 10th and 11th grades must be clean shaven.

As a senior privilege, senior boys may wear a mustache and/or a neat, clean, tight (to the face) beard or goatee except for senior yearbook picture. 



Girls may wear black, khaki (tan) or white pants at least ankle length. Pants may not be made of stretch material (i.e. yogapants, leggings, or jeggings). 

Girls may wear khaki (tan), black or white capris. Pants may be purchased anywhere.


Hair must be neat, clean and moderately styled. Excessive or gang associated make-up is not permitted. Exaggerated styles such as tails, unusual colors, uneven cuts, excessive use of gels or sprays are not permitted. Head bands must be solid red or gold ONLY.