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Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM, and Friday 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM. During the holiday breaks, please call (661) 943-3255 for our hours. Stay well and stay safe!

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Attendance Policies

Attendance Policies


Students are expected to have regular and prompt attendance in class. Paraclete High School has the responsibility of accountability for all of its students during regular school hours. Therefore, accurate records of absences and tardies must be kept, and written explanations from a parent or guardian explaining absences and tardies are required within 24 hours, and must be filed with the Attendance Clerk. As a general rule, a student who missed more than 13 class sessions in a semester for a particular course will have credit withheld for that course. Students are reminded that arriving 20 minutes late to a class period may constitute an absence.


When a student is absent, a parent or legal guardian should call the Office (943-3255, x-102). All students who return to school after an absence without a note will not be permitted to attend classes until the Attendance Clerk is able to verify their absence with a parent. Each student is responsible for obtaining assignments for each day’s absence. Each extension will connect to a recording of each teacher’s assignment for that day or teachers may post assignments on Cornerstone.



1. valid illness;

2. medical, dental, or optometrist appointment;

3. legal or court appointment;

4. attendance at funeral services;

5. approved school sponsored activities. With an excused absence, the teacher will allow the student to make up the missed work within a reasonable amount of time, equitable to the period of absence unless it was a long term project. The student is responsible for arrangements with teachers in regards to making up missed assignments, quizzes and tests. Teachers may have their assignments on Ed-line. Each department communicates its policy and procedures regarding makeup tests.


1. All other absences taken with permission of the parents, but not that of the school;

2. Any absence for an acceptable reason (as listed above) in which the parents have failed to notify the school, and have not written a note for the student’s attendance file. For an unexcused absence, the student will not receive full credit for missed work, quizzes or tests.


Truancy is defined as an unexcused absence from school without the knowledge and consent of both the parents and the properschool authority, either for a whole day, part of the day, or part of a class period.


  1. Student must report to the Attendance Window before the first school bell;
  2. Bring in an excuse written and signed by the parent;
  3. This note should include:
    • name of student & grade level;
    • dates of & reason for absence;
    • parent signature & phone number to verify note. Students who do not bring in an appropriate excuse note on the first day back to school following an absence will not be permitted to attend classes until a parent or legal guardian has verified, to the Attendance Clerk, the student’s absence. These notes are kept in the student’s attendance file for the entire academic school year. The student will be given an admit slip from the Attendance Office Clerk. This admit slip must be presented to each teacher for signature.


  1. Once a student arrives on campus he/she may not leave without permission from the office.
  2. No student is ever allowed off campus during school hours without the specific parent/guardian permission Page 12 (written or faxed) obtained in advance from the Attendance Office Clerk. To receive an Off Campus Pass the student must:
    • Present a note to the Attendance Office Clerk prior to the first bell. This note must specify the student’s name, grade level, exact time of dismissal, the reason for dismissal, and the phone number of a parent who can be called to verify the note. Only those reasons listed as acceptable for excused absences are considered appropriate for an Off Campus pass.
    • Pick up the Off Campus pass from the Attendance Office Clerk at break. If the pass is needed earlier, make arrangements when leaving note with the Clerk in the morning.
    • At the beginning of the period, show the Off Campus pass to the teacher from whose class you will be leaving.
  3. Student’s must obtain an admit slip from the Attendance Clerk before returning to any class that may have been missed. Student’s returning to campus the same day must return the Off-Campus pass to the Attendance Clerk upon arrival, or the next day of return. NOTE: Students must be in attendance for the last four blocks of the school day in order to participate in or attend any school event.
  4. Medical/dental appointments must be verified no later than 24 hours with the appropriate form from the medical office upon the students return to school.


Tardiness is defined as being late for the beginning of the school day or for a particular class period. The student is tardy if he/she is not in the assigned seat or at the assigned station when the second bell rings. Students are reminded that attendance and tardiness are part of the permanent record of each student, and are used by prospective colleges and employers who often question the reason for frequent tardiness and absence. Students who are tardy for the beginning of the school day (Block A only), the following procedures apply:

  • Students tardy to Block A for any reason must report to the Attendance Clerk for a tardy slip.
  • All tardies will be unexcused except for:
    1. medical, dental, or optometrist appointment with a doctor’s note;
    2. legal or court appointment;
    3. attendance at funeral services;
    4. approved school sponsored activities.Students will not be allowed in class when arriving on campus late without a written note until formal contact is made with parents.
  • Disciplinary action steps for unexcused tardies to school during a semester:
    1. 5 unexcused tardies = 1 hour Dean’s Detention
    2. 8 unexcused tardies = 2 hour Dean’s Detention
    3. Continued tardies will result in further disciplinary action (i.e. Dean’s Detention, Suspension or Probation at the discretion of the Dean) Students who are tardy to a class other than Block A, the following procedures apply:
      • Students are to report directly to class when tardy.
      • All tardies will be unexcused, unless the student arrives late for class with a hall pass written by a administrator/counselor authorized to do so.
      • A student who is tardy to class is subject to the teacher’s disciplinary action.
      • The fourth and each subsequent tardy will result in a Dean’s referral. (every subsequent tardy = next disciplinary step)


A student can request permission to be off campus for purposes of visiting a college, attending a field trip or participating in a workshop. Students must seek permission from the Counselor and complete the required permission form obtaining all of the necessary signatures. Students should obtain in advance any assignments that will be missed. Teachers are free to refuse permission if in their considered judgements the student cannot afford to miss the class period.


Paraclete High School does not provide Independent Study or Home Study Programs. A student who misses more than three weeks (13 school days) or is expected to miss more than three weeks will need to withdraw. A student may reapply for readmittance the following grading period upon satisfactory completion of required courses. The final decisions for the readmittance of a student is at the discretion of the Administration. Special situations will be reviewed by the Vice-Principal.


If a student is absent for more than five days, or where a lengthy period of absence due to illness or hospitalization can be projected, the parent should call the school counselors and arrangements for homework and classwork can be made. A student who for any reason misses more than three weeks (13 school days) or is expected to miss more than three weeks will need to withdraw from Paraclete High School. A student may apply for readmittance the following grading period upon satisfactory completion of required courses. The final decision for readmittance of a student is at the discretion of the Administration.


A student who has been absent from school because of a reported communicable disease must have a permit issued by the Public Health Department, a physician or a nurse before he/she is readmitted to school. The Principal may readmit a student absent because of noncommunicable diseases.


Students must be present for the last four blocks of the school day in order to attend any school event . Students who have been asked to leave Paraclete or who have withdrawn may not attend school events.

Dress Code

Dress and Appearance Regulations

Dress Code

The Christian message is a call to a life-style that is different from the norm of society. Dress and appearance regulations based on that call are centered around neatness, cleanliness, modesty, good taste, moderation, and safety. These regulations are to be observed while at school or at any school function unless specific regulations differing from them are given by the Dean of Discipline. The regulations of this dress and appearance code will be enforced throughout the school year. Parents should assume the responsibility of insuring their children’s conformity to these requirements, for the dress and behavior of Paraclete students reflect not only on the school but also on the family. Students who come to school not in appropriate dress code send an erroneous message to the rest of the student body; that is, it is acceptable to be out of dress code. Therefore, students who attend school not dressed properly will be subject to disciplinary action as well as sent home to change, if the problem cannot be immediately remedied at school. Students must be in compliance with the dress code for all school occasions (e.g. liturgies, awards assemblies, etc.) The dress code will be enforced from the moment a student comes on campus until a student leaves the campus. All students in grades 9-12 will be in the uniform style of dress for the school year as stated in the following paragraphs.



Dress and Appearance Code for All Students

Code for the following are the common elements of the dress code for all students:


Students may wear a red, white, black or gray uniform polo shirt with the PHS logo. The uniform shirt must be purchased at the Paraclete High School bookstore. Flannel or hooded shirts are not permitted. Turtlenecks and short or long sleeved T-shirts (red, black, white, or gray) may be worn under the uniform shirt, and must be tucked in.

Visible thermals are not permitted.


Students may only wear cotton or corduroy pants that accommodate use of a belt (no drawstring waists or shoe laces permitted), in black and khaki (tan). Only black or white colored Levis styled jeans are permitted. White tab jeans may be worn. Students may not wear cargo pants. These pants must be worn fitted to the waist and tailored to the correct length, just touching the top of the shoe and may not bag around the ankle or have torn or ragged edges. Students may not wear oversized or baggy pants, jeans or skinny jeans. Belts are required.


Students may only wear walking shorts that accommodates use of a belt (no drawstring waists permitted). Khaki, black, or white shorts only are permitted. The length shorts must be to the knees. Cargo or jean shorts are not permitted. Students may not wear oversized or baggy shorts.


Students may only wear Paraclete sweatshirts purchased in the school bookstore, or through an athletic team if approved by the school administration. Sweatshirts may not be worn under polos. A uniform shirt must be worn underneath. Students may not wear non-Paraclete hooded or zippered sweatshirts.


Dress Guidelines for Banquets & Awards Functions

  1. Blue jeans of any type are not permitted.
  2. Dresses and skirts must be of a modest length as determined by the Dean.
  3. Dress pants or cords are permitted worn fitted to the waist and tailored to the correct length (just touching the top of the shoe) and may not bag around the ankle, or have torn or ragged edges. Students may not wear oversized or baggy pants. Belts are optional.
  4. Shorts are not permitted.
  5. Torn apparel, low-cut blouses, or other apparel which expose the midriff are not permitted.
  6. Students may wear dress or athletic shoes only.
  7. Dress or polo shirts only are permitted.
  8. Ties are recommended, but are optional.
  9. Earrings on boys are not permitted.
  10. Students in violation of these guidelines may be asked to leave and/or face disciplinary action.

* The person or persons in charge of the banquet or awards function are expected to convey these guidelines to their charges and to enforce the guidelines.