2016-2017 Donors


Each year, alumni, parents, past parents, and friends support Paraclete High School by contributing to PHS’ fundraising efforts. The Paraclete Annual Fund and other fundraising programs allow us to continue to make PHS an outstanding school. Our sincerest appreciation goes to all those listed below for their meaningful endorsement of the mission of Paraclete High School. The list below encompasses the fiscal year July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017.

In reports of this nature, mistakes are inevitable. If you gift was omitted or improperly noted, please accept our apology. If you have notice such an error, please notify the Advancement Office at 661-943-3255 ext. 128, so we can correct our records.

Following the names are graduating years for alumni members of the family listed, when known.

24 Hour Fitness

A.V. Bingo Supply

A.V. Florist

Lillian and Douglas Abad

Seres Abueg

Mr. Thomas Acevedo

Ms. Linda Adams ‘72

Mr. David Adams ‘73

Cynthia Adams ‘75

Reyes and Sylvia Jean Aguila

B.P. Albrecht

Alexis and Alfredo Alforque

Ms. Hannah Alforque

Allcare Foothealth Center – Dr. Andrew Katz

Mr. Andrew Allen

Ms. Diana Alston-Summers

Barbara and John Ament

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Charmaine Anderson ’67

Elizabeth Anderson

Carol Anderus in honor of Sgt. Owen

Patricia and Merwyn Anesetti

Mr. & Mrs. John and Theresa Anson

Antelope Express Airport Shuttle & Charter

Antelope Valley Airport Express

Antelope Valley Auto Care, Inc.

Antelope Valley Chinese Baptist Church

Antelope Valley Ford Lincoln – Mike Johnson

Antelope Valley Ford Lincoln Mazda

AquapHina Pool & Spa

Ms. Janet Arcidiacono

Ms. Nancy Arellano

Darrin & Monique Armstrong

Lori and Randolph Arpea ‘83

Alene and Alfonso Arriola

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Amy Atkerson

AV Swap Meet

Mr. Manuel Avila ‘70

Larry and Bonnie Bagley

Tana and William Bailey ‘85

Ms. Linda Baker ‘77

Barbara and Michael Ballman

Mr. & Mrs. Vytas and Kristina Bandziulis

Leanna and Larry Bankert

Ms. Rae Barbuscia

Kenneth and Barbara Barnes ‘68

Barnes and Nobel

Delia and Gabriel Barrientos

Ms. Delia Barrientos

Mr. Greg Bartlett ‘75

Mr. Michael Bassoni ‘79

Margaret and Gregory Bates ‘88

Jane Baughman

Bearly Cakes

Teresa Beaudet ‘71

Becker Coulter Foundation

Sharon and Charles Beckman

Bed Bath & Beyond

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Janet Berard ‘01 & ’03

Mr. Dennis Berry ‘89

BeX Underground Bowling

Mr. David Bianchi

Mrs. Jacqui Bilker

Danny Billet ’70

Dennis Billet ’76


Donilia and Charlyn Black

Claudette and Bob Black

Dr. Remy Black

Black Angus

Mr. Kenneth Blair

Deborah and Gregory Blake

Ms. Carol Blanski

BLVD Cinemas

Bo-D Tuxedo

Bohn’s Printing

Mrs. Josie Bonorris

Ms. Ofelia Boone

Boulevard Flooring Emporium

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Janet Bower ‘75, ’74

Kyle and Karlyn Bower ‘00

Michael and Christina Boyd ‘97

Mark and Karen Bozigian ’76

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Virginia Bozigian

Ms. Marilynn Brandmeyer

Christopher and Elizabeth Brandt

Mr. Daniel Broderius, A.V. Auto Care

Ms. Jessica Brown

Willie and Blanche Brown

Michael and Kerry Brown ‘74

Ms. Paula Brownlow ’00, ‘02

David and Bonnie Buck

Dr. Timothy Buckley

Mr. Jeffry Burkhardt

Gilbert and Jessica Burnias ‘98

Ms. Kathleen Burton Turner ’77

Mr. Vince Burton ’75

C & C Plumbing

Ms. Irene Cabrera

John and Shannon Calandri

Patricia and Alfredo Calderon

Carole and Gerald (Zeitz) Cardamone ‘68

California Coastal Jewelry

California Dairy Distributors

California Elite Soccer Club

Mr. & Mrs. John and Heidi Calka

Gustavo and Maria Camacho ‘90

Camacho Auto Sales

Camacho Family

Camacho Mitsubishi

Michael Campbell ‘86

Ms. Julia Canizales

Mr. Hector Canizales

Janetta and Paul Cannon

Louis and Karen Capasso ‘71

Mr. Thomas Caputo

David & Julie Carlile


Mr. Michael Carranza

Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation

Sheldon and Lisa Carter

Ms. Maria Caspers

Maria and Jose Castellanos

Mr. Willie Caston Jr.

Catholic Daughters of America #1629

Catholic Education Foundation

Mr. Stefano Cena ‘17

Carla Jo and Gregory Chambers

Julie and Michael Cherioli


Chance Childs ‘15


Choices in Learning National Foundation

Christopher Michaels Salon

Mr. Pandelis Chryssostomides Financial Services

City of Lancaster

City of Palmdale

Ms. Sherry Ciufo ‘09

Linda and John Ciufo & Family

Clearview Optometry

Clete House Café

Kevin and Kimberly Coffee ‘85

Monsignor James Colberg

Jean and Michael Collier

Ernesto and Maria Belen Columna

Loretta and Ralph Contreraz

Ms. Lisa Cooper-Cook

Ms. Eileen Costa


Mary and Thomas Courtney

Carol and Alfonso Covarrubias

Ms. Mitzi Cowell

Ms. Beverly Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis and Teresa Crawford

CrossFit Inner Chamber

Ms. Gloria Cruz

Cullen Insurance Agency

D & S Faith Landscaping

Robin H. Dace

Sharon and Fred Dale

Daoust Family ‘81, ’83, ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dattilo ‘90

Lynda and Craig Davidson

Nelson Davis

Janet and Nelson Davis

Ms. Pilar Deguia

Ms. Maria del Carmen Gastelum

Deluxe Nails & Spa

Lauren DeRosier ‘76

Design Masonry Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Jay and Suzanne Di Silvestri ‘16

Ms. Michelle Didier ‘80

Ms. La Dawn Didier ‘99

Mr. Pat Didier ‘70

Ms. Margaret Dieguez

Ms. Jamie Dietz

Mr. David Dill ‘69

Kolleen Dillard ’09, ’11


Dawn (Wenzel) DiSomma ’76

Corinne and Ernest Dluzak ‘72, ’07, ’10, ’13


Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dombrowski

Linda and Richard Doss

Double D’s Cupcakes

Jennifer and Kealy Dowd

Tracy and Robert Doyon

Dr. Buckley Orthodontics

Dry Town

Richard and Geraldine Dulaney

Ms. Cassandra Dumas

Claudina Edblad

Edison International Employee Contributions Campaign

Theresa and Christopher Ehlers ‘89

William and Karen Elliott

Conrad and Loxi Engelhardt

Michelle and Scott Erickson

Monica and Oscar Espinoza

Esponsor Now, Inc.

Morena Estrada-Joya

Mr. & Mrs. Chad and Maureen Everett

Mary and David Fajardo ‘10

Maurice “Bud” and Sharon Farmer

Fathers of St. Joseph, San Pedro

Ms. Diane Ferguson

Catherine and Johnrex Fernandez

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Matt and Monika Findlay ‘00, ’04, ’08

Mr. David Finley

Mr. Joe Fiorella

Ms. Veronica Fiorella

Catherine and Kevin Fitzgerald

John and Belle Fletcher

Fletcher’s Fire Protection

Ms. Barbara Flick

Mauricio and Marta Flores ‘95

Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Peri Floyd ‘16

Ms. Tawnya Follendore

Ms. Aimee Foster ‘88

Tara and Brody Frailey ‘91

Ms. Michelle Fraire-Carrigan ‘92

Mr. John Franklin

Cynthia and Michael Freeman ‘70

Mr. & Mrs. Larry and Cathy Freudinger ‘14, ’15

Carrie and Michael Frey

Mr. Paul Frost

Ms. Rose Fry

John and Dionna Fry

Dale and Debi Fry

Mr. Tom Fuller

Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Anne Gaeta ‘73, ’76

Ms. Kathryn Gainey ‘96

Ms. Teresa Gallardo

Noel and Stella Garcia

Mr. Raymond Garcia

Ms. Permilla Gardner

Thomas and Michelle Garvey ‘75

Vaughn and Jennifer Gates

Mr. Andy Gavel

Ms. Susan Gavel

GELCO Spine and Sports Medicine Ctr.

Gem Mortgage

Giannini Bistro & Grill

Greg and Denise Gibbons ‘76

  1. and D. Gibson

Dr. Michael Giovannini D.D.S.

Rodney and Donna Girard ‘68

Annette and William Givens

Vicki and Joseph Glyzewski

Gold Canyon – Friends, Fragrance, & Fun

Ms. Denise Gonzalez

Grace Resources

Norma and Carol Green

Green House Café

Terry & Celeste Grimes

Mr. Richard Grove

Gabriel and Trisha Guerrero

  1. Lewis and Gale Guiler

Mr. Bruno Gutierrez

Mr. Robert Gutierrez

David and Michele Gutierrez ‘77 & ’78

Ms. Elvira Guzman

H & K Hair Salon

H.W. Hunter Inc. Hunter Dodger Chrysler Jeep Ram

Mr. Joseph Hahne ‘95

Roberta and Donald Hall

Ms. Latanya Hall-McGee

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Klucz and Natalie Handy-Klucz

Mr. Mike Haney, MH Aviation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Donna Hansen

Mr. & Mrs. Skip and Lisa Hansen ‘85

Nancy and Edward Hanson

Ms. Sue Harlow

Cheryl Harned Petty

  1. J. and Robert Harnish

Michael & Vanessa Hartenstine

Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Susan Harter ‘73 & ’73

K.P. Haugh

Mr. Edward Hausman ‘88

Dana and David Haycock

Timothy & Diane Hayes

Timothy Hayes Financial & Insurance Services

Dr. Steve Heffelfinger, D.C.

Elaine and Michael Heitman

Mary Ann and Kurt Helpler

Hendricks Music

Herbert Law Office – Marc Herbert

Mr. & Mrs. Rick and Karen Hernandez

Ms. Alicia Hernandez

Mr. Jerry Hier ‘81

Ms. Caryl Hier

Mr. Ron Hier ‘77

Mr. Michael Hier ‘15

Ms. Kellie Hier ‘10

Ms. Anne (Hier) Moriya ‘83

Ms. Kristie (Hier) Vigil ‘05

Ms. Lori (Hier) Young ‘76

High Desert Driving School

Hindu Temple of the Antelope Valley

HeJung and Samuel Hong

Beverly and Mark Horwedel

Michelle (Howard) Anderson ’88

Al Hradecky

Mr. Raymond Huot

Irwin and Deborah Husbands

Impact Canine Solutions


Innovative Solutions Insurance

Island Pest Management – Kyle Bower

Mr. Martin Izzi

J R Enterprise Solutions

Mr. & Mrs. Warren and Marilynn Jablonski ‘14, ’17

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Jackson ‘02

John and Joyce Jenkins

Jersey Mike’s

Ms. Elizabeth Jessee


John and Dorothy Shea Foundation

Ania and Cruz Johnson

Ms. Stephanie Johnson

Theresa and Sanford Johnson ‘77

Mr. Mike Johnson, A.V. Ford Lincoln Mazda

Christine and Paul Jones ‘81

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Lisa Jorgenson ‘11, ’15


Luis Joya

JP Morgan Chase

Julie Sutton Photography

Laura and Brittany Kassel

Dr. Mervyn Katz

Cheryl and Jason Keeline

Ruth Keidel

Ms. Danielle Kelley

Mr. & Mrs. Vince and Natalie Kelly ‘07, ’08, ’11, ’12

Lenette and Thomas Keltner

Kern Machinery

Dr. & Mrs. David and Charlotte Kern, D.D.S.

Kevin Jewelers

Kid’s Charities

Concetta and David Kincaid ‘73

Mr. Steve Kingston ‘74

Ms. Linda Kish

KJI Plumbing

Ms. Michelle Kleinberg

Father Timothy Klosterman ‘97

Mr. Charles Kluger

  1. Clarke and Patricia Kneisel

Knights of Columbus #2455 Lancaster

Kristin Kolesar

John and Janet Kolesar

Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Mary Kornock ‘12, ’13

Kray Industries

John and Virginia Krinkel ‘69

Ms. Norma Kucera

The Kul Foundation

Dr. Les Kurian

LA Galaxy

Raul and Carmen La Riva

Ladies First Fitness and Spa

Mr. & Mrs. Lee and Kate Laferriere

Lancaster Honda

Lancaster Performing Arts Center

Annamarie and Robert Landolt ‘75

Mr. Lance Lanfear ‘95

Mr. Mike Lang ‘74

Mr. Michael Lannen

Dr. Christpher Lanski ‘01

Mr. & Mrs. Les and Martha Lathrop ‘67, ’89, ’93

Siteina and Ana Latu

Cheryl and Michael Lawless

Ms. Alicia Lawson

Lazy T Ranch

Bernabe and Martha Leandro

Learn 4 Life

Ms. Francine Lee

Ms. Susan Leja

Mr. Brandon Leonard

Mitzi and Page Lewis

Mr. Joshua Lewis ‘13

James Lewis II

Frank and Sarah Lightbourn

Ms. Diane Link

Lockheed Martin FIRST Program

Ms. Terri Lockwood ‘70

Logix Smarter Banking – Dom Burnias

Greg and Irene Lopez

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund and Angela Loria ‘08, ’11, ’17

Ms. Donna Lormand

Brian and Rosario Ludicke

Wilmer and Lawrence Lusk

Brian and Sara Lutz ‘92

Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Annette Lynch ‘81 & ’82

Tom and Kitty Lynch

Ms. Toni Lynch

Mr. Craig Lynde ‘94

Ms. Muriel Machin ‘77

Magic Mountain

Sean and Susan Mahoney

Ben and Elisa (Bower) Maish ‘95

Braydon Maish ‘12

Makayla Maish ‘17

Mr. Frank Manzano

S.J. and M.A.S. Marianayagam

Ms. Virginia Marquez

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Kathleen Marriott ‘67

Ms. Rebecca Marriott ‘97

Brenda and David Martin

Harold and Wanda Martin

Brian Martin

Leticia and David Martinez

Peter and Patricia Martini

Mr. Henry Marvin

Mr. Stephen Marvin

Ms. Sonia Masferrer

Eugene and Margaret Mathews

Mr. & Mrs. Gene and Catherine Matranga ‘73

Mr. Arthuro Matulac

Christopher and Debra Matusiak ‘73

Mr. & Mrs. Larry and Bonney Mazzola

Ms. Patricia McClain, C & M Overhead Doors ‘82

Ms. Laurel McCrary

McCray Dermatology

  1. McDonald

Ms. Margaret McDonald ‘74


McDonald’s – Laddaran Management Corp

Susan and Don McDonough ‘73

Dr. Susan McDougal (Titter) ‘73

Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Suzanne McGuire

Mrs. Nancy McGuire

Mr. & Mrs. Morgan and Rachel (Tellez) McGuire ‘00, ’99

McIntosh Equipment Sales

Mr. Matthew McMahon

Mrs. Mary Louise McMurtry

McMurtry Family ‘86, ’88, ’91, ’95, ’97, ’00, ’02

Laura and Cordy Medina

Ms. Annette Mercer

Carla and Christopher Mettrick

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred and Dorothy Miller

Keith and Sandy Miller

Mr. Mike Miller ‘87

Mr. Mark Miller ‘91

Keith and Karen Miller ‘80

Mission Linen – Greg Newell

Ms. Suzanne Montoya-Colburn

Ms. Sharon Morano

Mr. Stephen Moreland ‘73

Mr. John Moro

Mulligan Family Fun Center

Ms. Jennifer Murad ‘96

Mr. Larry Murnane ‘78

Mr. Robert Murphy ‘78

Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Deidre Murphy ‘87, ’12, ’15

Ms. Amanda Murray

Mr. & Mrs. William and Penny Mustard

Ms. Margaret Neill ‘73

Ms. Marsha Neill ‘70

Ms. Brenda Neilson

Lt. Col. Ron Neilson ’76

Mary and Arthur Neumann

Jenny Ngo & Fred Tieu

SMSGT & Mrs. William Nichter, USAF RET

Mrs. Nadine Nichter-Seidel

Ronald and Zoraida Nielsen

Ms. Virginia Nightingale

Ms. Valerie Noel, Noel Medical Billing Management

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Norris

Northrop Grumman Corp. Charity Trust

Deanna and William Norton

Ms. Rachel Norton ‘95

Mr. and Mrs. James and Elizabeth Nottoli ‘81

Mr. & Mrs. John and Haydee Nottoli

Ms. Laura Nottoli ‘78

Ms. Krista Novelli ‘11

Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Vicki Novelli

Ms. Donilia Nunez

Mr. Jim Nyholt, A.V. Animal Hospital

Khaled and Mirvat Obeid

Mr. Rudy Ochoa

Janis and Darrell Odum

Okinawa-Te Karate Organization

Shelley and Gene Olivas

Olive Garden

Mr. Richard Olmstead

Tony and Bobbie Olsen ‘77

Mr. Kurt O’Polka

Ms. Lourdes Opperman


Marcario and Susan Ortega

Mr. Ramon Ortega

Kevin O’Toole ‘76

Pacific Oasis Medi-Spa

Paint A Dream

Constance and Richard Pakes

Knights of Columbus Palmdale

Palmdale Trophy

Papa Johns

Paramount Pictures

Anthony and Shelley Patrizio

Ms. Ana Pelayo

Ms. Margarita Pereira

Rene and Perla Perez


Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Nianna Peters ‘11, ’15

Mr. Jerry Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Lance and Beth Pierson

Mr. Lloyd “Buddy” and Terry Podorski ‘04, ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Jean Poole

Ms. Elizabeth Poonoosamy

Ms. Trudy Powell

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford and Rita Priestley

Mr. William Prinz

Mr. Daniel Proctor

Ms. Rosalie Pulliam

Mr. George Pulos

Ms. Lourdes Quinto

Ms. Katie Radford ‘07

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ragazzo

Rally Auto Group, Inc.

Rally Communications Company

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Pam Rawlings ‘68

Re/Max All-Pro Helen Gordon

Re/Max All-Pro Mary Kornock

Michael & Susan Reardon

Red Lobster

Roger and Regina Reese

Ms. Mary Pat Reilly ‘71

Patricia and Darrell Rhoden

Ms. Deborah Rice

Richard Cato Insurance

Paul and Carol Rigali


Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Dawn Riggs

Jean and Jerry Riggs

Mr. John Ringelberg

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne and Angela Ringelberg ‘13, ’17

Ms. Kathleen Ringenbach

Mr. Frank Rivas

Robin Rizzo’s Embroidery Plus

Frank Roberto ‘76

Robertson Palmdale Honda

Kelly Rodas

  1. Rogahn

Pam & Doug Roose

Agnes and Jack Royster


Daniel and Michelle Ruelas

Mr. & Mrs. Lester and Susan Rushing

Bishop Sylvester Ryan

Angela (Cifarelli) and Randy Ryckebosch ‘77

Jessel Sabile

Ms. Hazel Sablan

Sam’s Club

Tracey and Gloria Sanders

Jovita and Lorenzo Sandoval

Ruby and Emilio Sandoval

Nick and Lana Santana, Squirty’s Collision Ctr. ‘89

Santana’z Paint Workz

Marianne and Karl Sarajian

Monsignor Douglas Saunders

Richard and Deb Schoengarth

Schooners Patio Grille

Mr. and Mrs. John and Paula Schoorl

Mr. Ted Schutte

Ms. Barbara Scott

Vicki Scott ‘72

Scramblez Grill & Bar

Second Wind Day Spa

Ms. Martha Serrano

Dr. & Mrs. Eric and Michelle Shaver ‘87, ’17


M.C. and E.R. Siegwart

Lesley and John Silenzi

Gina and Richard Silong

Ms. Vicki Silva

Dr. & Mrs. Clifford Silverman ‘16

Mr. and Mrs. Dante and Linda Simi

Mr. Frank Smith

Jacki and Steven Smith

Donald and Nancy Smith

Kelli and Eric Smith ‘91

Dr. & Mrs. Tony Smith D.C. ‘15

SONRISE FARMS – Brandon & Nicole Calandri

Ms. Sondra Sorensen

Ms. Seres Sosnowski Abueg ‘90

Knights of Columbus St. Kateri Tekakwitha Council

Genene and Steven Staats


Michael and Theresa Stell

Stephen B. Marvin Insurance Agency

Ms. Carol Stephens ‘76

Danielle & Janelle Stephens ’96

Ms. Judith Sterr-Steinberg

Daniel & Janelle Stephens ’96

Harriett and Eugene Stevens


Dr. Mervyn Stoll

Ilona and Jerold Stone

Ms. Dwanda Stovall

Mr. & Mrs. Fred and Carol Strack ’75

Ms. Lilia Suficiencia

Julie Sutton Photography

Mrs. Helen Swanson

Ms. Jacquelyn Swords

Maria and Hussain Syed

T & G Construction Services, Inc.

Kathleen (Moreland) and Edward Taituha ‘75

Nancy and George Takeda


Target Take Charge of Education

Ms. Daisy Tejada

Telesis Collision Center

The Antelope Valley Ballet

The Burton Team – Keller Williams Realty

The Laugh Factory

The Tidings Corporation

Dr. Michael Theurer Orthodontics

Mr. Calvin Thomas

Ms. Connie Thompson

Thuy’s Custom Jewelry

Tim Wells Tire Service – 24 Hour Road Service

Ms. Janet Topor

Carrie and Frank Torres

Ms. Rosanna Torres ‘10

Shirlee and James Towne

Jay and Phyllis Tremblay

Joanne Triana

Ms. Kathleen Troisi

Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Danielle Trumbo ‘90, ’15, ’17

Alexander & Roxana Turcios

U S Bank – Ben Maish

Chris and Stanley Ulvin

Universal Studios

Barbara and Richard Urmanski

Karen and Larry Valencia ‘78

Catherine A. Vallejo

Teresa and Scott Valot

Gwen and Richard Valot

Ms. Patricia Vasquez

Christine and Terrence Vernor

Meren and Kenneth Verzosa

Mr. Dave Villarreal

Vince’s Pizza and Pasta

Ms. Judith Virzi

Mr. Nickolas Vogel ‘77

Timothy & Jennifer Vogel

Dana and Gwendolyn Vontoure

Ms. Angela Voorhees

James and Pamela Vose

Walmart Foundation

Timothy Walsh ‘96

Debra and Steven Walters

Mr. Thomas and Janet Ward ‘77, ’89, ’92, ’95

Deborah and Darwin Warfield

Ms. Natalie (Miller) Warwick ‘72


Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program

Western Pacific Roofing Corp.

Westside Tan

Lynn and M. Whisler

Mr. Barry White, Carpeteria Design Ctr.

Bishop Gerald Wilkerson

William Edwards Photography

William Jewelers

Mr. John Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Anne Wilson ‘79, ’79

Ms. Carolyn Winchell

Jennifer and Christopher Wirt ‘07

Mark & Phyllis (Azzariti) Wittig ’86, ’09, ’11

Mr. Raymond Wood ‘72

Mrs. Kathleen Wood

Yvonne and Charlie Yaroslaski ’83, ’85, ’88, ’91

Lisa Zapf ‘72

Ms. Maria Zermeno

Michael & Angela Zimmerman ’96




As a non-profit organization, all gifts to Paraclete are tax-deductible. For any questions about supporting Paraclete’s Annual Fund, please contact Vicki Novelli at (661) 943-3255 ext. 128 or VNovelli@ParacleteHS.org.

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