Cost of Education

Paraclete High School Cost of Education Partnership

“Funding the Actual Cost of a Paraclete High School Education”

Our Cost of Education Partnership is calling on all parents to more fully understand, appreciate and act in support of the actual cost of education via a charitable contribution to support the financial costs of your child’s Paraclete experience.

The Cost of Education Partnership

Am I expected to return the “Cost of Education Partnership” form? Am I expected to participate?

Each school family is asked to return a signed copy of the Cost of Education Partnership. This indicates your understanding, and willingness to support the actual cost of your child’s education. Although each family is asked to make a charitable gift above and beyond the stated tuition, you are not required to do so. It is our hope that each family will reflect upon their child’s education and participate to the best of their means.

Will this impact any tuition assistance I receive?

Tuition assistance will continue to be offered to families of qualified need. Yet, we hope each family whether receiving tuition assistance or not will consider a commitment to the “best of their means.”

Our goal is increased parent participation for the school year 2015-2016.

Our “Cost of Education Partnership” is our collective effort to inform and ask each school family to voluntarily cover a portion of the difference between stated tuition and the actual cost of education.