2019-2020 Donors


Each year, alumni, parents, past parents, and friends support Paraclete High School by contributing to PHS’ fundraising efforts. The Paraclete Annual Fund and other fundraising programs allow us to continue to make PHS an outstanding school. Our sincerest appreciation goes to all those listed below for their meaningful endorsement of the mission of Paraclete High School. The list below encompasses the fiscal year July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020.

In reports of this nature, mistakes are inevitable. If you gift was omitted or improperly noted, please accept our apology. If you have notice such an error, please notify the Advancement Office at 661-943-3255 ext. 128, so we can correct our records.

Following the names are graduating years for alumni members of the family listed, when known.

31 Bags – Lori Wollman

A Plus Elderly Care

A V Collision Repairs Inc.

A1 Kabob Restaurant

Marcia  Abbate, Angelique ’92

Seres Abueg Sosnowski ’90

Thomas and Renee (Lee) Acevedo ’80

David Adams ’73

Cynthia Adams ’80

Agua Dulce Winery

Jean and Reyes Aguila

Nadine and William Ahearn

Allan Company

Cynthia and Oscar Alvarado and family

Maria and Raul Alvarado and family

John and Barbara Ament and family

American Bright Dental

Glenda Anderson, James ’21 and Benjamin ’24 Kennard

Carol Anderus, in honor of George ’10 & Katie ’11

Susan and Don  Andres

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Catherine Anson ’06

John and Theresa Anson, Catherine ’06, Marian ’07, Elizabeth ’08, John ’10

Antelope Valley Airport Express Inc

Antelope Valley Auto Care Inc

Antique Asylum

Terrilee (Ferguson) Aranda ’74

Arbonne – Kimberlee Benz

Janet Arcidiacono

Claudia and Jose Arciga and family

Mary Arebalos

Carlos and Consuelo Argueta in memory of Tom Ward

As You Wish Pottery Painting Place

Charles and Lorna Ashton, Kyana ’16

Athena California Aviation

Tim and Amy Atkerson, Mackenzie ’19

AV Florist

AV Lincoln

Manuel Avila ’70

Avon – Deena Benz

Britt (Campana) and William Avrit ’87, Meagan ’14, Sara ’16, Emily ’19

Azteca Mexican Restaurant

Timothy Baal ’71

Thomas and Sheryl Baal ’81

Brighton and Aimee Bacchus ’89

Tana (Talbot) and William Bailey ’85

Beverly Baird ’69

Linda (Carlson)  Baker ’77

Linda (Carlson)  Baker ’77

David     Baker ’87

Baker Rescue Services, Inc

Barbara and Michael Ballman

Kristina and Vytas Bandziulis, Liana ’09, Ruta ’11, Daina ’11

Maria Barabasch

Melissa Barabasch

Mark Barabasch

Melanie Barabasch

Matthew Barabasch

Rae Barbuscia

Kenneth and Barbara Barnes ’68

Barnes and Noble

Barnes Aviation

Delia and Gabriel Barrientos and family

Michelle (Murphy) and Michael Barta ’82

Greg Bartlett ’75

Carrie (Marriott) Bartolotta ’95

Michael Bassoni ’79

Gregory Bates ’87

Jane and David Baughman and family

Greg and Karla Bechner ’68

Cynthia Becker

Sharon  Beckman

Sharon  Beckman in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Kathleen Beglau

Tammie (Martineau) Begora ’85

Deena and Anthony Benz and family

Thomas and Janet Berard, Leah ’01, Steve ’03

Gregory Birdsall and family

Kristine Bistline

BJ Brewhouse

Black Angus Restaurant

Kenneth Blair and family

Deborah and Gregory Blake and family

Denise  Bosey, Kaylee ’13

Kyle and Karlyn Bower ’00

Jeff and Janet (Godde) Bower ’75, ’74

Boyd Insurance Brokerage Inc

Ralph & Virginia Bozigian

Laura (Nottoli) and Jon Bozigian ’78, ’78

Christopher and Elizabeth Brandt

Brian Lee DDS

Betty Brock in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Jessica Brown

Paula Brownlow and family

Buckley Orthodonics

Patricia Budo ’68

Rachael (Wagner) Bullock ’05

Jeffry Burkhardt, Kelsey ’02, Kyle ’04, Stacey ’06

Vincent Burton ’75

Theresa and Frederick Buss and family

Frederick Buss, Evelyn Amado ’23

Buteyn Family, Brandon ’09, Cassandra ’10

Ryan Butler ’93

C & C Plumbing

C & M Overhead Doors

Maria and Ramon Caballero

Bertha Cabrera

Jonathan and Ashley Cagalawan and family

Nicole and Brandon Calandri & family in loving memory of Robert Calandri

Maria and Gustavo Camacho and family

Camacho Auto Sales Inc

Gustavo Camacho Family

Michael Campbell ’86

Peggy Campbell in honor of the Hernandez Family

Louis and Karen Capasso ’71

Care-Rite Home Care Services

Jeffrey and Christina Carlon


Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation

Christine (Hartman) and Nathan Carroll ’98

Troy Carter II

Desi (Montes) and Tyler Carvalho ’13, ’13

Willie and Odessa Caston

Shawne and Talia Chamberlin, Jasmine ’20, Justin ’23

Carla (Nelson) and Gregory Chambers ’77

Charities Aid Foundation of America

Newton  Chelette


Pandelis Chryssostomides Financial Services Inc

En Hsu and Kyoungok Kay Chu, Joseph ’21

Greg and Tish Cich in memory of Tom Ward

City of Lancaster

Linda and John Ciufo and family

Claim Jumper’s Restaurant

Clearview Eyecare Optometry

Joshua Clemons ’09

Taylor Clemons ’11

Ashley Clemons ’13

Susan (McCalmon) and Douglas Clipperton ’73

Coca Cola

William & Michelle Cochran

Monsignor James Colberg

Coldstone Creamery

David and Teresa Collins and family

Ernesto and Maria Belen Columna and family

Barbetta and Terry Comstock and family

Loretta and Ralph Contreraz

Lynn (Cooper) and Peyton Cook ’83

Lisa Cooper ’82

Jaidelyn and Morelio Corre and family

E M and J H Costa


Teresa  Crawford, Bill ’73

CrossFit Inner Chamber

Veronica Cruz ’12

Rocio Cuevas

Danielle Cuevas, Julian ’23

Alejandro Cuevas, Julian ’23

R H Dace

Dancin’ in Acton

W.G. and Inta Daoust

Peter and Tobi Dattilo ’90

Lynda and Craig Davidson, Brianna ’14

Roosevelt Davis ’11 in memory of Roosevelt Davis Sr.

Ryan Davis ’12 in memory of Roosevelt Davis Sr.

Larry and Loretta Deisinger in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Ronald and Constance Del Mese

Dionisia and Alberto deLeon

Mario Dena in honor of Rogelio Mendez

Michelle DeRose

Sharon  DeShane

Di Clemente Salon – Yolanda Ewing

Dick Schoengarth Flooring

Dicks Sporting Goods

Michelle Didier ’80

Debbie (Monti) and Stephen Dill ’73, ’67

Kolleen Dillard, Julien ’09, Cecelia ’11

Ernest and Corinne Dluzak ’72 and family

Doctor Robert and Lisa Howard

Dog Haus Biergarten

Frances Dolan in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Monique Dominguez

Jennifer (Barbaruolo) Dowd ’90

Christine (Walters) Dreisen ’03

DRI Holdings, LLC

Jennifer Drury ’97 in memory of Haydee Nottoli

DryTown Water Park

Brandon Duke ’04

Deborah and Jay Duke, Ryan ’00, Brandon ’04

Geraldine and Richard Dulaney and family

Scott      Duncan ’12

Dunkin Donuts

Clare Durand

Claudina Edblad and family

Edward Jones Investments

El Pollo Loco

Jesus Elizondo Jr

Lexi and Conrad Engelhardt and family

Michelle and R. Scott Erickson, Alia ’13, Aaron ’16

Sandy Ernest

Stephen and Aniki Ewart

Mary Grace (Manalang) Fabian ’85

Claudia Fair and family

Medhat Fangary

Far West Automotive and Tire

Anastasia Fenald ’09

Suzanne (Brownlow) and David  Fetters ’00

Monika Findlay, Melissa ’00, Mallory ’04, Madelyn ’08

Fire Island Grill

Gregory and Amanda Fisher ’92

Fitness Club Management – Troy Fidis

Catherine (Resa) and Kevin Fitzgerald ’79

Fletcher’s Fire Protection

Mauricio and Marta Flores ’95

Food 4 Less

Aimee Foster ’88

Jeremy and Mitzy Fox and family

Fox Feed Inc

Foxy’s Landing

Michael and Cynthia (LaRussa) Freeman ’70

Fresco II Restaurant

Carrie and Michael Frey and family

Frye Chiropractic

Nora Fuqua, Jasmine ’18, Jacob ’20

Anne (Didier) and Paul Gaeta ’76, ’73 and family

Anabelle Gamboa ’20

Noel and Stella  Garcia and family

Shane Garner

Michelle (Galier) and Thomas Garvey ’75

Deborah and David Gatling and family

Gregory and Denise Gibbons ’76

Katherine Gibson

Mary Giesler

Jacqueline Gmur

John and Doris Goit

John and Dolly Goit in memory of Tom Ward

Jennifer Gonzalez ’95

Tiffany Goodwin

Thomas and Penny Gore

Grace Resource Center

Norma Green

Lynne Grenier ’77, Lexie ’18

Diane and Marion Griffin and family

Barbara Gross ’71

Michele and Genaro Guerrero

Amparo and Gustavo Guzzetti and family

Col and Mrs John and Margaret Haire

Gregory and Tina Halamicek

Jeffery and Donna Hansen and family

Nancy and Edward Hanson

Michael Hartenstine, Amber ’20

Marilyn, Michael & Haley Harter ’69

Kathryn Haugh, Dylan ’11

Edward Hausman and family

Fumio Hayashi and family

David and Editha Heffernan ’79

Yvette (Ortega) Heinze ’88

Kathie Hemphill in memory of Warren Seidel

Diana and Milton Henderson and family

Bianca (Luciano) Hennager ’96

Marc Herbert, Michael ’19

Ann and Enrique Hernandez

Karen and Rick Hernandez ’92 ’84, Lori Mae ’21

Caryl Hier

Kellie Hier ’10

Michael Hier ’15

Lori (Young) Hier ’76

Ron Hier ’76

Jerry Hier ’81

The Caryl Hier Family in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Gerald B. Hier Insurance Agency

High Desert Driving & Traffic School

Barbara and Lance Hiller in memory of Tom Ward

David and Diana Hines in memory of Tom Ward

Margaret Holland

Hollywood Wax Museum

Channeal Holman in honor of Demetrious Phillips Family

HeJung and Samuel Hong, Matthew ’20, Kaitlin ’23

Tamar (Davis) House ’91

Barbara Jean Houston in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Lori and Steven Howard

Thinzar Htut

Patricia Hudson

Patricia Hudson ’85

Kaitlin Huerta ’07

Lurdes Huizar, Samantha ’09, Daniel ’20

Hunter Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Ann Hurd in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Rose Marie Imperial

Innovation Education

Frank and Joni Jackson in memory of Tom Ward

Meghan (Johnson) Jacobus ’98

Jethawks Stadium

The Jimemez Law Group

Andrew Jimenez ’14

Ruben and Elizabeth Jimenez ’81 and family

Chellei Jimenez and family

Michael  Johnson

Theresa (Heffernan) and Sanford Johnson ’77

Basilisa and James Johnson, KaytLynn ’16, Jared ’19, Jordan ’21

Timothy M. Johnson, PC

Dana Johnston ’92

Diane (Rehm) and Roger Jones ’77

Christine (Ennis) Jones ’77


JR Enterprise Solutions LLC

Julie Sutton Photography

Virginia (Ward) Justice ’92 in memory of Tom Ward

Norm and Roxanne Kahler ’69

Erica (Lund) Karnell ’90

Cheryl (Cieslik) and Jason Keeline ’88

Martin  Keever ’84

Nikki (Mazzola) Keever ’93

Haley Kelly ’11

Vincent Kelly and family

Lenette & Thomas Keltner, Devon ’16 and Cole ’19 Carr

Kentucky Fried Chicken – Ave I Location

Kevin Jewelers

Concetta (Barbagallo) and David                Kincaid ’73

Nora King

KJI Plumbing Inc

Kerrie Klein ’94

Fr. Timothy Klosterman ’97

Ruth Knasin in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Patricia and John Kneisel and family

Knights of Columbus Lancaster Council #2455

Jean and James Knox

John and Janet  Kolesar

Kristin Kolesar ’96

John & Ginny Krinkel ’69

John and Virginia Krinkel ’69

Norma  Kucera

Ladies First Fitness

Haydee and Felicisimo Lagarile and family

Lancaster Florist

Lancaster Subaru

Lancaster Toyota

Annamarie (Barbagallo) and Robert Landolt ’75

Margot Lane in memory of Tom Ward

Michael Lang ’74

Dr. Christopher Lanski ’01

Mary Claire and Scott Lanski and family

Les and Martha Lathrop ’69 and family

Jennifer Kay (Fontes) Leiter ’98

Leona Valley Salon

Craig and Page Lewis

James Lewis ’92

The Mitz Lewis Trust

Christine (Bravo) and Richard Liewer ’68

Lillian Cheung

Julietta and Raymond Linstrom, Gabriella ’21, Luke ’21

Lisa Waring

Doryanne Looper in memory of Tom Ward

Dioni Lopez

Angela and Edmund Loria and family

Brian and Rosario Ludicke

Midge Lundberg in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Ryan Luther ’93

Brian and Sara Lutz ’92

David and Susanne Lydon

Andy and Annette (Adams) Lynch ’81, ’82 & family

Kathleen and Thomas Lynch and family


Jay and Shirley Mahan ’75

Sean and Susan Mahoney

John Mahoney ’68

Braydon and Monica (Gonzalez) Maish ’12, ’13

Makayla Maish ’17

Olivia Maish ’19

Elisa (Bower) and Ben Maish ’95

Susan Mandolph in memory of Coach DeShane

Betty Mann and family

Betty Marcos

Maribel’s Bakery

Thomas and Kathleen (Didier) Marriott ’67 & family

David and Brenda Martin

Graham and Corrie Martin ’96

Massage Envy – Lancaster

Mathison Family Preschool

David Matz ’02

Patricia (Chavez) McClain ’82 and family

Laurel McCrary

Barbara and Jerry McDonald

Margaret McDonald and family

McDonalds – Marroquin Family

Dr. Susan (Titter) McDougal ’73

Nancy McGuire for Michael McGuire Scholarship Fund

Kathleen McGuire for Michael McGuire Scholarship Fund

Suzanne (Orr) and Richard McGuire ’78 for Michael McGuire Scholarship Fund

Marilee McInturff

Maureen McKeon Tucker ’71

Derek and Zohar (Ram)  McMurtry ’91, ’93

Mary Louise McMurtry and family

Laura and Cordy Medina


Andrew Mercy in memory of Tom Ward

Merge Investigation in memory of Hayee Nottoli

Thomas and Nicki Mertz

Carla and Christopher Mettrick

Kurt Meyers in memory of Tom Ward

Michael and Amy Buckley Michael ’17, Cassandra ’19, Rachael ’21, David ’24

Keith and Sandy Miller

Alfred and Dorothy Miller and family

Linda and Gary Miller and family

Letha Miller and family

Regina Miller-McElroy

Modern Dentistry and Orthodonic

Darlene Monacelli

Rocio Montagner

Gail Monti

Monticello Salon and Spa

Suzanne (David) and David Montoya-Colburn ’67

Archie Moore

Anne (Hier) Moriya ’83

John E.  Moro

Sharon  Morton in memory of Haydee Nottoli

William Mullich

Armando Murillo and family

Robert Murphy ’78

Robert and Deidre Murphy ’87, Dillon ’12, Mackenzie ’15

Jessica (King) Murray ’93

Diana Naranjo

Marsha Neill ’70

Margaret Neill ’73

Mary (Neill) and Arthur Newmann ’67

William and Isabel Nichter

Nadine Nichter-Seidel

Maria Nicolosi

Zoraida and Ronald Nielsen and family

Maureen Ninneman in memory of Tom Ward

April (Boenzi) Norcross ’92

Marilyn Norris and family

Jessica Norton ’05

Rachel Norton ’95

Deana Norton, Rachel ’95, Jessica ’05

Loretta Norwalt in memory of Warren Seidel

David Nottoli in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Haydee and John Nottoli, Gina ’77, Laura ’78, James ’81, David ’88

Vicki Novelli

Tarah Novelli

Krista Novelli ’11

Connie and Gregory Oakes

Rick and Yvonne (Photias) Ochoa ’79, ’82

Michael O’Connor

Jorge and Julia Ordaz and family

Julie and Michael Pace in memory of Tom Ward

Jocelyn Padilla ’93

Constance and Gerald    Pakes

Palmdale Trophy

Pampered Pooch Pet Hotel

Paraclete Advancement Office

Paraclete Booster Club

Paraclete Girls Basketball Team

Parris Law Firm

Anthony and Shelly Patrizio and family

Curtis Paxton Blake ’06, Erin ’09

PayPal Giving

Tyler and Vicki Peck

Danielle (Miller)                Peck ’97

Gloria and Jose Perez

Tanya Perry, Noah ’18, Gabrielle ’20

Erin (Baer) and Dennis Persons ’75

Tina S. Peter in memory of Tom Ward

Joseph Phelan ’68

Melissa Phoreman, Jade ’19

Beth and Lance Pierson

Lorraine and Alan Pinley and family

Laura and Jamie Plaisance, Megan ’08

Lloyd Podorski

Janet and Robert Pohl

Janet and Robert Pohl

Jennifer Pohl

Donielle Polar

James and Catherine Porter in memory of Tom Ward

Clifford and Rita Priestley, Mark ’73, Mary Ann ’78

Primo’s Tires

George Pulos in memory of Coach Andy Gavel/Tom Ward

Catherine and Francis Purcell and family

Quartz Hill Garden Center

Suzanne (Fernandez) and Steve Rakoski ’91 ’90

Rally Auto Group Inc

Yanir Ram ’91

Jeff and Juana Ramos and family

Rancho Vista Golf Club

Red Lobster

Kevin and Lorrie Reece

Mathew and Rachele Reese and family

Donald  Rehmann ’67

Margaret Reilly-Bates ’88

Jean (Kuhmann) Reust ’67

DeborahRice and family

Gary and Elizabeth Riley in memory of Tom Ward

Wayne and Angela Ringelberg, Nathan ’13, Jack ’17

Kathleen Ringenbach and family

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Hollywood

Frank Roberto ’76

Ricardo Roberto ’77

Robin Rizzo’s Embroidery Plus

Margarita Rocha and family

Melissa (Jackman) and John Rockey ’95

Rockin Jump

Deborahand Steve Rodrigues and family

Mary Rogge in memory of Tom Ward

Daniel and Maria Maricela Rosado

Rubio’s Restaurant

Miguel and Sara Ruiz and family

Lester and Susan Rushing and family

Barbara Russell, Tom ’87, Cherie ’91

The Most Reverend Sylvester Ryan

Angela (Cifarelli) and Randy Ryckebosch ’77

Saint Raphael Press

Sam’s Club

James and Maria Sandberg, Brian ’93

Deborah and Richard Schoengarth

Jerome and Dorothy Schoeppner in memory of Tom Ward

Paula and John  Schoorl, Brendan ’18, Evan ’22

Nancy Scott

Second Wind Day Spa

John and Laura  Segreto ’70

John Seiber in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Sender One Donations

Martha Serrano and family

Shanahan Printing + Graphics Inc

Michael and Shelly Shepherd and family

Michelle Shepherd and family

Shreds Unlimited Inc

MC and ER Siegwart and family

Richard and Gina Silong ’83

Melissa Simon in memory of Warren Seidel

Connor Simpson ’12

Jacqueline and Brent Simpson and family

Barbara (Callen) and Bob Siqueiros ’77, ’74

Skirball Cultural Center

Susan Sloan Ortiz in memory of Warren Seidel

Smart -n- Final

Victoria Smith ’05

Carol Lynn (Vensel) Smith ’90

Meghan Smith ’97

Donald and Nancy Smith and family

Richard and Harriett Spann in memory of Tom Ward

Sherrie Spoelhop

Sports Clip

Spring Hill Marriott Suites

Cheryl and Thomas St George and family

Michael Steinke ’70

Theresa and Michael Stell

Isaac Stephens

Judith Sterr-Steinberg in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Dana Stevens ’11

Dan and Nancy  Stichman and family

Arlyne Stockhausen ’10

Pamela (Bartlett) Stoeber ’89

Dr. Mervyn Stoll

Jerold and Ilona Stone

Michael and Deborah Stuart


Mary (Field) and Kent Swisher ’73

Jacquelyn Swords, Riley ’13

Maria and Hussain Syed and family

Kathleen (Moreland) and Edward Taituha ’75

Kelly (Hitch) and Joshua Tangney ’07

Maryah Tatum

Kimberly Taweel in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Team House Real Estate

Jose and Mary Jo Tejeda in memory of Tom Ward

The Jimenez Law Group

The Lemon Leaf Café

Theurer Orthodonics

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas in memory of Tom Ward

Mike and Karina Thompson, Danielle ’22

Connie  Thompson, Donny ’04

Sharon  Thorne-Sulima in memory of Tom Ward

Tim Wells Mobile Tire Service Inc.

Tire Xpress

Peggy Toliver in memory of Haydee Nottoli

In memory of Tom and Alma (last name withheld)

Tom’s 30 – Tom’s Famous Family Restaurant

Miguel and Yolanda Torres and family

Shirlee and James Towne and family

Trader Joe’s

Annette Trani

Jay Tremblay

Joann    Triana Greg ’13

Trinity Real Estate

Kathleen Troisi

True Care Dental

Valerie  Truehill

Alexander Turcios ’09

Philip and Shelly Tynan ’69

Universal Studio’s Hollywood

Steven  Urmanski ’09

Barbara Valdez

Gwen and Richard Valot

John Vento and family

John & Sarah Vento, Hannah ’22

Rainelda and Rolando Victoria

Terry Viera-Podorski

Dennis  Vigee ’84

Kristie (Hier) Vigil ’05

Fumie Vigil and family

Alex and JoyVigilante, Aaron ’18, Jasmyn ’18

Vince’s Pizza

Nickolas Vogel ’77

Timothy and Jennifer Vogel, Tyler ’18, Connor ’20, Jaylee ’23

Susan (Reineman) and William Volmerding ’82

Vons – Avenue L

Vons – Rancho Vista

James and Pamela Vose in memory of Tom Ward

Bill Walsh ’88

Walt Disney Family Museum

Janet Ward Timothy ’89, Virginia ’92, Andrew ’93, Molly ’95

Rosalyn Warren

Sandy Warren in memory of Coach DeShane

Natalie (Miller)  Warwick ’72

Tom and Patti Waters ’67

Wayne and Dave’s Automotive

Charles & Melanie Weatherwax, Emma ’21

Clinton  Weir

Robert and Monica Weir

Timothy Weld, Maria ’01, Ileana ’03, Kimberly ’03

Robert and Eileen Wenzel ’81

Western Equipment Service

Westside Tan

Lynn and Bob Whisler and family

Deron & Andrea White, Brevin ’18

Marian  Wibowo

The Most Reverend Bishop Gerald Wilkerson

William Edwards Photography

Rocio Williams

Myra Wilson

Anne (Redmond) and Richard Wilson ’79, ’79, Reno ’18, Ariel ’20

JohnWilson and family

Tamara Wilson in memory of Roosevelt Davis Sr.

Danielle (Gaeta) and Cory Withers ’03

Heidi Witte in memory of Warren Seidel

Phyllis and Mark Wittig in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Megan (Evans) Wojtulewicz ’98

Kathleen Wood and family

World Builders Alliance

Yard House

Yvonne and Clarence Yaroslaski and family

Yolanda Yedid Hayden in memory of Haydee Nottoli

Brian and Lisa Yep

Yogurtland – Lancaster

Lisa (LaRussa) Zapf ’72

Maria Zermeno

Laura Zermeno

Regina Zurbano ’96


As a non-profit organization, all gifts to Paraclete are tax-deductible. For any questions about supporting Paraclete’s Annual Fund, please contact Vicki Novelli at (661) 943-3255 ext. 128 or VNovelli@ParacleteHS.org.

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