2021-2022 Donors


Each year, alumni, parents, past parents, and friends support Paraclete High School by contributing to PHS’ fundraising efforts. The Paraclete Annual Fund and other fundraising programs allow us to continue to make PHS an outstanding school. Our sincerest appreciation goes to all those listed below for their meaningful endorsement of the mission of Paraclete High School. The list below encompasses the fiscal year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.

In reports of this nature, mistakes are inevitable. If you gift was omitted or improperly noted, please accept our apology. If you have notice such an error, please notify the Advancement Office at 661-943-3255 ext. 128, so we can correct our records.

Following the names are graduating years for alumni members of the family listed, when available and known.

A V Collision Repairs, Inc.

Marcia Abbate

Diane and Robert Abel

Renee (Lee) Acevedo ’80

Robert Aceves

Erika and Emmanuel Aceves

Norma and Jesus Acosta-Martin

Active Air Specialists

Cynthia Adams

Robin and Glynis Adams

David Adams ’73

Mary Adams ’78

Pablo and May Adelantar

Affordable Air & Heating

Leticia and Oscar Aguayo

Reyes and Jean Aguila

Paul Aguilar

Ahmanson Foundation

Roberto Alatorre

Peter and Rita Albrecht

Alfredo and Minerva Alforque

Andrew Allen

Barbara and Bina Allen

Darren Allen

Claudia and Patrick Alonso

Nashwan Alsamaan

Cynthia and Oscar Alvarado

Maria and Raul Alvarado

Ana and Victor Alvarado

Richard and Marilyn Alvarez

Cateryn Alvarez

Maria Alvarez

Emily and Richard Amado


John and Barbara Ament

Glenda Anderson

Andy and Lynette Andreolli ’76

Eileen and Roderick Andres

Susan (Malone) and Don Andres ’67

Richard and Wendy Andrew

Jennifer and Anthony Anesetti

Hazel and Joy Melchor Angeles

John and Theresa Anson

Catherine Anson ’06

Marian Anson ’07

John Anson ’10

Antelope Valley Auto Care Inc

Antelope Valley Florist

Antelope Valley Ford Lincoln & Mazda

Christina (Wood) Anthony ’93

Jude and Emily Aoun

Antonio and Alejandra Aranzazu

Casey Arce

Claudia and Jose Arciga

Gregory Arcol

Mary Arebalos

Nancy Arellano

Juan Arevalo

Lennick and Kenneth Arguelles

Ernesto Argueta

Leslie Arias

Darrin and Monique Armstrong

Herlinda Arredondo

Juan Arredondo

Gustavo and Victoria Arroyo

Kelly and Robert Asaro

Amy and Tim Atkerson

Betty Ann Avery

Manuel Avila ’70

Laura and Cesar Ayala

Andy Bacashihua

Brighton and Aimee Bacchus ’89 in honor of Jan Wiskerson

Demetrius Bady

William and Tana (Talbot) Bailey ’85

Beverly (Ayers) Baird ’69

Linda (Carlson) Baker ’77

Brian Baker ’86

David Baker ’87

Baker Rescue Services, Inc.

Marguerite and James Baldonado

Barbara and Michael Ballman

Nicole and John Balok

Kristina and Vytas Bandziulis, Liana ’09, Ruta ’11, Daina ’11

Jacqueline and Alfred Barajas

Rae Barbuscia

Olivia and Phillip Barela

Barry and Annette (Keeler) Barfield ’72

Scott and Brianna Barnes

Kenneth and Barbara Barnes ’68

Colleen and William Barnett

Gabriel and Delia Barrientos

Nennette and Gonzalo Barriga

William and Erika Barrios

Michelle and Michael Barta

Greg Bartlett ’75

Michael Bassoni ’79

Gregory Bates

Nidhi and Ashwani Batra

Julie Batz ’81

Gary and Stacy (O’Brien) Bauer ’95

David and Jane Baughman

Rodolfo Bautista

Teresa Beaudet ’71 & Gerald Giamportone

Greg and Karla Bechner ’68

Sharon Beckman

Ryan Beebe ’05

Kathleen Beglau

Behavioral Learning Center, Inc.

Ronald and Wanda Bellville

Ronda Bellville-Perez ’98

Beltone Hearing Aid Center

Anthony and Martha Beltran

Thomas and Janet Berard

Guillermo and Balbina Bermudez

Cecilia and Ramon Bernal

Bernal Bros. Trucking & Demo

Donald and Judith Berry

Dennis and Julie Berry ’89

David Bianchi

Martha and Ton Billeter

Sergio Biolley

Gregory and Marilyn Birdsall

Robert and G. Frank Black

Blackbaud Giving Fund

Kenneth Blair

Carol Blanski

Mike and Claudia Blischke

Wallace Bluford

Maria Bonamassa

Camille Booker

Gary and Rosaura Borillo

Denise Bosey

Bower & Sons Pest Control

Kyle and Karlyn Bower ’00

Jeff and Janet (Godde) Bower ’75, ’74

Jean Box

Ralph and Virginia Bozigian

Laura (Nottoli) and Jon Bozigian ’78, ’78

Stacey and Jeff Bradley

Helen and Lionel Braganza

Jill (Fowler) and Ronald Branson ’69

Melfora Bright

Frank Bright

Alena and Gustavo Briones

Wayne and Kerry Britton

Betty Brock

Danielle Brown

Phyllis and Walter Brown

Heidi Jo Brown

Michael and Kerry Brown

Mirian Brown

Yolanda Brown

Susan (Humm) Brown ’68

Don and Becky Brown ’75

Paula Brownlow

Laura and Thomas Bruner

David and Bonnie Buck

Mike and Amy Buckley

Timothy Buckley D.D.S.

Patricia Budo ’68

Rachel (Wagner) Bullock ’05

Larry and Leticia Burgos

Jeffry Burkhardt

Greg and Marion Burleson

Sandra and Michael Burr

Vincent Burton ’75

Tomasa Bustos

Connie and Glen Butsko

Leona Byrne

Shannon Byrne

C & C Plumbing

Bertha Alicia Cabrera

Joy Cagle

Nicole and Brandon Calandri

Calandri Farms

Elliott Vincent Calderon

Melissa Calderon

Rommel Calderon

Veronica Calderon

Debra (Smith) Calvert ’74

Maria and Gustavo Camacho

Alma (Betty) and Alvaro Camas

Richard and Tonya Cambaliza

Joseph Cambaliza

Jacob Cambaliza

Richard Cambaliza

Peggy Campbell

Paul and Janetta Millward Cannon

Thomas and Ana Caputo ’87

Gerald and Carole Zeitz Cardamone ’68

Alfredo Cardenas

Jeffrey and Christina Carlon

Carpeteria Design Center of the AV Inc

Jose and Imelda Carpio

Edward and Janelle Carr

Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation

Michelle Fraire and Kohji Carrigan ’92

Nathan and Christine Carroll

Edwin Carson

Delashon Carter

Desarae (Montes) Carvalho ’13

Jessica and Thomas Case

Jose and Maria Elena Castellanos

Griselda Castellanos

Willie and Odessa Caston

Frank Castro

Catholic Education Foundation

Janet Cea

Marcela and Daniel Cervantes

Shawne and Talia Chamberlin

Gregory and Carlo (Nelson) Chambers ’77

Oliver Chao

Chapel of the Valley Mortuary

Patrick and Denise Chapman

Natalie Oster- and Ryan Chapman

Charitable Adult Rides & Services Inc. (CARS)

Charities Aid Foundation of America

Erin and Efrem Charles

Hugo Chavarria

Jeffrey and Kim Chavez

Angelina Chavez

Jose Chavez

Yolanda Rodriguez- and John Chavez

Marisol Chaviarria

Evodie Cherit

Ricky and Lillian Cheung

Osmin and Laura Chevez


Chance Childs ’15

Brian Christie ’97

Pandelis Chryssostomides Financial Services Inc

Paul and Kyoungok Chu

Rany Chun

Yen Chun Chang

Cynthia Cienega

Lauren Cisneros

John and Linda Ciufo

Stacey and Marcel Clemmons

Joshua Clemons ’09

Taylor Clemons ’11

Ashley Clemons ’13

Susan (McCalman) and Douglas Clipperton ’73

Wendi and Rick Clutter

Michelle and William Cochran

John Cochran

Monsignor James Colberg

Ronald Cole

Veronica Cole

Amado Coleman

Raoul and Rosalin Coleman

Rae Coleman

David and Teresa Collins

Allie Collins

Ernesto and Rosemary Columna

Erica and Ralph Conteraz

Frank Contreras

Crystan Contreras

Sonia and Francisco Contreras

Loretta and Ralph Contreraz

Rina and Armando Contreraz

Lisa (Cooper) Cook ’82

Chad and Gwynn Cook ’89

Kelvin Cornelius

Joy and Chris Cornell

Carla Corona ’95

Morelio and Jaidelyn Corre

Issa Cortez

Eddie and Rochelle Corugedo

Jesus and Amber Cosme

E. and J. Costa

Mark and Adriana Costa

Monique Costa

Gilberto and Araceli Cotero

Adrienne Covarrubias

Billy and Noreen Cox

Sarah and Alan Cox

Erik Cox

Patricia Cran

Marciana Cresencia

CrossFit Inner Chamber

Daniel and Barbara Cruz

Veronica Cruz ’12

Madelyn Cruz ’20

Maria Ana Cruz Rodriguez

Cathy and Pete Csulak

Rocio Cuevas

Alejandro Cuevas

Amy and DeAndre Culver Bennett

Dennis and Kristen Cunningham

Robert and Olivia Curiel

Jane Cwayna

Valerie Czajkowski

R. H. Dace

Robin and Robert Dace

Joseph and Patricia Dagata

Sharon (Heffernan) Dale ’74

W. G. and Inta Daoust

Peter and Tobi Dattilo ’90

Lynda and Craig Davidson

Kelly Martin and Michael Davis

Frank and Antonieta de la Cruz

Nita (Parcell) and Jesus De La Cruz ’75

Adrian and Sandra De La Rosa

Loretta and Larry Deisinger

Silvia Del Carmen Colocho

Sandra Delgado

Ricardo Delgado

Nicole DelHomme

Mario Dena

Tracy and Eric Denley

Raquel and Joe Derfler

Michelle and Guy DeRose

Sharon DeShane

Ramon and Maria Despabiladeras

Byron and April Devers

Martha and James Diaz

Dick Schoengarth Flooring

Michelle Didier ’80

Susan and James Dietz

Kolleen Dillard, Julien ’09, Cecelia ’11

Dawn (Wenzel) DiSomma ’76

Ernest and Corinne Dluzak ’72

Frances Dolan

Monica Dominguez

Rami Dorghalli

Michael Dorloff

Daniel and Nancy Doublesin

Bridget and Marianne Doyle

Draper & Kramer Mortgage Corporation

Ronald Dreiling

Christine (Walters) and Matthew Dreisen ’03

Larry Dreyer ’74 & BJ Jones

Jennifer Drury

Brandon Duke ’04

Richard and Geraldine Dulaney

Patrick and Staci Dulaney

Scott Duncan ’12

Alma and Juan Duran

Clare Durand

Deborah (Budo) Duriez ’72

Edmund Dusablon

Andrew Dusablon ’20

Paul Dybdahl

Claudina Edblad

Herman Edwards

Misty and Jeremi Edwards

Theresa (Mang) and Christopher Ehlers ’89

Michelle Falato- and William Eitelbach

Alberto and Jenifer Elenes

Candace Elia

Jesus and Elsa Elizondo

Matthew and Valerie Elm

Conrad and Loxi Engelhardt

Joseph Enochs

Peggy Eppink

Michelle Erickson

Terry and Carrie Erickson

Judith and Gene Ernst

Kenneth and Patricia Ertel

Amber Escoe

Victoria and Vincent Espindola

Toni and Daniel Estaville

Joe and Elsie Estes

Mary Grace (Manalang) Fabian ’85

Niko Falato ’15

Medhat Fangary

Virginia and John Farley

Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach

Fathers of St. Joseph

Fenald Freelance

Kathy and John Fergione ’96

Zenaida Zalamea and Antonio Fernandez

Johnrex and Cathie Fernandez

Felix Fernando

Suzanne (Brownlow) and David Fetters ’00

Jason Figueroa

Roberto Figueroa

Hector Figueroa

Monika Findlay

Desiree and Jason Fisher

Gregory and Amanda Fisher ’92

Kevin and Cathy (Resa) Fitzgerald ’79

Tamala Fleming

John and Belle Fletcher

Fletcher Fire Protection

Barbara Flick

Jorge Flores

Calvin Ford

Aimee Foster ’88

Kelly and Michael Fountain

Jeremy and Mitzy Fox

Fox Feed Inc

Joseph and Claudia Frailich

Elsie Franchini

Stephen and Aurora Franklin

Cynthia (LaRussa) and Michael Freeman ’70

Kozet Freij

Carrie and Michael Frey

Francisco and Maria Freyre

Meghan and Josh Fricke

Fairlie Fricke

Paul and Carol Frost ’67

Madeleine Fruge Moseley

John and Dionna Fry

Ciana Fry ’17

Andy Fullerton ’94

Marie Fullerton

Nora Fuqua

Anne (Didier) and Paul Gaeta ’76, ’73

Shawn and Patricia Gahret

Stephanie Gaines

Tanya Galeano

Timothy Gallagher

Miguel and Ana Galvan

Enrique and Roberta Gamboa

Anabelle Gamboa’20

Rudy Gamez Gamez

Eleuterio Garcia

Rowan Jared Garcia

Mikela Rae Garcia

Linda Garcia

Giovana and Jim Garcia

Jessica and Alejandro Garcia

Lionel and Sharon Garcia

Rafael Jerwin and Ana Romina Garcia

Michael Ray Garcia

Judith and Michael Garcia

Maria and Jose Garcia

Mildred Gardner

Arlette Garibay

Shane Garner

Kelly and Shane Garner

Thomas and Michelle (Galier) Garvey ’75

Gary Little Construction

Dustin and Danielle Gates

David and Deborah Gatling & Family

Susan Gavel in  memory of Andy Gavel

Max Gayol

Gelco Spine & Sports Medicine Center, Inc.

Peter George ’90

Gerald B. Hier Insurance Agency

Lawanda Gholston

Gregory and Denise Gibbons ’76

Katherine and Keith Gibson

LaShon and Christopher Gibson

Gibson Family Trust

Naomi Giesler

Mary Giesler

Amaria and Amani Gill

Gary and Heather Gill

Anthony Gill ’23

Starr and Anthony Ginn

Javier Giron

Melanie and Neil Go

John and Tamara Goines

John and Doris Goit

Ana and Gabriel Gonzales

Joanna Gonzales

Yvonne Gonzalez

Carlos and Giselle Gonzalez

Jennifer Gonzalez ’95

Tiffany Goodwin

Thomas and Penny Gore

Christy (Daoust) and Daniel Gore ’94

Larry and Denise Gorrindo

Brian and Melissa Gorrindo

Shereen Green

Kevin Green

Varian and Jennifer Greenwale

Lynne Grenier ’77

Marion Griffin

Diane Griffin

Barbara Gross ’71

Richard Grove

David and Shannon Grushkin

Bridget (McKeon) Guerra ’79

Michele and Genaro Guerrero

Gabriel and Trisha Guerrero

Nikolas and Elaine Guiler

Bruno Gutierrez

Ana Gutierrez

Alexander and Blanca Gutierrez

Rosa Guzman

Richard Guzman

George Guzman

Suheil and Suheil Haddad

Joseph Hahne ’95

William and Carolee Hall

Heather and Firas Hannoun

Lisa and Skip Hansen

Jeffery and Donna Hansen

Nancy Hanson

 Happy Thoughts Fitness

Tyshon Hardwick

Leanne and William Hargus

Cathryn and John Harris

Michael Hartenstine

Michael, Marilyn, and Haley Harter ’69

Juliana (Guoan) Hascher ’86

Basil and Jacqueline Hattar

Kathryn Haugh

Edward Hausmann III

Maha and Maher Hawatmeh

Yolanda Hayden

Timothy Hayes

Joe and Karen Haywood

Tracey Hedgepeth

Kathie Hemphill

Milton and Diana Henderson

Devoron Henderson

Bianca (Luciano) Hennager ’96

Marc Herbert

Heritage Oral Surgery & Implant Centers

Ann and Enrique Hernandez

Nestor and Brenda Hernandez

Janet and Ceasar Hernandez

Jonathan and Cynthia Hernandez

Victor Hernandez

Patricia Hernandez

Karen (Campbell) and Rick Hernandez ’92, ’84, Lori ’21

Linda and Cruz Herrera

Lolita Hicks Dolliole

Chandra Hicks Gill

Caryl Hier

Kellie Hier ’10

Michael Hier ’15

Ron and Karina Hier ’77

Jerry and Mary Hier ’81

The Hier Advantage Real Estate Sales & Services

Tianna and John Hierro

Thomas and Cheryl Higgins

Aileen and Rey Hilario

J. Lance and Barbara Hiller

Hindu Temple of Antelope Valley Inc.

Donna Hogle

Margaret Holland

Jamie Hollingsworth

Channeal Holman

Dr. Randolph and Cynthia (Strack) Holmes ’68, ’69

Samuel and HeJung Hong

Rebecca and Matthew Hooper

Robert and Tammi Hoover

Gaye Horney

Tiffany and Kevin Horton

Beverly Horwedel

Stephan and Cindy Hottya

Barbara Jean Houston

Tin and Irene Htut

Thinzar and Aung Htut

Patricia and Leon Hudson

Gloria and Michael Hudson

Kaitlin Huerta ’07

Julia and Alex Huezo

Christopher and Jina Hughes

Lurdes Huizar

Ann Hurd

Curtman Hurry

George and Yevette Hypolite

Paula and John Iabichella

Eddie Iatorre

Antonio and Guadalupe Islas

Evan Ismail

Doris Jackson

Tecola and Christopher Jackson

Malena and Chandus Jackson

Elvira and Rigoberto Jacobo-Flores

Dana Jacobs

Meghan (Johnson) Jacobus ’98

Norine and Andrew Javorsek

Lorinda Jeli-Dreiling

Macy Jensen

Elizabeth Jessee

Alfredo and Esther Jimenez

Matthew Jimenez

Celeste Jimenez

Jose and Elizabeth Jimenez

Chellei and Gustavo Jimenez

Andrew Jimenez ’14

The Jimenez Law Group

Pamela Johns

Stephanie Johnson

James and Basilisa Johnson

Cruz and Ania Johnson

Del Marie Johnson

KimomeKa Johnson

James and Basilisa Johnson

Jaren Johnson ’20

Sanford and Theresa (Heffernan) Johnson ’77

Dana (Centeno) Johnston ’92

Faith Jones ’17

Rellen Jones ’71

Ellie Jones ’80

Christine (Ennis) Jones ’81

Lisa Jorgenson

Jenny Judd

Lorin and Cindy Littlefield- Jundy

David and Diana Just

Don and Mary Rose Justice

William and Eva Kané

Sheri Kaneshiro

Olga Kapitskaya

Erica Karnell

Kathy’s Gifts

Martha and Calvin Kauffman

Jason and Cheryl (Cieslik) Keeline ’88

Martin and Nikki (Mazzola) Keever ’84, ’93

Michael and Leilani Keidel

Vincent and Natalie Kelly

Haley Kelly ’11

Theresa (Bennett) Kelso ’74

Lenette Keltner

Joseph Kern

David and Carol Kerzie

David and Concetta (Barbagallo) Kincaid ’73

Nora King

Elissa Kingcade

Steve Kingston ’74

Roger and Donna Kipp

Timothy Kirk

Linda Kish

Adrienne and Michael Kitley

Patricia Kizzie

KJI Plumbing Inc.

James and Margaret Klaus

Kerrie Klein ’94

Fr. Tim Klosterman

Charles Kluger

Ruth and Ed Knasin

Knights of Columbus Council #2455

Jean and James Knox

John and Janet Kolesar

Kristan Kolesar ’96

 Kray Industries

Raul and Carmen La Riva

Carl Ladensack

Lee and Kate Laferriere

Felicismo and Haydee Lagarile

Christine Lamb

Joseph and Aziza Lamon

Noemi LaMotte

William and Ana Maria Landa

Albert and Joanie Landa

Jaime and Renelyn Landicho

Annamarie (Barbagallo) and Robert Landolt ’75

Lance Lanfear ’95

Michael Lang ’74

Michael Lannen

Christopher Lanski ’01

Kevaleen and Fermin Lara

Jaime and Marilyn LaSalle

Martha and Les Lathrop ’69

Dennis and Katheen Lathrop ’70

Lazy T Ranch

Heather and Heather LeBlanc

Manuel Ledesma

Dylan Lee

Charles Lee

Luventhuis and Darryl Lee

Linda Lee ’73

Maria Leininger

Jennifer Kay (Fontes) Leiter ’98

James and Elizabeth Leonard

LaShara Leonard

Lourdes and Joey Lew

Page Lewis

Dean Lewis

James Lewis ’92

Wade and Teresa (Garrison) Lichti ’80

Eddy Lim

Julietta and Raymond Linstrom

James Lisher

David Litchko

Jennifer Littlejohn ’15

La Keisha Lockhart

Stephen and Ruth (Anderson) Loehr ’97

Roxanne and Justin Logan

Jacqueline Lomeli

Maria Lomeli

Joana Lomeli

Arturo Lomeli

Alvin and Marifel London

Amy and Joseph Long

Dioni Lopez

Oscar and Norma Lopez

Paul Lopez

Alfonso and Tiffany Lopez

Nancy and Jose Lopez

Deanna and Jason Lopez

Leticia Morales- and Carlos Lopez

Pascual and Catarina Lorenzo

Angela Loria

Travis Lott ’88

Gloria and Jesse Loya

Brian and Rosario Ludicke

Larry Lueck

Audrey and John Lugo

Erick Luna

Carolina and Omar Luna

Midge Lundberg

Ryan Luther ’93

Brian and Sara Lutz ’92

Susanne and David Lydon

Brienne Lydon

Kathleen and Tom Lynch

Andrew and Annette (Adams) Lynch ’81, ’82

Anastasia and Alfredo Macias

Anastasia Macias

Jill and James Madrid

Susan Mahabady ’06

Sean and Susan Mahoney

John Mahoney ’68

George and Heiam Maida

Braydon and Monica (Gonzalez) Maish ’12, ’13

Makayla Maish ’17

Olivia Maish ’19

Elisa (Bower) and Ben Maish ’95

Brandon Mann

James Mann

Betty Mann

Stella and Robert Manriquez

Rebecca and Jackfrey Mansfield

Kobe Mansubi ’21

Molly Mansubi ’91

Jackfrey Manuel

Marconnette DDS Inc.

Betty Marcos

S. and M. Marianayagam M.D.

D. and L. Marin

Sean and Lisa Marlborough

Melissa Marquez

Mario Marquez

Tom and Katie (Didier) Marriott ’67

Esperanza and Andrew Marroquin

Melissa Marroquin

Pearl and Michael Marshall

William and Susy Martel

David and Brenda Martin

Audra and Ross Martin

Nikia and Melvin Martin

Graham and Corrie Martin ’96

Mary Lyn and Duane Martinez

Isabel Martinez

Edith and Jose Martinez

Sara (McDonald) Martinez ’82

Jonah and Ryan Mascarinas

Magdalena Mata

Johelen Matranga

Gene and Cathie Matranga

Arthur Edward and Sally Matulac

David Matz ’02

Gary Max ’73

Jeffrey May

Johnny and Paula Mazariego

Jennifer and Stephen McCarty

Debra McClendon

Laurel McCrary

L. M. McCrary

Margaret McDonald

Dr. Susan (Titter) McDougal ’73

Gloria and K. McGillivray

Nancy McGuire

Kathleen McGuire

Suzanne (Orr) and Richard McGuire ’78

Margaret Meg McIlroy

Marilee McInturff

Michelle (Lane) McKim ’81

Mary Louise McMurtry

Dennis and Christina McWilliams

Marie and Robert Medellin

Laura and Cordy Medina

David and Candida Medina

Steven Medina

Melchers Construction Co.

Jorge Mena

Isela Mendez

Carlos Mendez

David and Brenda Mendez

Rosa Mendez

June Grace and Elmer Mendez

Laura Mendez

Claudia and Allan Mendez

Atalia Mendoza

Jessica and Alex Mendoza

Manuel Mendoza

Merge Investigations Inc.

Maria Merguin

Thorsten and Christina Merich

Christopher and Carla Mettrick

Terry (Dunn) Meurer ’74

Gloria and Javier Meza

Milan Meza ’23

Linda and Gary Miller

Alfred and Dorothy Miller

Karen and Keith Miller ’80

Amber and Troy Miller ’94

Regina Miller-McElroy ’97

MINC, Inc. (Marroquin)

Julieta and Enrique Miralles

Crystal Mitchell

Michelle and Daniel Moisa

Maria Molina

Ana Luisa and Reyes Molina

Rocio and Frank Montagner

Cipriano Montes

Patricia Montes

Gail Monti

Suzanne (David) Montoya-Colburn ’67

Pam Moore

Karen Monge- and Michael Moore

Chary and Carlos Morales

Stephen Moreland ’73

Audrey Moreno

Isreal and Monique Moreno

Salvador Moreno

Tamika and DeRandy Morgan

Michael and Elizabeth Morgan

Anne (Hier) and Tracy Moriya  ’83

John Moro

Johanna and Andre Morris

Sharon Morton

Michael and Laura Moss

William Mullich

Martin Munney

Jamie Munney

Wayne Munney Jr.

Dawn Munney Ladny

Raymond Munoz

Josefina Munoz

Veronica Munoz-Rivera

Larry and Vanessa Murnane ’78

Bob Murphy ’78

Neal and Kelly Murphy ’83

Robert and Deidre Murphy ’87

Jessica (King) Murray ’93

William and Penny Mustard

Michael and Debra Muster

Arlene (Olson) and Francis Nakamura ’69

D. Naranjo

Diana Naranjo

Steven and Skarleth Navarro

Iran Navidad

DeAntwan Neal

Margaret Neill ’73

Barbara Nelson

Arthur and Mary (Neill) Neumann ’67

USAF Ret William and Isabel Nichter

Nadine Nichter Seidel

Michelle and Jesus Leonardo Niebla

Ronald and Zoraida Nielsen

Walker and Valerie Noel

April (Boenzi) Norcross ’92

Veronica and Melchor Noriega

Marilyn Norris

Deanna and Bill Norton

Jessica Norton ’05

Rachel Norton ’95

John Nottoli

James and Elizabeth Nottoli ’81

David Nottoli ’88

Vicki Novelli

Krista Novelli ’11

Kerri Nuckles-Shepler

Marco Nunez

Connie and Greg Oakes

Martin O’Brien

Yvonne Ochoa ’82

Francis Ogele

Michael Oke

Ricardo and Ricardo Olivo

Bethanee and Daniel Olmos

Nicole Brison- and Jose  (Freddy) Olmos

Misty and Phillip Olvera

Ira Opatowsky MD

Jorge and Julia Ordaz

Jorge and Adelina Ordaz

Carla and Manuel Orellana

Ronald and Nadine Orrick

Marcario and Susan Ortega

Vincenta Ortiz-Ledesma

Amalia Osma

R. Padilla

Gerald and Constance Pakes

Monica and Bill Palacios

Palmdale Trophy

Mirko Palomino

Dennis and Linda Papp

Ruben and Sandra Parra

Anthony and Shelley Patrizio

Douglas and Heriberta Patterson

Marilou and Andrew Paulson

Curtis Paxton

PayPal Giving Fund

Tyler and Vicki Peck

Marla and Jeffrey Peck

Danielle (Miller)and Bryan Peck ’97, ’97

Melquiades and Carmelita Pedroso

Robert and Lizeth Pelayo

Sonia and Milton Pena

Mary Pender

Heather (Wick) Pentico ’90

Michael and Rosanna Pepo ’03

Patricia Pepper

Maria Perez

Gloria and Jose Perez

Renee Perez

Maritza Perez

Michelle Perez

Priscilla Perez

Arthur and Marilyn Perez

Michelle and Ruben Perez

Tanya Perry and family

Lauren and David Petrosian

Tanyanika and Seven Phillips

Geraldine Pierce

Monica and Justin Pieters

Darlene Pina Chavira

Rodolfo Pina Juarez

Pedro Pinedo

Lorraine and Alan Pinley & family

James and Laura Plaisance

Ana G. Plascencia

Lloyd Podorski

Anthony and Jennifer Pohl

Janet and Robert Pohl

Donielle Polar ’18

Michele and Scott Ponder

Anna and Sean Ponso

Martha and Ton Portillo

Jacqueline Portillo

Sheiley and Michael Preski

Clifford and Rita Priestley

Nancy Prior Jacoby, Heather ’04

Professional Legal Document Assistance

Progression Drywall Inc.

Rosalie Pulliam

George and Richelle Pulos

George Pulos Jr

Indrani Purasinghage

Quick Serve Dairy

Lourdes Quinto

Rick and Eileen Floyd Ragazzo

Suzanne (Fernandez) & Stephen Rakoski ’91, ’90

Maria Ramirez

Griselda Ramirez

Deima Ramirez

Jeff and Jenny Ramos

Ana and Ricardo Ramos

Robert and Susan (Sherlock) Randleman ’73, ’73

Pamela Adams and William Rawlings ’68

Karina and Gustavo Razo

Elsa Recker

Kaitlyn (Hider) Reed ’12

Mathew and Michelle Reese

Donald Rehmann ’67

Margaret Reilly Bates ’88

Britt Reiman

Melissa Reiman

Jeremy Reisinger

Martha Renteria

Jean (Kuhlmann) Reust ’67

Julia Reynolds

Darrell and Patricia Rhoden

Deborah Rice

Katherine and Christopher Riddle

Michael and Dawn Riggs

Wayne and Angela Ringelberg

Kathleen Ringenbach

Walter and Maricel Rivas

Christopher and Jessica Rivera

Veronica Munoz- and Michael Rivera

Robin Rizzo’s Embroidery Plus

John (Andy) Roberds ’83

Frank Roberto ’76

Humberto Robles

Bernarda Rocha

Electra Rodriguez

Hermelinda Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

Jacalyn Rodriguez

Miriam Rodriguez

Yenisel Roman

Angela Romero

Marco Romero

Rosalie Romo

Ann and John Rondou

Jack and Julia Rose

Dany and Daniel Rosell

Timothy and Barbara Roslansky ’69

Charles Rowley

Jennifer and Jason Ruane

Ruane Mechanical Corporation

Yontra Rufus

Miguel and Sara Ruiz

Heaven and Mike Ruiz ’92

Elizabeth Ruiz ’93

Lester and Susan Rushing

Kathleen Rutledge-Franklin

Angela (Cifarelli) and Randy Ryckebosch ’77

Olivia Saenz

Karla Salazar

Grace and Angel Saldivar

Juan Carlos and Claudia Salinas

Maria Sanchez

Roberto and Alma Sanchez

James and Maria Sandberg

Jovita and Lorenzo Sandoval

Kattia Sandoval

Sheila Sandoval

Edgar Sandoval

Lydia Sandoval-Byrne

Martha and Gabriel Santiago

Edward Santiago

Leilani and Ronald Santillana

Maria and Frank Santos

Marianne Sarajian

Maria Rhodora and Nicanor Sarmiento

James and Catherine Savena

Father Joe Scalco

Deborah Schoengarth

Richard Schoengarth

John and Paula Schoorl

Ted Schutte

Nancy Scott

Kiana Scott

Nina Scott

Louis and Vicki (Davis) Scott ’72

Kevin Seeong

Alma Segura

Benjamin Segura

Wendy Segura

John Seiber

Laveiao and Steve Semeatu

Anita and Jimmy Sencion

Michael and Beverly Sendelbach ’73

Judith Serna

Cesar and Rocio Serna

Martha Serrano

Suzanna Sexton

Maria and Eddie Shahbazyan

Shanahan Printing + Graphics Inc

Eric and Michelle Shaver

Lisa and William Shelton

Wei Shen

Michael and Shelly Shepherd

Aziza Shepherd


Randy Short

Edward and Chris Siegwart

John and Lesley Silenzi

Richard and Gina Silong

Blanca Silva

Lillian and Daniel Silva

Linda and Dante Simi

Anthony and Melisa Simmons

Simmons Dental Corp.

Melissa Simon

Emmanuel and Mildred Simon

Connor Simpson ’12

Lavette Scotton- and Micah Sims

James Singleton

Rene Sloan

Susan Sloan Ortiz

Donald and Nancy Smith

Victoria (Radleigh) Smith ’05

Joann (Royball) Smith ’70

Carol (Vensel) and Jose Smith ’90

Meghan Smith ’97

Denise Solorio

Sondra Sorensen

Lorina Soria

Amado and Sandra Soto

D. Chris and Lors Spicher

Edith Spottiswood

Leo Stallworth

Kathleen Stalter

Jean Stegman ’70

Michael Steinke ’70

Michael and Theresa Stell

Katrina and Kevin Stello

Katie Stenback

Isaac Stephens

Janelle and Daniel Stephens

Danny and Mary Beth (Shannon) Stephens ’67

Judith Sterr-Steinberg

Dana Stevens

Mark Stevens ’83

Arlyne Stockhausen ’10

Pamela (Bartlett) Stoeber ’89

Jerold and Ilona Stone

Debor and Monty Stuart

Megan (Lane) Stulting ’04

Jorge and Alma Suarez

Gerald Sullivan

Anthony and Judith Sumbry

Donna and Tunjie Sumner

Heather Sutton

Sutton Photography

Alphonso and Myriam Swaby

Marshell Swafford

SwaggyB Productions

Mary (Field) and Kent Swisher ’73

T & G Construction Services

Norbet and Aileene Tagarino

Kathleen (Moreland) and Edward Taituha ’75

George and Nancy Takeda

Edward and ana Tammara

Mario Tapia

Kimberly Taweel

Rodney and Kathryn Taylor

Irma Tejada

Richard and Kimberly Terrazas

Connie Thompson

Karina and Michael Thompson and family

James and Marlene Thordahl

Karen and Blake Tipps

James and Rhonda Todd

Peggy Jo Toliver

Suzanne Torres

Lillian and Ricardo Torres

Alberto and Tayra Torres

Shirlee and Jim Towne

Fr. Hieu Tran

Annette Trani

Aurelio and Sonia Trejo

Jay Tremblay

Eileen and Frederick Tretasco

Joanne Triana

Trinity Real Estate Services

Imelda Trinklein

Kathleen Troisi

Della (Ortega) Trombley ’84

Valerie Truehill

Maureen (McKeon) Tucker ’71

Alexander Turcios ’09

Catina Tyler

Philip Tynan ’69

Santos Tzul

Dona (Berry) Ufert ’75

Emily Unnerstall

Juan Carlos Uribe

Richard and Barbara Urmanski

Steven Urmanski ’09

Barbara Valdez

Anthony and Rosemary Valencia

Karen (Kern) and Larry Valencia ’78

Joseph and Mary Hazel Valentino

Jose and Alma Valenzuela

Richard and Gwen Valot

Adriana Valverde

Johannes and Lisa Van Wyk

Kowsalya and Ambalavanar Varatharajan

Thomas and Connie Vasquez

Al and Jo Vasquez

Jorge and Lisa Vasquez

Thomas Vasquez

Griselda and Ramon Vazquez

Omar Vazquez

Yanira Velasquez

Maurilio and Susan Velazquez

John Vento

Sarah and John Vento

Victoria Ventura

Sonia and Canisio Vertido

Rosario Via

Hugo and Vyrna Via

Rainelda and Rolando Victoria

Dora Elena Vielmas

Terry Viera-Podorski

Dennis Vigee

Kristie (Hier) and Josh Vigil ’05

Joy and Alex Vigilante

Sandra and Jose Villa

Judith Virzi

Tim and Jennifer Vogel

Nickolas Vogel ’77

Digna Volkenant

Brian and Jaime Vollmer

Dana and Gwendolyn Vontoure

Angela Voorhees

James and Pamela Vose

Jennifer and Matt Waite

Maria and Randall Walker

Shamar and Dominic Walker

Jonathan Walkiewicz ’01

Mike and Julie (Kahler) Walneuski ’72, ’72

Bill Walsh ’98

Anthony Ward

Tracy and Leon Ware

Rosalyn and Calvin Warren

Natalie (Miller) Warwick ’72

Thomas and Patti Waters ’67

Iman and Ziad Watfa

Marcus and Angela Watts

Robert and Teresa Watts

Sanika Weatherspoon

Charles and Melanie Weatherwax & family

Jeremiah Webb ’91

David W. G. Wegner

Monica (Belvel) Wegner ’89

Stephanie and Peter Weilbacher

Robert and Monica Weir

Lissa and Clint Weir

Timothy Weld

Eileen and Robert Wenzel ’81

Kenneth and Monique West

Shirley Westerfeld

Western Equipment Service

Lynn and Bob Whisler

Deron and Andrea White

Don Wible ’76

Jerry and Dawn Wible ’82

Marian Wibowo

Mary Wickett

Dana Wilburn

Bishop Gerald Wilkerson

Roger and Peggy Williams

Victoria and Damon Williams

Jamie Williams

Bessie Williams, Donovan Ware ’23

Magali Roman- and Nathaniel Willis

Greg Wilson ’77

Anne (Redmond) and Richard Wilson ’79, ’79

Ryan and Jennifer (Leahy) Wilson ’95

John Wilson ’95

Lelia Wims Pretty

Heidi (Rocha) Witte ’05

Phyllis and Mark Wittig

Megan (Evans) Wojtulewicz ’98

Raymond Wood ’72

Ralph and Ludia Wood ’85

Carmela Garcia- and Shan Work

Megan Wupperfeld

Nikki Wyatt

Yvonne and Charlie Yaroslaski

Kristian Yeager

Erika Yeager

Geoff Yeager

Sandy Yeager

Lori (Hier) and Phil Young ’76

Rhonda Younger

Denise Yusuff ’99

Renee Zabrecky

Gordon Zabrecky

Lisa Zapf ’72

April and Herbert Zarco

Stephen and Aurora Zimmerman ’96

Brian and Collene Zuchowski


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