June 17, 2021

The Benefits of Attending Summer School

Written by Paraclete High School

Starting high school can seem like a big step, and even bigger if you aren’t used to a private school. Summer school is a great opportunity for students who want to get the first day of school over with before it officially arrives. Whether students are working to improve low grades or simply want the additional opportunity to get ahead, summer school provides plentiful advantages for all students.

Why Attending Summer School is a Good Option for Students

There are many benefits to attending summer school which can improve the learning habits of teens and set them up for success for high school and beyond. Here are the top reasons why your child should attend a comprehensive summer school.

1. Cost-Effective Learning Opportunity

A great summer school will provide students an affordable and cost-effective summer learning experience. Making summer school more affordable and accessible provides increased opportunity for students to earn credits, make friends, and get used to the campus before fall.

At Paraclete High School, we believe a quality education shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall. Eliminating financial barriers to entry, summer school is completely free for enrolled Paraclete students.

2. Stress-Free Exposure to Campus Culture

Summer school provides an invaluable opportunity to get used to wearing a uniform, learn your way around the campus, and get exposed to the campus culture. Students who struggle to make connections with their classmates or teachers can leverage summer school to start making those connections sooner. Summer school provides students the opportunity to interact on a more personal level in a smaller classroom environment, fostering deeper individualized relationships with teachers and peers.

At Paraclete High School, we hold our freshman summer school classes on a different schedule from the upperclassmen courses, which allows the freshmen who are attending summer school a chance to get to know their peers without the older kids around.

3. Lessen Course Load for Later

Students who elect to take summer school courses  or enrichment courses are still earning the credits needed to graduate. Taking just one course per summer can set a student up to have a slightly lighter course load during the regular semesters, which can help improve focus, increase comprehension, and curb unhealthy stress levels. With a lightened class load, the remaining classes in the fall or spring receive more attention and students have the opportunity to continue building on their knowledge base throughout the year.

4. Student Athletes Can Spread Out Academic Work

Student athletes often have a lot on their plates. Taking summer school classes between seasons allows a student athlete to have an increased focus on their studies without having to take time away from practice. And since summer school is often a shorter daily schedule, student athletes still have plenty of time for scheduled team practice in the afternoons.

5. Pass the Prerequisites for More Challenging Classes

Accelerated or advanced classes require students to take and pass the intro level course material for the area of study. Taking a summer school course like English or Math can help students work up to the advanced courses faster than on a semester system.

Enroll Your Child in Summer School Today

Summer school has come a long way from being the bane of teens’ existence. From invaluable opportunities to lessen their coursework, to a stress-free exposure to the campus culture, summer school provides a cost-effective avenue to set your child up for prolonged success.

Learn more about Paraclete High School’s summer school opportunities to see if it’s the right choice for your child. For incoming freshmen students, all registration paperwork must be formalized and submitted before any classes can be selected. Upperclassmen can ask their head teacher about taking on summer school courses, or any parent can reach out to admissions to learn about next steps.