April 13, 2021

Top Reasons to Attend a School’s Virtual Open House

Written by Vicki Novelli

A school tour and open house is an essential step in the admissions process, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a school virtual open house carries the same weight of importance. A virtual open house for schools grants parents and potential students the opportunity to gain valuable insights regarding the school curriculum, layout, and the wonderful individuals that make up the school community, all with the flexibility to accommodate your family’s busy schedule.

Benefits of Attending a School’s Virtual Open House

A school virtual open house is the perfect tool for curating the necessary information to gauge if your family and child would fit within the school’s culture. Simply put, a school virtual open house is your chance to ensure you find the right high school for your child.

With the transition into the digital space, virtual open houses can now provide the same extensive benefits for parents and students, all from the comfort of their couch. Here is a list of the most valuable benefits parents and prospective students can expect to receive from attending a virtual open house.

1. Gain Valuable Information

A school virtual open house provides an opportunity for parents and prospective students to learn more about the extensive curriculum at their child’s disposal. A robust curriculum will offer a plethora of opportunities for students to fully prepare them for a 4-year college experience including college prep curriculum, AP capstones, educational technology like an innovative IPAD program, religious studies, and extracurricular clubs for every interest. Ensuring your child has access to a fully developed and well-rounded curriculum is the first step to solidifying their future collegiate success and ultimately unlocking their full potential.

A virtual open house also allows you to learn about the school’s values, mission, and how it executes the mission in order to gauge if your family, and most importantly your child, is a good culture fit for the school. Parents can also leverage the virtual open house to ask relevant questions such as how the school communicates and informs parents about students’ educational progress, or school events.

2. Accommodate Families’ Busy Schedules

Unlike an on-campus open house, a school virtual open house requires less of a commitment from parents. Instead of having to adjust your busy schedule to be able to attend in person, a virtual open house accommodates for families’ busy schedules by offering a flexible solution. Parents can sign up for a school virtual open house at their convenience and receive an email with a link to the video for quick accessibility. Once parents have the link, they are free to take the virtual tour and watch the information session anytime and from anywhere, and as many times as they’d like.

3. Tour the Campus Virtually

Just like in-person open houses, virtual open houses should include a campus tour to give viewers a taste of what the facilities and grounds look like. Innovative high schools have navigated the disruption caused by COVID-19 and transitioned their on-campus guided tours to a completely virtual experience in order to provide parents and prospective students an intimate and behind-the-scenes view of the facilities, while keeping everyone safe. From classrooms to campus ministry, the educational environment your child will be attending is a key deciding factor, so if seeing it in person is not an option, a virtual tour is a must.

4. Get to Know the Students and Staff

Familiarizing yourself and your child with the students and staff that make up the educational community is a great way to curb any lingering anxiety. Virtual open houses for schools provide the opportunity to hear from the people with whom your child would be interacting with on a daily basis, as well as get a feel for the types of students that attend the school.

Attending a School Virtual Open House with Your Child

A virtual school open house provides prospective students and their parents an invaluable opportunity to assess the school’s values, environment, and faculty in an accessible way.

At the end of the day, the right high school has the classes and programs that will enable your child to grow and gain confidence for life after graduation; don’t forget that the right high school is one that fits not only with your child, but with your family’s values, expectations, and comfort as well.

If you’d like to attend a virtual tour and information session to assess if Paraclete High School is the right fit for your school, register now!