November 3, 2022

3 Benefits of Attending a Small School and Community

Written by Paraclete High School

Numerous studies have illustrated the benefits smaller schools provide students. Smaller schools benefit students academically and socially – students receive advanced academic opportunities in a low student-teacher ratio and ample social opportunities to develop close-knit relationships in a safe environment. Small private schools – like Paraclete – are an excellent alternative for families looking for a safe and inclusive learning environment for their children.

From bolstered security to personalized education, here are the top reasons your child should attend a small school and community.

1. School Safety

Several studies indicate that small schools are safer schools. The disparity between large and small school safety lies in the school’s ability to implement effective strategies and proactive measures that produce desired results. Whereas larger institutions prioritize external safety measures such as security guards and metal detectors, smaller schools focus on faculty engagement, school community, and student visibility.

Small schools are safer because faculty and students typically take more responsibility for each other’s behavior. Small schools allow teachers to nurture student relationships and intervene before problems escalate into violence or other forms of destructive behavior.

At Paraclete, we have safe learning measures and advanced security systems – including access control systems – to ensure our student’s safety. We’re proud to be one of the few schools in LA county without security checkpoints and metal detectors. We believe our students hold themselves to a higher standard, and through our mission of serving others, each Paraclete student embodies this practice. We keep each other safe and have our best interests at heart.

2. Smaller Class Sizes and Personalized Education

Not only is safety more manageable and brings peace of mind for students and parents, but smaller schools mean smaller class sizes and personalized education. Personalized education leads to a more enriching and tailored classroom experience – teachers can work more closely with each student, conduct more time-on-task instruction, and easily monitor every student’s academic progress. With more individualized attention, educators can quickly identify and rectify student learning problems to ensure no one falls too far behind.

Conclusive research reveals that students in small classes, compared to students in larger classes:

  • Obtain higher test scores
  • Participate more in activities
  • Demonstrate improved behavior

At Paraclete, our size gives our students an advantage. With an average class size of 24, our educators can offer students superior academic support. We’re significantly smaller than the public schools in the area, enabling Paraclete teachers to connect with each student personally.

3. Strong Sense of Community

Small schools offer a greater sense of communal connection as faculty strive to promote new friendships and create a nurturing environment that ensures every student feels like they belong. A nurturing community allows students to find their unique voices and explore their extracurricular passions. Better yet, studies have linked campus belonging to better academic performance, positive feelings of self-worth, and social acceptance.

At Paraclete, we foster a strong sense of community with our students and encourage them to unite continually, whether on-campus, virtual or in a socially distant setting. When students step on the Paraclete High School campus for the first time, they are welcomed with the spirit of camaraderie, cooperation, and teamwork. Our smaller campus creates a communal environment where students feel intellectually and emotionally safe daily.

Size Matters: Choose Small and Stay Safe

While some students can succeed at larger schools, many children feel overwhelmed, and a bit lost amongst the crowds. As a parent of a prospective student, you need to factor in your child’s personality, strengths, needs, and interests and decide whether a small school community would be the most suitable choice for your child. Your child’s safety is essential, as are extracurricular opportunities, academic excellence, and ensuring your child enjoys school.

If you would like to experience our unique school community first-hand and discover how our students thrive in our small classes, we encourage you to schedule a tour and visit us.