January 24, 2023

The Importance of High School Athletics: 3 Reasons to Participate

Written by Paraclete High School

As parents, we always look for what’s best for our children. You want to prepare them to be successful in life, and you know that academic endeavors alone won’t cut it anymore.

High school athletics offers plenty of physical, physiological, and social benefits that can help shape young adults as professionals. Participating in high school athletics is one of the best ways for teens to learn essential values such as teamwork and collaboration.

To help you encourage your child to participate in high school athletics, let’s review how a robust athletic program like Paraclete’s promotes academic, personal, and spiritual growth.

3 Reasons to Participate in High School Athletics

Athletics are a critical part of an all-encompassing education. Extracurricular activities, including athletics, provide students with a fun and engaging way to explore budding passions in an accepting environment with like-minded peers.

From college readiness to health and wellness, here are three reasons your child should participate in high school athletics.

1. Accelerates College Readiness

Whether one participates in a team sport like Football or an individual sport like Golf, an elite athletic program fosters the development of integral problem-solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills that will help students in college and throughout their personal lives.

Student-athletes develop leadership skills as they grow to understand that other people depend on them. They learn self-discipline as they grow to understand their choices have consequences. Ask any varsity athlete, and they’ll tell you the consequences of missing a practice or showing up late. This lesson in accountability is invaluable and will help your child succeed later in life as they enter the job force.

2. Enhances Academic Performance

Student-athletes develop intrinsic motivation and strong work ethics that enhance academic performance in the classroom. Research indicates that students who participate in athletics receive higher grades, better test scores, and higher educational achievements.

Through athletic participation, student athletes learn the importance of preparation and practice. Unwavering dedication to their craft is the difference between home runs and base hits, starting on the field or coming in off the bench. Student-athletes often see their efforts translate into better athletic performance. And this relationship between performance and practice transfers into the classroom. From their experience as student-athletes, your child will approach tests the same way they approach an important playoff game: with focus, preparation, and practice.

3. Improves Health and Wellness

As unhealthy nutrition and exercise habits fuel the obesity epidemic in the United States, it’s essential for your child to adopt an active mindset that prioritizes rigorous physical activity. Participation in athletics helps creates a strong foundation for fitness habits that last beyond graduation. When active lifestyle values are emphasized at an early age, students will likely continue to exercise and adopt healthy habits as they grow.

High school athletics provide students with regular exercise, which lowers blood pressure, stress levels and increases self-esteem. Physically active children have a reduced risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

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Ready to Enroll Your Child in High School Athletics?

The benefits above illustrate why it’s essential to participate in high school athletics as a student and why it’s critical to invest in athletics as a parent or community member. As parents, it’s essential to include your child in the decision process when it comes to choosing an athletic program. Monitor your child to ensure the athletic experience remains positive and beneficial.

Keep in mind, Paraclete is currently raising funds for our new 30-acre on-site athletic complex and will reach its funding goal with the continued support of our community. Investing in your child’s high school athletics now will ensure they have a space to create memories and develop crucial self-discipline, empathy, and leadership skills they will need to succeed in college and beyond.

Get in touch for more information about our new on-site athletic complex or to enroll your child in PHS athletic programs