April 4, 2023

3 Security Measures Your School Needs to Protect Students Effectively

Written by Paraclete High School

As a parent, you demand a safe learning environment where your child can grow and thrive. With an uptick in school gun violence, you’re looking to send your child to a high school that proactively invests in advanced security measures such as access control and video surveillance.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only parent with this concern.

According to a Gallup poll, 44% of adults said they fear for their children’s physical safety at school, while 20% said their children also have safety concerns. The survey also suggested that parental concerns over school safety have been the highest since 2001.

Parents are concerned for their children’s safety now more than ever. Parents demand effective school security measures for their children, and smart schools will communicate what they do to keep students and staff safe during these times of heightened emotions.

Let’s discuss the top three essential security measures schools need to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. At the end of the blog, we’ll also discuss the security measures Paraclete has in place to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate on-campus incidents.

1. Access Control

Access control systems are essential for schools because they enable administrators and staff to limit who can enter certain areas of the campus, such as laboratories or faculty offices. Intelligent access control uses identification methods, including RFID cards, key fobs, fingerprint scanning, and number combinations, to validate users and grant access privileges based on their identity. This means that only those with the appropriate credentials can access sensitive areas, and students will not need to worry about strangers wandering around the school.

2. Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are an excellent way for high schools to increase their security and stay one step ahead of potential threats. These systems allow school authorities to monitor activities inside and outside the school, allowing for quick investigation of potential threats. With the capability to store video footage in the cloud, school authorities have valuable evidence that can be used to investigate crimes or accidents. Video surveillance can also deter vandalism and theft, as criminals are less likely to act when they know their activities are being monitored.

3. Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are an effective security measure for high schools as they allow teachers and administrators to alert authorities in the event of a potential threat discreetly. These security systems are becoming increasingly popular nationwide amid a rise in school incidents, including fatal shootings and fights.

Panic buttons typically install silently, meaning that intruders won’t know they have been detected until too late. These buttons can also be linked to emergency response services, allowing for a swift response when seconds matter. Panic buttons provide peace of mind to students and staff, as knowing an emergency button is available in case of an attack or other serious situation can help people feel safer and more secure in their school environment.

School Safety: A Long-Term Commitment

Schools must proactively invest in various security measures to promote the safety of students, faculty, and staff. As headlines continue to provoke parental fear, schools must communicate their security measures and hold themselves accountable.

At Paraclete, we’ve implemented safe learning measures, emergency fire procedures, and school uniform policies to ensure the safety of our students. We are continuously investing in advanced security systems – including video surveillance, access control, and emergency alert systems – to provide a secure environment for everyone. We also offer training programs for faculty and staff, so they can better identify potential threats and take appropriate measures when necessary.

We’re proud to be one of the few schools in LA county without security checkpoints and metal detectors. We believe our students hold themselves to a higher standard, and through our mission of serving others, each Paraclete student embodies this practice. With a steadfast commitment to safety, we ensure every student has the opportunity to learn in an environment where they feel secure and protected daily.

If you would like to experience our unique school community first-hand and discover how our students thrive in a safe environment, we encourage you to schedule a tour and visit us.