International Student Admissions

Application Instructions:

  1. Fill out the International Student Application form completely. All information in the application will be used in the evaluation of a student’s candidacy for admission.
  2. After filing out the application, please send to Paraclete High School International Student Program. Please include as many of the items listed below as possible upon initial contact with the program.

Application Process

  1. Complete application for admission
  2. Submit copies of required documents (list below)
  3. Confirm Zoom interview date with International Student Program office
  4. If student is accepted, the I-20 will be processed through the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Application Checklist:

  1. Application to Paraclete International Student Program (with $103 application fee)
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. School Transcripts of grades 6th to current grade (translated into English)
  4. Proof of Financial responsibility: Certificate of deposit or Bank statement (in US dollars)
  5. Teacher Recommendation Letter (from English instructor)
  6. Personal statement from student (include why they want to attend PHS)(handwritten or typed)
  7. Testing results, such as SLEP or TOEFL (if possible)
  8. Contact info of person/relative that they would be living with while attending Paraclete

ADLA Required Documents:

  1. I-20 Application signed by school principal
  2. Copy of student’s passport
  3. Copy of student’s school transcripts translated into English
  4. If living in the US with someone other than his/her parents, “Authorization for Adult to Act as Custodial Parent” form
  5. Check or money order for $1082 (payable to Paraclete High School)
  6. Proof of financial responsibility:
    • If parents will be responsible for tuition and living expenses, a certified letter from foreign bank verifying the parents have total amount of one year’s tuition and an additional $2500 for living expenses and transportation – Certification must be converted to American dollars
    • If guardian will be responsible for the student’s tuition and living expenses, a copy of guardian’s most recent Federal income tax form must be submitted.



International Student Application

International Student Application Form Fillable

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