December 7, 2017

Importance of a 1 to 1 Technology Program for Students

Written by Debbie Stevens

Technology is all around us. While smartphones have revolutionized the way we stay connected, individual tablets are the future of education. Here at Paraclete High School, we recognize the importance of technology and the needs of the modern high school student. 

This generation of digital natives grew up with interactive technology, with the web at their fingertips. Colleges often expect students to be proficient with new technology. As all of our academic strategy is geared toward a college prep program, it is our responsibility to provide our students with this knowledge. In order to best prepare them for the world after high school, we bring technology into every classroom.

Gone are the days of “Lab Time”, when kids had 30 minutes a week to become familiar with computer technology. While there has been general movement towards 1 to 1 technology in place in classrooms across the country, California’s Blueprint for Great Schools takes our local technology sector into consideration for providing students in California with ideal applications and devices to prepare them for jobs in the 21st century. As part of this movement to provide students with personal access to an educational device, each student is provided an iPad for their entire career at Paraclete. 

Now, 1 to 1 technology has had an empowering effect on our teachers and students here at Paraclete. Our staff has been involved in the 1 to 1 iPad initiative program since 2013, and are continuously refining lesson plans to challenge students to think creatively and collaboratively – all with the integrated use of this technology.

Individual devices allow the teachers to teach on an individual level with each student, while the student is free to engage with the tablet at their own pace. The tablet has become incorporated into homework strategy, to help educate and familiarize our students with best practices. From finding reputable sources for their English essays, to preparing for a midterm exam, a 1 to 1 iPad system frees the students to learn anytime, and anywhere. For Paraclete students, learning doesn’t have to stop. And from our experience, the students are using their tablets for just that.

As with any technology, there is a question of safety. We manage all of the iPads in our system, and the internet is filtered on campus. Part of providing students with this technology is an institutional-level expectation that they will learn how to use software and the internet responsibly.

This program also prepares our young people for the world beyond high school. The workforce is now fast-paced and technology-driven, and the everyday familiarity with tablets ensures that the methodology behind the use of technology is applied correctly. Since 2013 and the introduction of this initiative, we’ve seen a new sense of ownership and enthusiasm in our students. Helping our students find this drive and ambition has a lasting empowering effect that encourages their success in higher education, and into their career development later in the workforce. 

Learn more about technology integration at Paraclete High School and explore campus during an upcoming Open House.